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[comm] dear chocolatebox author:

Dear Chocolatier,

Thank you for writing something for me! I'm excited to see what you come up with. The following letter should be considered a guideline, and if you feel compelled to deviate from it, feel free! As long as it's not something specifically listed as something I don't want, then I love surprises, too!

This letter is a guideline meant to help you, that's all. It's also going to be very long for this exchange, so I want to make it easy for you to navigate. To navigate to the fandom you came looking for, you can use CTRL + F for the way the fandom you're looking for is listed on the tagset. You can do the same with relationships. Some sections will be longer than others due to number of relationships requested. Don't think that a shorter section means I want it less! I am very excited about everything I requested.

I'll start with general likes and dislikes, then move to fandom specifics.

Likes: monster-of-the-week / slice of ordinary life adventures, missing scenes, UST, emotional ambiguity, found families, building or established relationships, time travel, bedsharing, loyalty, worldbuilding, epistolary fiction, canon-typical violence, earned second chances, dealing with consequences, post-canon, "what if" scenarios, earned happy endings, holidays (winter or otherwise), casefic, groundhog day trope, mysteries, healing

For ratings, I am comfortable with anything from G to E, but I would prefer no PWP. I also do not under any circumstances want anything above the T rating for any characters who are not both mentally and physically adults with regard to sexual content. I think this only applies to Puella Magi Madoka Magica as far as ships are concerned, but it applies across the board.

If you are interested in crossovers between any of my requested fandoms, I'm totally happy to receive them. There is no pressure nor any official request, but I think that most of them occur in compatible time periods and universes except The Hunger Games and Star Wars.

In any case where you want to include an un-nominated or un-requested chracter as part of your story, feel free. I like all of the canons I have requested and don't tend to narrow my focus to one or two people.

Dislikes: character bashing towards anybody, noncon, prolonged torture scenes, gore, breathplay, bloodplay, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad is okay)

If you want to find more about me on the internet, my AO3 name is failsafe and this is my tumblr, though I've been kind of slow on it lately.

Please note, this letter contains a few sporadic spoilers or at least strong allusions to spoilers for The Force Awakens and other fandoms, so tread carefully.

Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms

I am most-familiar with the Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works anime. However, I am generally familiar with each of the VN routes, so feel free to draw inspiration from any of them that you like. I'm not a fan of the resolution of Heaven's Feel in particular, but the whole story is yours to utilize.

- - -

Emiya Shirou/Tohsaka Rin/Arturia Pendragon | Emiya Shirou/Tohsaka Rin/Saber

I have seen the Sunny Day short that is an alternate ending to the UBW anime and would be happy to receive fic based on the True Ending or that one.

I love the balance in the relationship between the three of them that I don't think necessarily exists if one of them is missing from the dynamic. I enjoy interaction and shipping between any pair among the three of them, but I really love the little united front that they can be together. I like the fact that I feel that Rin brings out some of the King and knight in Saber because she has such a commanding and queenly personality, even when Saber has tried to give up on herself. I love the fact that Shirou and Saber have such a strong bond of empathy and shared ideals between them. And I love that Rin and Shirou trust each other and have such a chemistry between them that's based on things that they lack and need in each other. Rin and Shirou are war orphans from a war that Saber took part in where she was, by no fault of her own, the instrument of greatest destruction, and I find the idea that the three of them could heal together really satisfying.

If you choose to follow after the True Ending canon, I would love to read a reunion fic in which Rin and Shirou go through some ordeal to get Saber back. I would also be interested in seeing Saber adjust to this change of plans and the fact that someone came back for her this time.

Canon-divergence within the route itself of just about any kind also interests me. Make up your own route with elements of others or have just one thing change and explore how it impacts the three of them.

I love the way they have a sort of cycling sense of command between the three of them where I think they have a very balanced sense of trust. Anything that explores the theme of trusting each other would be nice.

I am also interested in the fact that in the pendant and Avalon that Shirou has a sort of permanent and semi-tangible tie to both of them.

The fact that Rin wanted the Saber class so much but wound up with the Archer class, but if she has both of them she kind of gets both... I think this is just really sweet and kind of funny and she actually seems to kind of bring it up in ways. I think that Rin being so happy about having both of them is fantastic and I would just love her basking in being happy about it. Shirou comments about how in sync she and Saber are, even when they're not Master/Servant paired.

Another date, this time where Saber is more aware that she is definitely being included?

If you want to include Archer in the mix, I ship him in the mix, too. I didn't specifically request it because I figured that was a bit trickier and don't particularly think Archer/Shirou is a thing so much as there's a mutual respect at the very end of UBW. But again, just if you have an idea I'm open to that, not officially requesting or pressuring.

Emiya Shirou/Tohsaka Rin

I find it interesting that no matter which route is being followed, Rin always saves Shirou. This is partly because she did it not only for him but for her sister, but I think that it establishes a kind of unshakable bond between them whether Shirou is even aware of it or not. It's evidences all over the place. A fic that sort of explores that bond in some way would interest me.

If following after UBW or Fate route, what are their lives like with each other? Are they at Clock Tower (still) or somewhere else? How do they rely on each other and maintain their partnership? If they faced an obstacle that threatened that partnership and overcame it together, I would also love to read about that, too. They have personalities that I think are good for each other, but I think they also can be very challenging for each other.

A missing scene of Rin caring for Shirou when he's hurt or something that follows their conversation about their agreement to work together would interest me.

If you have also see/read Fate/Zero, I am also deeply amused by the fact that both their fathers might roll over in their graves were they to know about Rin and Shirou being together.

Matou Sakura & Tohsaka Rin

I would really love to read a fic about their relationship healing. I think that the wounds run really deep for both of them, particularly for Sakura since from her perspective Rin has had an absolutely charmed life. However, I think Rin really did try to the extent that she knew she should and how.

I think that Sakura probably has a lot of bitterness and anger about the disparity between what she went through and what Rin did, whether she tends to own up to it or not. I realize that this could get very, very ugly at some point, whether we're talking Heaven's Feel route or not. I would be glad to read about constructive confrontation between them of one kind or another where they both make it out with a chance of being sisters again.

