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[comm] dear yuletide author:

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing something for me! I hope you are enjoying the season so far, and happy whatever-winter-holiday-you-celebrate!

I'll start with some general likes and dislikes to guide you along, then get to fandom-specifics.

Likes: monster-of-the-week / slice of ordinary life adventures, missing scenes, UST, building or established relationships, time travel, bedsharing, loyalty, worldbuilding, epistolary fiction, canon-typical violence, earned second chances, dealing with consequences, post-canon, "what if" scenarios, earned happy endings, holidays (winter or otherwise), mythology/folklore

Dislikes: character bashing towards anybody, noncon, gore, breathplay, bloodplay, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad is okay)

I'm happy with any rating and if you want to do shippy fic I'm fine with everything from chaste affection to explicit, but I'd prefer it not be PWP.

For either of the fandoms where I have requested two characters, I do not mind if only one of them appears. Since yuletide works based on and matching for recipients, I assume that if we were matched that you'd like to write both of them. However, if something works better for you that only directly includes one of them, that is A-okay with me. But I'd love to receive fic of my requested pairs together, too, obviously.

Any other characters you see fit to include, nominated or not, are welcome to appear.

This varies from fandom to fandom and exchange to exchange, but if a crossover of some form tickles your fancy, I'd be happy to receive crossovers between any of my requested fandoms. No pressure though, I just happened to notice that I thought there were enough compatible themes.

Any of my prompts are just suggestions. If you don't care for or click with any of them and have a different direction you'd like to go based on my requests, please write what you are most interested in writing for me. I'm sure I'll love it, and I want you to have fun!

My AO3 name is failsafe and you can find me on tumblr.

Fate/stay night (Visual Novel) - Emiya Shirou, Tohsaka Rin

I am most-familiar with the ufotable anime adaptation, although I am generally familiar with each of the routes. I think Unlimited Blade Works is my favorite, but I'm comfortable with you working within the framework you most-like, route-wise. Or make up your own blend of whatever canon elements you like.

I love the way the Tohsaka-Emiya alliance seems to be a natural given at the start of each of the routes. I know that it sort of falls to pieces in HF, but I really love this (especially if one at all takes into account the history given in Zero, which is optional) idea that even though they ought to be fighting one another that they can't seem to help but ally themselves. I love how Rin has been trained to be such a traditional mage and seems to find Shirou's poorly and greatly self-taught approach to magic and how to be a good person both endearing and a little stupid and horrifying. His crush and fear becoming something that regards her as a teacher and someone who won't betray him, the way he seems to naively want to trust her, really enthralls me, too. I love the way they're from wrong sides of the magical tracks as it were but still work so well as a team, and I love the sort of tie between them that Rin's saving him created.

I ship Rin/Shirou a lot, but I am also happy to receive friend/ally fic about them. I'm a multishipper, so I also ship Rin/Shirou/Saber and Rin/Archer if those are things that interest you.


- The red pendant of fate. I'm really fascinated by how the pendant acted as a pseudo-catalyst to bring Archer to Rin in the first place. Shirou's reaction to realizing what the pendant and its presence in Rin's jewelry box in UBW was really moving to me. Anything about the overlap and contrast of Archer and Shirou's identities and how Rin responds to those interests me.

- Rin really wanted the Saber-class Servant and makes no secret of it. In UBW, she actually got to become Saber's Master for a while. However, even during that period of time, the Archer/Rin and Saber/Shirou sense of sort of team and claim seem to remain even under pressure. If you feel like including Saber and/or Archer, any kind of expansion about Rin's continued "sure, it turns out Archer was kind of tailor-made for me but I still really wanted the Saber-class Servant, Shirou" thing to humorous or serious effect would be fun.

- Any kind of situation where Rin or Shirou's allegiances were different at the start of the Holy Grail War and how they respond to each other in that kind of situation. What if, for example, Shirou was aware of Illya's identity and had some kind of alliance with her because of that? (If you do this, please no shippy Shirou/Illya, but I'd love anything about them as people interacting that you'd choose to include.) Would Rin's attitude toward Shirou change fundamentally and could she still somehow find a way to reach out to him the way she seems to want to?

- Any type of post-canon fic for Rin and Shirou. What do they do at the Clock Tower? Do they ever visit other places and use their magic in interesting ways? If they return to Japan at some point, how do they interact with those who are left alive there? Perhaps they help Sakura - that would be really nice. I would also like to know what things Shirou and Rin might do after their time at the Clock Tower since Shirou wants to travel the world and help people. Also, any kind of reunion fic with Saber or Archer is very welcome.

- If you would like to write sexy fic, maybe you could find some middle ground between magic spirit dolphins and ridiculous mostly out of character H-scene for me. Or, if Rin/Shirou/Saber is more your thing, again: some nice, more tasteful middle ground between the worst CGI dragon ever and weird objectifying of Saber. I like the general structure of the H-scenes in terms of how they're shoehorned into the plot, honestly, I just don't like when things are written more toward the sex than the characters.

- If you want to write anything about Rin or Shirou's adolescence before they really knew each other but after their ages in Zero, whether they cameo in one another's lives yet or not, that would be great.

