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we_protect_each_other ([personal profile] we_protect_each_other) wrote2017-07-14 02:11 am
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Am I a farmer now?

I joined the FFA... sort of.

I spent my first hour on fail_fandomanon. I actually sort of figured out how it works, etc.

I have really enjoyed these past few days of dreamwidth actually being active in some ways and not just shouting into a void.

I got a job today! My first teaching job. It's not official quite yet, and it's 45 minutes drive. It could be better, but it could be so much worse. I feel like if I can stick this out for a year or two, I can save some money, pay down some debt, help my parents, and figure out where or if I want to move to a more metro area. It's in a beautiful rural area, and I live in a small city (50k). I would like to go somewhere with more opportunity and more nerdy social outlets, but int he meantime, I love the landscape here. I don't want to feel financially or socially pressured to move just for the sake of moving. I am blessed to get along with my parents and I don't especially want to leave them or our dogs when I don't have an interesting or especially safe or comfy place to land.

I'm considering whether or not to institute some kind of minor locking of my entries, but also I am l-a-z-y and don't want to have to change gears every time I make a post.

This is a line just so that every line-break in this post doesn't start with "I."

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