Rin has such a strong personality in comparison to Sakura's learned habit of not putting up resistance when things aren't going her way. The reasons this happened are terrible, but if you want to go a bit further down the track of time when Sakura is quite a bit better, I would also like to see a lighter take on this personality clash. It could be a slice of life or something magic, just anything that has them learning to accept and love each other in spite of the gulfs between them.

I would love to see a story about Sakura coming into her own after some healing. I really want her to have some power and control in her own life. It would be nice to have Rin supporting her in that and to have it be a good thing for both of them. I am interested in Sakura learning to control magic that is actually suited to her and finding her place in a world apart from the Matous.

Also if you want to do a happy AU of some kind where horrible things didn't happen to Sakura, I would be interested in that, too.

Heroic Spirit EMIYA & Emiya Shirou | Archer & Emiya Shirou

I would be happy to read fic set in the routes that I'm less-familiar with that involves the two of them without UBW's resolution coming to a different resolution or understanding. I know more or less what happens with Archer in both of them, but I would like to see either elaboration or your canon-divergent take on some way that they might have understood the other's significance and how it might have been different.

If going with UBW as the background, I would happily read a missing scene where they almost, accidentally get along. It could be funny and foreshadow the fact that there can be some kind of peace forged between them.

If they could also meet again following UBW, whether it is an intersection of Archer's acting as a Counter Guardian or some kind of fix-fic where Archer gets to come back and hang out with Rin and everything, I would love to hear them talk some more. I would like to have a more complete peace and maybe even some kind of mutually-understanding bond developed after they had fought it out. Their peace was cut short, and I would like to see it play out for longer in some way.

Illyasviel von Einzbern & Tohsaka Rin

I think they probably interacted a lot more in the Fate route than in UBW. I know a fair bit about their relationship by osmosis. As it is, I am most-familiar with their interactions in the Carnival Phantasm and Prisma Illya special shorts. I love how they don't seem to get along even when they're on the same side. It seems like a sort of sisterly bond, and I would love to just watch them interact (like this or perhaps more seriously) in any way.

If you like to write action, I would like to see them cooperating in a fight rather than competing as they do in the added fight scene in UBW. I would like to see battlefield communication, whether it's during the moment of striking blows to their enemy or not.

I would like to read something about Rin saving Illya from her fate as the Grail Vessel in some way. I feel like Rin doing something like this would be incredibly difficult for her, but it sounds like an interesting way to let Illya live.

I'm not the biggest fan of Prisma, but if you want to take that concept and make it less inappropriately creepy and use the magical girl theme, I love the magical girl concept for them if you want to use that.

Illyasviel von Einzbern & Emiya Shirou

Siblings. I really want to read a story where they develop a proper and real relationship as siblings. I realize that Illya's perspective on Shirou is, by no real fault of her own, broken and a bit messed up. I would like to read a fic about healing that relationship into something functional that is good for them in spite of their parental baggage.

I think it might be hilarious if Illya and Shirou discussed magic. Illya is basically made of magic on top of knowing how to use it properly. Shirou is kind of physically hurting himself in order to fudge his way through learning magecraft, at first. Discuss.

Shirou being able to save Illya from dying in some way would make me happy. I just want her to be alive.

Discussing their parents or in some way even unwittingly mirroring their parents and then responding to that in each other.

Heroic Spirit EMIYA/Tohsaka Rin | Archer/Tohsaka Rin

This can overlap with [identity spoiler] or not, according to your preference.

I really love that scene we get in UBW of the two of them reconciling after getting off to a bumpy start. I think that Archer's memory genuinely was a bit off still, then, and that his returning impressions might have influenced some of it. However, I get this very genuine, honest sense from the way he basically swears fealty to her without fully realizing her significance, only what it feels like she means. I also like how she delicately and rather formally accepts this before adopting playful-slinky body language.

As a shipfic, I would be happy with realized or not realized. It was not have to be resolved or consummated, but it can be. I am also not picky about how "long" it takes or if it's a reunion fic or happens during the war. I just really love that there seems to be a gravity and pull between them that is so often interrupted. I actually think that it is very fitting and kind of sad-beautiful while being hilarious that Archer is almost always late to helping her even though he's trying his darnedest. He mentions in UBW that he was never actually able to save anyone he cares about, until the way the UBW anime ends. I think that this resolution is so beautifully satisfying, and anything dealing with those themes - canon divergent or compliant - would make me very happy.

I'm also interested in Archer's original life and his relationship to Rin as he knew her, if you want to write about that.

The scene in the UBW anime where Rin is getting cleaned up after her date with Shirou and Saber and her brush with near-death at the hands of Caster interests me. I think Archer is basically bringing up a kind of repressed attraction that isn't really base and lustful so much as it's because she matters to him and almost died. I think he's kind of trying to bring it up so she'll be mad at him, but she refuses. This is also an interesting theme to me.


I have both scene the full anime and I've read a part of the light novel. By the time gifts are received, I will probably have finished it, so you're welcome to include details from the LN if you see fit.

- - -

Emiya Kiritsugu/Irisviel von Einzbern

Sometimes I don't know if this relationship was "right" even at its best and at other times I'm not sure if it matters. This is one of the things that interests me most about it. I am kind of uncomfortable with the fact that it seems that, at first, Irisviel was something of a tabula rasa but within a very short time had not only developed a personality and some convictions but also chose to become Illya's mother. However, I think that I'm sort of supposed to feel uncomfortable with that. Kiritsugu himself was very young at the time that he went to the Einzberns, younger than I tend to realize unless I press myself. There can't have been much time between that and his "losing" Natalia. So if you want to kind of explore themes of inexperience and responsibility, or something like that, surrounding these issues I would be very interested in that.

I am particularly taken with the image in the second ending credits of the Zero anime where Kiritsugu is small-spoon crying against Irisviel in her bed. I think I really like it because it is obviously a very intimate image that speaks of an intimate couple without being inherently sexual. Obviously, there is or has been some sexual element to their relationship, but I think the fact that he would share a bed with her (even for a brief time) for something that didn't serve a purpose like conceiving a child but instead for the comfort of his wife is a nuance to his character that we rarely see. Probably because he considers it weakness. But I think it also suggests that he trusts Irisviel's wisdom even if he literally watched her develop every bit of wisdom she might have. I would enjoy any kind of exploration of this intimacy. If you want to go at all into sexuality, I'm almost interested in that since it seems like at some point they had a relationship like that that Irisviel was happy with.