Fate/Zero - Arturia Pendragon | Saber

I am familiar with the ufotable anime adaptation of Zero only, but I'm sure I can keep up if you are familiar with the original media. Also, if you happen to prefer a specific romanization of Arturia/Artoria/etc, use whatever you feel best about.

I have only requested Saber for this fandom because I would be happy to receive fic about her relationships with a lot of people or just to herself and her experiences during Zero. I think it is so interesting to see her before she got to the point she is in the Fifth Holy Grail War when she wanted to vow herself as a weapon alone. The fact that she still regards herself as a king and a knight more highly is beautiful and painful to see because of how I know she falls in the end. The below are just some suggestions, but I'd be happy to see any fic about Saber throughout Zero.

I ship: Saber/Gilgamesh, Saber/Diarmuid (Lancer), Saber/Irisviel

If you write about the above character relationships, they do not have to be romantic or shippy. I'd love any kind of interaction.

I would also be happy to see Saber's interaction with any of the other nominated characters (or any others you see fit to include). My one request for content restriction concerning other characters who might appear is that if Ryunosuke and/or Gilles (Caster) appear that their form of violence be only referenced rather than graphically included.


For Saber alone:

- Since Kiritsugu pretty instantly rejects her, what are her first hours after summoning like before she breaks the ice with Irisviel?

- Saber discusses how much she dislikes what the Holy Grail War has become in terms of a disregard for limiting violence only to necessary levels. Anything exploring this theme in how she conducts herself that we don't see would interest me. Any type of character study involving her philosophy toward violence, war, and chivalry.

- Servants are granted a certain amount of knowledge and understanding of the era they are summoned into, but we see from Iskandar's evaluation of news on TV with President Clinton and his consumption of modern media that this knowledge isn't complete or absolute. I would love to see anything that Saber learns about the world in 1994 that is new or novel to her. She doesn't allow herself much leisure time, but I would love to see anything that she happens upon that surprises, confuses, or pleases her about the era she was summoned into. We know she likes her motorcycle, so if you want to do something about that it'd be adorable, but you can also choose something else entirely.

- Any kind of what-if scenario concerning how things might have gone differently for her in the War had a variable changed. Zero is so complex with so many characters and motivations at play that it could be really interesting just to see how she responds differently if one of them changes.

For Saber with (Suggested) Others: - I only have prompts for a few but I am super happy to receive any fic for Saber with any character.

- Saber and Gilgamesh are presented as visual foils (both with their gold and blue in different measure), and I am fascinated with the tension between them. Gilgamesh seemed to share Iskandar's dismissiveness of Saber's attitude toward kingship until he saw how sincere she was. And I realize that his fascination with it and with her is creepy and not healthy, etc. I don't expect perfect fluffiness even if you go the shippy route in a fic about them. However, I think it's interesting that he seems to in his own Gilgamesh-centric way care about her to the extent that he wanted her to just walk away from the Grail, knowing that it was essentially suicide for her to claim it. It feels that his offering her an alternative without bursting her bubble about the Grail explicitly might actually be a sort of kindness. On her end, I think it's interesting that she seems to relate to him a little bit more than she'd like to. There's a trope "Your Approval Fills Me With Shame" that comes to mind. She seems largely annoyed by his presence, and yet doesn't seem to hate him quite as much as I'd think many people would manage under similar circumstances. She seems very annoyed, no question, but she seems to recognize at least in Zero that Gilgamesh is not her greatest enemy. In fact, she seems surprised a bit in their final confrontation, both because of his nonsense proposal and because of the way in which he is preventing her from achieving her goal. Before Kiritsugu completely broke her resolve, she still views herself as a king as worthy as he is, and the kingship narrative interests me. (I am also familiar with their dynamic in several of the Carnival Phantasm episodes, where her accidental commiseration and his pigtail-pulling flirting is even more hilarious due to being a tiny bit less deadly. So, if you wanted to go that direction for some reason that's also good.)

- Saber and Diarmuid had one of the healthiest relationship dynamics I've ever seen Saber get to have. She has had a lot of other interactions with people that I think are really interesting and have a lot of emotional potential, but her relationship with Diarmuid is basically the only time I have ever seen her just instantly click with someone on what seems like absolutely her own terms. They are from a very similar gap of time and similar geographical locations, so if they got some peaceful time to talk that they lack in the show it might be interesting to see them acknowledge that in some way. I would really like Diarmuid to get a better shake at things in some creative way, but I am also interested in fic that takes place after his death that would allow his return in some fashion after he believes Saber to have betrayed him and his trust so deeply. It breaks my heart, but I find it interesting that Saber's awareness of the code that connected them made her unable to do anything to console him in death or even to deny her absent guilt. She was acting as an extension of her Master and he his, so the fact that Kiritsugu behaved in such an underhanded way reflected upon her even as it broke her heart, I think. So I would be really interested to see reunion fic between them, fix fic or otherwise. It seems that from my understanding of the geis curse that Diarmuid's girlfriend/wife in his original life used to compel him to behave against his honor code really affected him. He loved her genuinely, and yet I think there is a tension there about being compelled against his will or in some way manipulated by others. He wants to be free on his own to act honorably and never really gets a fair chance to do so. I think he thought that Saber was that chance, and then as mentioned it seems that she betrayed him.