Both of them interacting with Illya together would make me happy. Happy ever after AU? Just call off all the tragedy. Let them run away together. I don't care just let me have their little family. Kirtisugu facing up to some of his bullshit would also be cool, but whatever you like.

Emiya Kiritsugu/Irisviel von Einzbern/Hisau Maiya

In spite of the fact that Kiritsugu intends his affair with Maiya as a form of self-abuse and practice for his ultimate betrayal of Irisviel in the War, Irisviel seems to be remarkably alright with this situation. I realize that this is pretty horrifying in its implications, on one hand. On the other, I cannot get over how kind and understanding this is of Irisviel. It also sort of renders Kiritsugu's purpose and point moot, which is sad and funny to me. I love the way Irisviel and Maiya seem to bond because "the human heart is a funny thing." I like how they, together, seem to exert more will and personal agency than either of them is brave enough to do on their own.

I suppose that one way to express this would be to have Irisviel and Maiya completely and totally undermine Kiritsugu in a way that both betrayed and saved him.

I would also be happy with aforementioned (in the just Irisviel/Kiritsugu section) happy AU including Maiya, since Maiya was around before Kiritsugu came to the Einzberns apparently.

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne/Arturia Pendragon | Lancer/Saber

I love that in this War, Saber met someone who was aligned to her in a way that was unique and probably something unique in all the things she would experience in her participation in each of the Grail Wars. Diarmuid is not only similar to her in disposition but there are deep reasons that this would be the case. They are almost-contemporaries and they are from similar places in the world, and I think that this adds to the fact that they have this special respect for and connection to each other.

I think the fact that Saber is influenced by Lancer's magical mark but does not allow it to completely sway her is impressive and kind of cute. It would be creepy if it had its full, curse sort of effect on her, but given that her response is "your pretty face won't save you," I find it endearing.

I find what happened to them absolutely tragic and terrible. I hate that Saber's sense of chivalry and honor kept her from even trying to help or comfort him or absolve herself of any responsibility for something that most certainly was not actually her fault. I'm so mad about it. So basically, I would like any kind of fix fic that you'd like to do.

Alternatively, I would also be happy with a sad (perhaps with some hope at the end) fic that involves Saber seeing Diarmuid again in some capacity when he is still enraged with her over what happened to him. Perhaps she can help him find peace?

Waver Velvet & Iskandar | Waver Velvet & Rider

Fate/Zero made me emotional and teary-eyed a bunch of times, but their relationship is the one that made me openly tears-down-face cry in the end. It's funny, because my initial thoughts on Waver were "he's probably going to die in about five minutes, I wish I could root for him but he makes it very difficult." But I was obviously wrong on a few counts, and I'm glad that I was.

I think that Waver and Iskandar's bond with each other is one of the most interesting platonic relationships I have seen depicted. I love that it seems to have this profound, life-altering effect on Waver even if he ultimately cannot exactly live up to being the kind of person that Iskandar probably envisioned that he would like him to be. I love that in spite of that he seems to be trying in some ways. I love the fact that he obeyed an order to live even when it sounds like there's a small part of him that wishes he hadn't been given that order, no matter how terrified he is.

I would love to read about a slice of life between them that we missed. I would also happily read reunion fic, as with any estranged Master/Servant pair I like. I would like to see what Waver thinks about how he's doing as a retainer of Iskandar during Case Files or the Grail dismantlement or any other period of his life you'd like to explore. I'd like to know what Iskandar thinks of Waver in the end. If he ever returns to the land of the living without Waver, what does he think of him?

Irisviel von Einzbern & Illyasviel von Einzbern

I want to see mother and daughter interacting. We got to see the chestnut game with Kiritsugu and Illya. I would like to see what Irisviel does with her daughter. It's obvious that they have a close relationship and talk about pretty deep, frightening things just by nature of what they are and what Illya will have to do and be if her mother doesn't succeed before her. I would like to see them doing a bonding activity, whether serious or playful.

If you want to go a dark route, you could have Illya interacting with what's left of her mother, genuine or not. Perhaps she could parse out whether the corrupted form of Irisviel is any part of her mother or not.

On the other hand, I would take a happy and sunny day where mother and daughter play in melting icicles.

Irisviel von Einzbern & Arturia Pendragon | Irisviel von Einzbern & Saber

I love the balance in their relationship and the imbalance, too. I like how they fit so well as knight and lady, but I'm also interested in the way that all of this is kind of based on some continued suppositions and misunderstandings on Irisviel's part. However, it is obvious that they genuinely care about each other and I am so happy that both of them got to have that and it breaks my heart that it was taken away from them.

Saber fought to hard to save Iri. Perhaps it would be interesting to explore an AU and what happens for better or for worse if she were able to find Iri in time before Iri was killed and became the Grail.

I would also like any missing scene between them, or some kind of post-canon interaction since there is an essence of each of them that can endure, I think.

Arturia Pendragon & Gilgamesh & Iskandar | Saber & Archer & Rider

The Three Kings' and their varied approaches to rule and responsibility are one of the most fascinating things in Fate/Zero to me. I love the banquet episode, and I like how it seems that their disparate approaches are greatly influenced by the time and space in which they ruled.

I think that it's interesting how Saber and Gilgamesh have more in common as rulers of small, fragile city states in one way or another than they do with Iskandar, ruler of an expanding empire. However, Iskandar and Gilgamesh seem to have some kind of camaraderie if only about their general need for superiority that Saber is able to put aside.

I also think that it's interesting that Iskandar seems so genuine in almost wanting to take them under his wing, especially Saber. She hates this, particularly with the condescension, and I'm sure Gilgamesh finds it laughable. However, I find Iskandar's sincerity touching.

I would love to see more interaction between any and all of them, either at the same or at separate times. For a canon divergent AU or something, it would be really funny to make just the three of them have to cooperate toward a shared goal or to defeat a common enemy for an extended period of time.

Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald/Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri

Not the healthiest of relationships or the nicest of people, but I am still interested in their relationship. It is a mess, and so whichever way you want to approach it is fine. I realize that this fic could be dark or it could gloss over a few things. I am alright with either as long as there's some trace of the actual dynamic left.

Basically, even though Kayneth is a pretty terrible person in most respects, I really feel for him and the way that he just wants his wife-to-be to love him. She seems to not love him, and yet she is staying around - presumably under political compulsion? Or is that all it is?

I would be interested, even if it was a pretty sad, one-sided thing to learn about why Kayneth seems to genuinely want her to love him. Is it because of his ego or because he's lonely? Is it because they're kind of stuck together or something else? He seemed very willing to sign that contract to try to save her, and it breaks my heart even though I wanted to hate him to the end. In a way, I still do, but I think that even people like them have feelings, quite obviously. So I really like this dynamic and would like to see it explored in all its sad messiness.

Gilgamesh/Arturia Pendragon | Gilgamesh/Saber

Gilgamesh and Saber are unexpected foils. His obsession with her is eerie and isn't super healthy, but I think that he's sincere? I think that this is made more interesting in Fate/Zero by the fact that it doesn't seem as baseless as one might expect. He isn't really interested in her at first sight but rather because of what he learns about her during the banquet of kings. He is fascinated with her struggling for an impossible ideal, but given his own struggle with mortality and his attitude toward his own isolation, I can't help but think that some of it is a kind of twisted empathy. Likewise, Saber doesn't seem to be as violently opposed to Gilgamesh (and his attentions) as she could be. Instead, she seems annoyed and maybe a little embarrassed that he approves of her so much, and I think that this indicates that maybe she kind of relates to him in ways, too, even though she finds it uncomfortable. I think that they have a strange kindred with each other, and it doesn't have to be perfect and pretty but I would like to see them actually finding some kind of common ground that I think is there just beneath the surface.

If you like action, I would also like to read a fic where they cooperatively fight rather than in competition for some reason. Gilgamesh wimped out of the fight with the giant kaiju Caster summoned, but what if he hadn't?

I think it's interesting that Gilgamesh was, in effect, trying to save Saber when he refused to let her pass to get to the Grail. Sure, nothing about his "proposal" was absolutely vital, but he had the information that she didn't - that the Grail would require their lives from both of them. He didn't tell her the truth about the Grail, but he did hint at the fact that it was too good to be true. So I think this was an effort at strange kindness on his part. Saber also hesitated in responding violently. Is this just because he very well could defeat her, or is it something else?

Fate/strange fake

I have read the original light novel in its complete form and am working on reading what is available of the manga from where it diverges from the LN. If you haven't read FSF but are interested, there are guides to the translations available on the Beast's Lair forums. I will try to link more specifically in a bit, but it's pretty easy to find on the Translation forum.

- - -

Gilgamesh & Tiné Chelc

I am really interested in the fact that while Gilgamesh is grumpy and uncooperative as ever about being summoned to participate in the false Holy Grail War that he seems to take to Tiné a bit more than his jerk of an original Master partly because she sought him specifically. He doesn't like it, still, until Enkidu shows up, but he is willing to at least indulge it as child's play, given her devotion.

Then, when he is happy because Enkidu has been summoned to the battle to come, Gilgamesh encourages Tiné to act as the child she still is. I think it's interesting that Gilgamesh has a particular idea about the kind of life and attitude a child should have. He seems to have some sense that she is carrying a weight that shouldn't necessarily be her responsibility. In spite of his role as a tyrant, Gilgamesh also expresses (in original mythology and in Fate) having a role as a shepherd of his people. I find the idea that he as accepted Tiné as a subject and then encourages her to, basically, let herself be more free and happy, really interesting.

I would like to see their relationship develop a little along the lines of her trying to comply with his wishes or what happens if she doesn't. I would like to see their personalities interact more. Anything goes for genfic with them, just please don't kill Tiné.

Enkidu & Chimera Master (Fate/strange fake)

The Lancer chapter of the LN is the most striking to me of all of them in terms of imagery. I love how you're not even totally sure what Lancer's Master is at first. The narrative speaks of the Master as both a chimera and a wolf, and I think that could be interestingly open to interpretation, as I gather that maybe there are bits of person and bits of wolf and whatever else involved in the making of this creature even if it is a wolf in appearance. I'm interested to see how you might take it.

I love how the Chimera's mere call for pure survival was the summoning ritual for Enkidu. All of the connections between Enkidu and the natural world are so beautiful and evoked in such interesting ways. I would love any kind of extension of that for the two of them.

I would love to see Chimera heal from his/their wounds and to have some kind of interesting bonding experience with Enkidu. They already seem to have such a bond of mutual respect, and I would love to see them being real friends. I so much want Chimera to succeed and to not suffer.

I am familiar with both FSF and the original Enkidu myth, and as a side-note I tend to like for Enkidu to be referred to as "he."

Enkidu/Gilgamesh (Fate)

Once again, I'm familiar with both the original Gilgamesh text and FSF, so if you happen to want to refer to the former in any way feel free but don't feel obligated.

I find the emotional power of the parallel reactions to knowing that the other is simply in the world again to be beautiful. I think that their love for one another is interesting and unusual. Enkidu indicates that they could kill one another and experience no erosion of their bond - which is creepy, but in context I think it's sweet. I think that Enkidu understands it in this context, too. I think that they both know that it will end in blood and tears but that they're so happy to see each other again that it just does not matter.

I would love to see anything between them. I am still reading the opening battle chapter that was updated from the LN, but some ideas might include hurt/comfort, either because of nonlethal injuries given to each other or the idea that one of the other Servants managed to strike a blow. The hurt/comfort could go as far as you like or be enacted however you like. I just want to read about them loving each other even after all this time, regardless of what they have to do because or in spite of that love.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I have seen both the original anime series and the Rebellion movie. I am happy to receive fic based on either of them as source material. I'm also familiar with The Different Story, though I need to finish reading it. I didn't explicitly request Madoka/Homura, but I am interested in it as a ship. Since it's kind of a big part of the story I just thought that I should mention that I am good if you want to include it in your story, or not. Whichever you like.

- - -

Miki Sayaka/Sakura Kyouko

I love the progression of their relationship through both the anime series and the Rebellion movie. It's one of those dynamics where I initially hated it and Kyoko, but then she grew on me and the whole situation did. I think that they go from having one of the most obviously dangerous kinds of interaction to, in fact, having the healthiest relationship among the girls (as of Rebellion, specifically). I think that they sort of provide this interesting juxtaposition to Madoka and Homura for whom love kind of tears them apart. I think that, instead, both Sayaka and Kyoko need someone to love them so badly and find the only salvation they get through that.