- Saber and Irisviel seem to get along right away even though Saber seems to have immediately seen that she had been summoned into an environment that was not particularly accepting of her. I have a really love the fact that Irisviel seems to have been, in a lot of ways, the true Einzbern Master in spite of any technicality. Her relationship with Saber is built upon such mutual respect, and yet I am also fascinated by the tension that exists because of the formality that Irisviel seems to take some kind of joy in imposing on their relationship. The fact that she treats Saber to some extent like her original, masculine facade is interesting. Saber accepts this because she is accustomed to it, and she seems to genuinely enjoy that balance with Irisviel, but I still wonder if there is some tension about identity there. After all, Irisviel has an odd relationship to personal identity in that she has a very strong sense of one but that it is very new and was very quickly-constructed at its core parts. I also think it's interesting that they are both women - Irisviel is a mother who knows that her primary function is to die for something she wants to believe is a cause and Saber has been a parent, a king, a knight, a weapon, and so many other things - and yet both of them are basically perpetually trapped looking like girls in their late-teens. The things they have in common that are much more core than the clothes they wear to complement each other or anything like that are very important to me. I'd love any fic that might save or deliver Iri from her Fate, or if you want to go a sad route anything involving Saber's grief about losing Iri would also be something I would gladly read. Any casual, fun or poignant interaction between them would be wonderful, too. Feel free to bring Illya, if you want to.

I would also love to receive fic about her and any of the other nominated characters, but I don't want to bog you down with what would be very vague prompts for her with others. So, if you have an idea you really want to go with, surprise me!

The Librarians (TV 2014) - Ezekiel Jones, Cassandra Cillian

I have seen The Librarians twice, and the second time I was even more taken with the moment between Ezekiel and Cassandra in And the Horns of Dilemma. The fact that Ezekiel so effectively put aside any trust issues he might have been entitled to and instead pointed out how "she was the one trusting him" to act as her sense of sight just hit me like a wall this time. I also love how Cassandra seems very comfortable with him subsequently because of this. Even when Cassandra feels put upon or rejected by the others, I think she seems to trust that Ezekiel is as on her side as he's on anyone's but his own. Their playful moments like her getting into the driver's seat in And the Heart of Darkness are something that I love, too. I'll be happy with anything about them, but here are some...


- We know some things about Cassandra's past that she's opened up to people (especially Ezekiel) about. What about Ezekiel's past? If you want to do an Ezekiel solo fic to accomplish this, that would be cool, too. But Ezekiel is the youngest and as such his past and present are really close together. What if something from his life as a thief and criminal from before he accepted his role as a LiT caught up with him? If Cassandra was caught up in the middle of it and had to get creative with legality to help him, that would be adorable. Or they could use their newly-acquired knowledge of the magic in the world to get out of a sticky situation Ezekiel put himself before he ever met her or the others. This fandom seems to love Leverage crossovers, so if you want to do that consider this your permission statement.

- One of my favorite scenes is in And the Heart of Darkness when Cassandra says that death looks like her. It gives me chills to think about it, so I would love to see something or anything about them confronting an entity of death or her being an entity associated with death somehow (the Angel of Death) or otherwise. It could be dark and spooky, or it could be something that is strangely turned beautiful and redemptive. Anything on this theme. Perhaps Ezekiel could be dying from some acute injury or curse? Or it could ultimately be something that helps Cassandra transition, as I think she might, from terminally ill to fullscale magical.

- As mentioned above, even if you don't want to go the death route I'd love anything about Cassandra becoming a mage/magician/witch, etc. Some kind of extension of their roles And the Fables of Doom extending beyond the town as it was affected by the book would be fun. And kind of magical or fairytale archetypes. Cassandra was identified with Merlin, so what if Ezekiel were identified with some Arthurian legend character, too? It does seem very consistently relevant.

- Cassandra ran after Ezekiel in And the City of Light when he was visibly upset by the fact that they hadn't been able to help or save those people. It seemed to me that maybe she was going to comfort him, and I'd love any expansion on that or a similar element/moment of their relationship.

- For ease of matching based on prompts I could think of, I requested regular-flavor Cassandra and Ezekiel. However, I would also adore anything you wanted to do about alternate Librarians Cassandra and Ezekiel interacting if they didn't somehow cease to exist. What if they got to work on her world, since it seems that his was repaired? What if she visited his world and was surprised by all of the technology? She was so into science before, so some interplay of science and magic would be really cool between them as characters and people. (Alternate Librarian Jake would be free to come, too. This seems like the most-relevant prompt to tack this on, but I am also interested in Cassandra/Ezekiel/Jake if you want to make it work in these. Alternate Librarian Jake's failing post-technology world is also an interesting setting.)

Eve and Flynn are also welcome to come, as is Eve/Flynn as a pairing that appears if that is something you would like to do.

Edit: I have no idea which fandom my writer got, but I just wanted to note that I'll be keeping up with The Librarians as it airs!