I absolutely love the little follow-up scene in the manga where after Kyoko sacrifices herself in order to let Octavia (Sayaka's Witch form) be at rest they meet again in the afterlife, apparently. Kyoko offers her candy, as she does when she wants to be friendly to someone, but Sayaka takes her hand instead. And I think that this little image epitomizes what I love so much about what they come to be to each other.

I would love to have a story about them getting along wonderfully and being together, being friends who are almost together, or even a story about them being enemies who, unfortunately, love each other.

Sakura Kyouko & Tomoe Mami

I love how subtle the suggestions are about how much Mami meant to Kyoko in the anime. Then in Rebellion, I love how there seems to have been this reconnection between them where they are really good friends again. The story about how and why they parted breaks my heart, and I would be interested even to read about something just before or during that time when Kyoko was realizing that the deal she had gotten very much went against the grain of what she wanted.

One of my favorite things about Kyoko as a character is how, while she has become hard and pragmatic and cynical on the outside, so much of who she is hinges on deeply held belief and love that has so often turned around to bite her. I think that this contrasts with how Mami sort of seems to have - forgive the metaphor - drunk the Koolaid Kyubey gave her because she wasn't given much of a choice. They seem to represent two opposite ends of the spectrum with how much they trust Kyubey. Kyoko trusts him even less than Homura does. Given their opposite ends of the trust-spectrum, I think that this could play into their relationship and interaction, too.

I would happily read something about Mami's mentoring Kyoko. Or, perhaps, could there be a time when Kyoko's more hard-realism take on life could help Mami (who tends to lose it if she ever realizes the ugly truth)?

If you want, in your story, one of them could be dead. Reset button, right?

Kaname Madoka & Miki Sayaka

Their relationship starts out as the very thing that establishes the illusion that Puella Magi Madoka Magica is going to be a typical, bubblegum shoujo story with just the slightest hint of ambiguous bisexuality to sucker you into watching more. But once that illusion shatters, their relationship being one of the most important things to one another remains in tact. I like the fact that both of them have canonically significant relationships that might be of a more romantic nature with other girls but that they can still be platonic friends, sort of side-stepping the idea that if they were interested in girls that there is no possible way they could be platonic friends. I think that Hitomi's exaggerated reaction to the notion that they might be something other than platonic is hilarious, sad, and poignant all at once because of this set-up to their relationship.

I love the fact that they sort of embody that Lady and Knight imagery that is so often courtly-love at least if not full-blown romantic but that they still seem like genuine best friends without agenda. I'm usually all for shipping the Lady/Knight dynamic between two girls in some other instances, but I also like to see this example where I think that they just have an extremely healthy and important friendship before everything starts to go wrong. I love their mutual support and I'd like to see anything - how it started, a missing scene, a scene from a doomed timeline, or a scene from a yet unforeseen fix-it timeline.

I think that it's fantastic that Sayaka seems to be an archangel for Madokami in Rebellion, and I would like to see that explored. Did Sayaka know that she was going to do that? Did Madoka talk her into it? Especially given the fact that it is shown to have her in control of her final Witch form, I think that it is a very powerful idea that in that circumstance neither of them are really going back from what they were driven to and became. Instead, they are moving forward together.

I would love to read about Sayaka figuring out what Homura did to her at the end of Rebellion and fighting for Madoka, too.

Akemi Homura/Kaname Madoka/Miki Sayaka/Sakura Kyouko/Tomoe Mami

This is one of the longest ship tags I have ever seen. I'm impressed. That's one reason I picked it.

Joking aside, I would be interested in seeing someone tackling making this work. In general, I have neat little twosome pairings in this fandom, even though I do a bit of multishipping. However, what caught my eye with this nominated tag in terms of ideas was the notion that they have so much time living very similar, repetitive loop lives with each other being so close and so integral to a story they cannot escape. The groundhog day life they lead could certain lead to some interesting and unusual relationship boundaries, depending on how it goes.

Something where this sort of slow burn establishes or is glimpsed across different timelines would interest me.

However, I would honestly be interested in anything about the five of them getting to rest in something that wasn't a nightmare-to-be, finding peace with each other. I know that the fact that they really can't settle into that is one of the "points" of the show, but sometimes I just want them to be happy.

Momoe Nagisa & Tomoe Mami

I thought their relationship in Rebellion was adorable and made all the more meaningful by the fact that Nagisa was aware of what was going on and still went to the girl whom she had killed when she was a Witch. I think that Mami clearly has a relationship with Nagisa (as she perceives her) that is a little like a mother and child or someone with a beloved pet (since Nagisa doesn't exactly look human for a bit there). However, I think that there's a sense in which this goes both ways - that Nagisa is also nurturing and trying to care for Mami who was so susceptible to being so damaged by the truth and who had no real choice about her fate.

I would like happy little domestic scenes from within the Rebellion story or in something that follows it. For example, if Madokami had been able to succeed in simply taking Homura to her rest in the end, would Nagisa have watched over Mami? What about when it's Mami's time to go - might Nagisa help her with whatever brought her to that end?

The Librarians (TV 2014)

I am caught up to date on this show, including the just-aired season!

- - -

Cassandra Cillian/Ezekiel Jones

I love the way they learn to trust each other. And the Horns of Dilemma really gets me every time with how they are both presented as the "virgins" in the Labyrinth - young and inexperienced, in spite of the fact that both of them have pain and wisdom beyond their years - but that they make it out safely together. I absolutely love Ezekiel's reasoning for why he trusts her and the fact that he is willing to give an allowance for the fact that if anything he is the untrustworthy one to make her feel better.

I like the fact that Ezekiel, whose past we know so little about, takes the time to learn about Cassandra's past. Their bonding at the STEM fair also made me feel like they really just have a lot to offer each other as people. I also feel the need to remind people that "Mathemagics" was originally Ezekiel's word.

I would love to read anything about them - in Peru, during S1 or during S2. I like the fact that both of them seem to have a bit of a dark and light thing going on. Ezekiel is a criminal and makes no effort to hide that fact - he's proud of it. Cassandra has spent her life walking lines both because she was expected to and because she had to. However, it's Cassandra who is so often associated with death because of her condition and because of, I think, something about her disposition. The Lake has also taken notice of her now, and I think that this connection between her and magic that apparently scares people like Jenkins is very interesting. I think that she may be experiencing a pull that brings her to darker (if not necessarily evil) things while Ezekiel is experiencing a pull towards becoming a hero and coming toward the light. Them meeting somewhere in the middle and challenging each other in good ways would be really cool to read.

Cassandra Cillian/Ezekiel Jones/Jake Stone

It was pointed out to me (by TVtropes) that as a team Jake, Ezekiel, and Cassandra form the most basic fantasy RPG classes - Fighter, Thief, and Mage (of a sort). I am really interested in this as a descriptor because I think that it nicely shows how well they fit together as a team. Flynn might be brilliant in nearly all ways as an individual, but the show has shown how the LiTs (full-fledged Librarians as they may be) have an advantage often because they are different people, bouncing ideas off each other.

I love seeing them engage with their various talents and skills. I like it when they disagree and when they can't stand being parted from each other.

As for specific ideas, I would be really interested in something involving their alternate universe selves from And the Loom of Fate persisting in their existences following healing the Loom. I would like for them to (through ~magic~ or whatever) continue to be able to maintain contact with each other while being aware that they're from, literally, different worlds. They could save Librarian Cassandra or Librarian Jake's world, since Librarian Ezekiel still had Ezekiel's luck and lucked out into saving his while Eve and Flynn were there.

I think the show's narrative direction has made it pretty clear that science-loving Cassandra is bit by bit becoming a magic-user. I absolutely love that, and it begs the question: what are the boys becoming? There is also a narrative push toward Ezekiel realizing that, for real, he is becoming a hero whether he likes it or not. Jake is a little trickier to determine for me, but I think that he has come from a life of strictly established boundaries for himself that may be changing. I think that perhaps Jake is learning to embrace gray areas as part of his character development. I would love to see a fic that involved the overlapping themes of all of them becoming something they never expected. Perhaps Cassandra has to do something that sort of undermines her security in science while Ezekiel has to fully embrace being the hero while Jake has to realize that sometimes he can't just be a straightforward hero with clearly defined lines.

Oh, and I would also on a more basic level love a fic where maybe Ezekiel did remember what happened after And the Point of Salvation. Then hurt/comfort happens? It broke my heart when he was expressing how he just couldn't watch them die anymore, and I think that he had experienced a kind of trauma that would break a person, and I'd like to see a sort of recovery fic if you wanted to do that.

Jenkins & Jake Stone

Both of them feel so compelled to be the upstanding one in their respective situations. I think they're quite different, but I think that Jenkins is comfortable relating to Jake when he does because there is a common thread that has something to do with this slightly-arrogant sense of knowing what one has to do to do the right thing and doing it. I would like to see them facing challenges together that press them to overcome some of their self-prohibiting ways of conduct. I would also like to see them just hanging out and learning from each other.

I like that Jenkins seemed to most-disdain the "very odd cowboy" in a way, at first, but then came to talk to him privately in a supportive way. I really like dynamic relationships that grow and change.

If you wanted, I would like to know how Jenkins helped Librarian Jake in his AU where he was the Librarian in And the Loom of Fate.

Jenkins & Ezekiel Jones

I love how they clash with each other in a way that I think is exactly what the other person needs to grow at this juncture in their lives. Jenkins has very defined ideas about honor and what it is to be the right kind of man. Ezekiel prides himself on not neatly fitting into any of those boxes or indeed any boxes but his own. I loved their conversation in And the Apple of Discord when Jenkins nearly left. It epitomizes what I love about relationship.

I would like to read a story about the aftermath of Ezekiel doing something particularly heroic and having to own up to it with Jenkins there to talk about the life he now leads with him. Or he could actively help Ezekiel through the self-image growing pains that have to do with the kind of better-version-of-himself he's becoming bit by bit.

Cassandra Cillian & Jenkins

Cassandra seems the most openly fond of Jenkins the most-quickly, as is typical of bubbly Cassandra. However, I feel that their relationship is headed for the bumpiest ride in terms of what might be coming in the future. I think that they bonded deeply and quickly as people because I think it had been a long time since Jenkins had someone really force their way into showing that they care. However, with the magic that Cassandra has begun to understand and indeed draw the attention of, I think that her life is starting to call back memories of something that Jenkins finds very frightening, indeed.

I realize that Jenkins is worried about Morgan and her kind's influence, but I think that it might be interesting if it played back into the fact that in And the Fables of Doom that little girl's story attributed magical power to Cassandra. She evoked a connection between Cassandra and Merlin which probably isn't real, but how does magic work? Something that involves that connection becoming more real in some way would interest me.

I really want them to experience one of the challenges that is coming their way and to make it through as people who still care about each other, even if they do differ about the danger they're in.

Eve Baird & Jenkins

The progression of their relationship from two people who grate on one another's nerves to friends who are sharing long shrimp lunches is really endearing to me. I am so happy that Jenkins has his little family, but I don't know if he would survive it without Eve. The fact that he claimed Eve as his Guardian as well was really touching to me.

I would like to see just the great adventure of Eve Baird and Jenkins. Maybe they have to help the LiTs (with optional Flynn?) who are beyond their reach. I think that it could be either funny, touching, or both to see the two of them being the last hope for their Librarian family and the world.

Doctor Who & Related Fandoms

I have seen all of New Who and am vaguely familiar with stuff about the Master and his role with the Doctor in particular from Classic Who. I really like pretty much everyone in New Who, so if you want to include multiple characters or characters from different eras on the show, feel free! I also watched the first two seasons of Torchwood once upon a time. I liked aspects of it, but I didn't much enjoy the almost-unrelenting grimdark. However, I came to be fond of the characters, so if you want to include them if relevant that is good too.

- - -

Clara Oswin Oswald/Danny Pink

I really enjoyed their relationship and the fact that it wasn't perfect. However, I can't help but still feel that they did, in fact, deserve better. I had really hoped to see Danny get to take on a longer, more active role in the series. I appreciate that he did not eventually give into the call of stupendous adventure the way, for example, Rory did. However, I would have liked it if he had been given more of a chance to have a role that extended beyond the role he had to provide foil for what Clara was doing with the Doctor. I like that he is an imperfect person with a lot of baggage and hang-ups, and I enjoyed the role he had. I just want more for his sake and for Clara's.

I would like to have a story were Clara really confronts the fact that she kept deceiving Danny and does something to rectify the fact that she cannot tell him the truth. I think that they both have a lot to work on, if they were given the chance, and I'd like for them to be able to work on it together.

Give me a Happier Ever After, or a Lived Happily, or whatever we're calling it these days. Explain to me how in the world Orson Pink still fits into the picture if we're going with canon, or fix canon so it still works.

As sad as it is, I am also really struck by the beauty of Clara bracing herself for her impending death by bringing up "If Danny Pink can do it, so can I." It's a bit idyllic given Doctor Who's tone of aggressive skepticism, but perhaps she could meet him again on the other side? That would be really satisfying for me, too.

Ashildr | Lady Me & Clara Oswin Oswald

I was on the borderline of whether I wanted an ampersand or a slash here. I think I am leaning ampersand, hence my decision, but if you wanted to have it be a bit ambiguous or something that would be cool. But only if you want to!

I would like to read about them interacting at some point after the first time Ashildr/Me and Clara met. She could have, at some point, seen her again since Me cannot remember everything that has happened to her for the centuries that she has lived. Clara seems disappointed that Me cannot remember her when they meet again, and I assume that the show meant in the episodes we saw, but I would also enjoy reading about another adventure they had. Me seems very interested in Clara and in protecting her if she can, and it makes me very sad for her too that she had to face this situation where it was unavoidable to watch someone she cared about die again.

If you would like to write about their adventures following them running off in a TARDIS together, I would be happy to read whatever you come up with for them to do on their journey back to Gallifrey. Or perhaps you want to write about them finally coming to the end of the road if you want a tearjerker. I would really like to see them address the fact that even though there was a way in which Me could have been construed as responsible for Clara's death that they really still mutually care about each other. (Weird, kind of questionable bonds seem to be the running theme on Doctor Who these days.) I also think it's an interesting little thought that Clara no longer as vital physical processes and that she is frozen in time, while Me is frozen by the means that all her cells repair themselves back to a default state. It's opposite kinds of being able to spend as much time doing anything as they want.

Missy & Clara Oswin Oswald

Looking back at the series this year now, I am a little bit baffled and a little bit fascinated with how Clara and Missy seem to learn to tolerate each other. I think that Missy (having selected Clara and everything) has in a sense liked her from the very beginning. However, I don't think there's much in the way of respect there. But I am not sure that this could be said to be the case once they are working together with the common goal of saving the Doctor. I think Missy definitely has unhealthy, rude levels of respect for Clara's life, but I think that she does in some way take it into account. In a way, by being so condescending she's actually better at protecting Clara than the Doctor is.

I would like to see them having to cooperate again somehow. I would also like to see Missy having a brush with Clara at some point before S9. It would be really interesting to me to see Missy interacting with Clara's stream of echoes that she had from being all over the Doctor's timestream -- because the Master is often all over the Doctor's timestream, too. Clara's role with her echoes was often to sacrifice herself to foil the success of the antagonist in the Doctor's adventures, so I am sure that there have been times when that antagonist was Missy/the Master. I would like to see them sort of synching up on this and Clara realizing how much Missy has also been there all along.

Twelfth Doctor & Clara Oswin Oswald

I am so pleased with how Twelve and Clara fall into a step where they're both paralleling one another's recklessness, particularly in the face of grief and danger. I like how they both try to protect each other where they're too stubborn to protect themselves. The notion of Clara being so parallel to him while they're so different as human and Time Lord is really fascinating to me.

I would love to read anything about these parallels. Them interacting on the basis of them or having something wonderful or terrible happen because of them.

I am also always happy to see Clara's echoes around, and I suppose that all of the echoes exist somewhere along the Doctor's timestream prior to the moment she jumped into it, but the Doctor then knows whether many of the echoes might have been.

I would also just be happy to see them hanging out on an adventure together.

Jack Harkness/Martha Jones

I have wanted to see their relationship finally match up where they could be together for a long time. I think that Jack always saw Martha, not through any lens of grief or anything else that was unfair to her. In fact, I think that the most unfair thing is how fair to her he is while he's not particularly fair to other people in his life. Because they have both been acquainted with time travel directly, I think that perhaps this makes some difference for him.

Martha is engaged to a man with whom it doesn't work out, at some point. It's never directly addressed that her relationship with Thomas Mulligan didn't work out, and I always thought the idea of that relationship was sweet. It was sad that it didn't work out. However, I couldn't help but think about how she was looking for some piece of what she went through that year to be okay again even though he could never remember things that never happened from his perspective. If that's what she needs that she mistakenly looked for that way, then I think that she and Jack can find some real solace in each other.

I would like to read about them being in Torchwood together in a more Doctor Who-hope rather than Torchwood-nihilism light.

I started shipping Jack/Martha a long time before Martha/Mickey was canon. I am kind of ambivalent about that, but I could be persuaded to like it. However, I would prefer if any fic didn't involve Martha cheating on anyone in order to be with Jack. I would be happy if you wanted to do Martha/Mickey + Jack if you feel the need to go from that point in canon, but I'd prefer Jack not break up a marriage for Martha if that makes sense.

Twelfth Doctor/Missy

I think it's very interesting that after being "left for dead" that Missy admitted that she "needed her friend back" when she was trying to gift the Doctor with an army. As misguided as this is, it's also not so misguided as is evidenced by the twists and turns in the narrative. The Doctor chooses not to go that route, but he could. I think the Doctor realizing that he is not conventionally good by human standards will still choosing to do good and right things is a very interesting theme in the show that is brought out by no one better than Missy/the Master. The fact that they still mean so much to each other while the Doctor is fully aware of all the terrible things that Missy has done says a lot.

I would like to read about the Doctor meeting Missy again after some of his recent brushes with saying goodbye to people. Or, I would like to see them interacting at some point during S9 that we didn't see. I would like a story where they challenge each other's self perception and where they do things that go a little against their own stubborn "I know best" ways to help each other.

Tenth Doctor/The Master (Simm)

Given that we have entered a new era of both the Doctor and the Master (Missy) on Doctor Who, I think it might be interesting to ask "What if?" questions at this point about Ten and Simm!Master. What if the Master hadn't been shot? What if the Doctor had been able to "keep him" the way he intended to? I would like to read about them learning to work that out.

What if the Master had chosen to just walk away with Ten when he asked in The End of Time? What little thing might have tipped the Master over into just giving into the idea of "being beautiful" with the Doctor among the stars?

(If it is relevant to any of your ideas, I would like a less tragic and terrible fate for Lucy Saxon, but it's a super-optional request.)

If it suits your fancy, I would also love a fic where Twelve/Missy meet Ten/Simm!Master.


I just finished watching this whole series! If you get this fandom for your matching I'm really pleased with how Leverage ended, more than I thought I would be. I usually hate endings, but it left me so full of hope after my momentary panic (even though I figured I knew better). Feel free to set your fic at any point during or after canon.

- - -

Alec Hardison/Parker/Eliot Spencer

As of the end of this show, you cannot convince me that they are not together. However, I think that it took a long time for them to all get on the same page about it, even though Alec and Parker are officially together by the last season.

I would like to see some of the growing pains in their relationship, where something hurts them about each other but they really grow stronger because of it.

I would also like to see Hardison and Eliot showing Parker something new that she really responds to in a way that makes her (safely) feel alive. An extension of Eliot teaching Parker to like stuff? (This paragraph is sounding like an innuendo to me, and I don't necessarily mean it that way - but if you want to take it that way, totally cool, too.)

Perhaps you could write a casefic or a portion of one, either during canon or with their new Leverage.

Sophie & Parker & Eliot & Hardison & Nate

Any. Kind. Of. Family. Fic. I would love to see them doing a holiday thing together. I would like for them to do a job where they're faced with funny domesticity. I would like a reunion fic that happens maybe a year into Parker running the show. What are Nate and Sophie up to? How does Parker, coming into her own, react to Nate being back in the picture? Sure, she loves him, but can she handle that?

I would like to see them all enjoying a mutual activity together, whether it's in their chosen professions or their recreational lives. Casefic or silly happy fic, I am totally happy to receive either.

What if they have to do something that ind of inverts their expectations of a job but in something like a casual setting? Something a little self-parodying but of the kind that happens in real life to everyone.

Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins

I have most-recently seen the movies, but I have read all of the books. I am good with either as source material as you see fit.

- - -

Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark (Collins)

I really like the fact that from the very first moments of their actually bonding that their relationship is one about balance and helping cover each other's weak and vulnerable points. Obviously, what happens to them in each book is in one way or another heartbreaking, even though they find a little light at the end. I would like to read a story - a missing scene or anything else - about any point on their journey together.

If you would like to flesh out their lives with their children a bit, that would be a nice post-canon fic. Or I would also really love to have a better glimpse of the time when they are growing back together, quite a while before children are ever in the picture. I would like to see them learning how to love without being too terrified to love each other.

If you have a canon-divergent AU that "fixes" some of the death, I would be interested in that. I am particularly interested in different ways that the Quarter Quell could have gone.

Peeta Mellark & Finnick Odair (Collins)

I am so glad that Peeta had someone there with him who understood what it was like to deal with a traumatized person when Coin sent him to the front lines. I would appreciate anything that might be an expansion of some of their interaction in Catching Fire or during Mockingjay.

If you want to follow silly idealism enough to save Finnick's life, I would also like to read about them being friends as Peeta heals. They would have both been fathers with Finnick having been a dad for a while before Peeta was. I really like the fact that Peeta has another friend who has learned a kind of patience that Katniss has an understandably shaky grip on.

Johanna Mason & Finnick Odair (Collins) or Johanna Mason/Finnick Odair (Collins)

I chose either an ampersand or a slash for them because I am interested in their relationship as either a platonic or one that, according to the guidelines of this exchange this year, involves eros. The fact that they are nearly peers as Victors among a lot of Victors who are considerably older adults means that they had probably been a thread of sanity for each other since Johanna won her games.

There is no question that Finnick loves Annie, but in this particular case I guess I'm a little interested in the moral dilemma presented by a shipfic route for Johanna and Finnick. Finnick has no real choice but to be "unfaithful" in a sense, but he has accepted what he has to do to keep Annie safe. Johanna on the other hand ended up losing everything because she refused to be tormented anymore. If their relationship came to that kind of connection and contact, I think that it's less cut and dry as to whether this is just another way to save them both or if it's a little wrong.

As friends or otherwise, I really like the fact that they had each other in the Capitol as mentors. I would like to read about them being in the Capitol, even though I think both of them hate it a lot even before Katniss. How did they become friendly with each other? Is there anything they mutually enjoy when they're not having to be "on" for the cameras and everyone else watching?

Annie Cresta/Johanna Mason/Finnick Odair (Collins)

For the Finnick/Johanna elements of this ship, you can see the prompt above. As it's referenced there, I have no doubt in my mind that Finnick loves Annie. This prompt as opposed to the one above, for me, is a question of focus. I would like to see the pieces of Finnick's life find more cohesion.

I would like to think that Annie knows about Johanna. Has she met her? I would like to think that there's a chance that Annie already knows of her, at least, and that she cares about her. I like that I think they both constitute a big part of what keeps Finnick moving forward through a life that many people might find unbearable.

I would like for Annie and Johanna to become properly acquainted. If there was something going on with Johanna and Finnick previously, I would like to see them dealing with reconciling this and finding happiness and peace in the three of them kind of bringing something that was shattered by an external force back together. If nothing was going on with Finnick and Johanna tot hat point, perhaps Johanna could kind of grow into their family unit.

All of these prompts kind of assume that they get to be together at some point post-Mockingjay for longer than I think they were. You can do that if you like. I do not complain about people being left alive!

However, if you want to do something that is canon-compliant where Finnick doesn't make it, I think it might also be very true to this prompt to, regardless of relationship history for Johanna and Finnick, draw Johanna and Annie together in mutual support and love because of their love for Finnick after he dies. Johanna shouldn't be on her own, and Annie is going to be a mother. It might be nice if they were to bond following that.

Katniss Everdeen & Primrose Everdeen (Collins)

I would love to have fic about Katniss and Prim during the time before the Hunger Games ever directly touched their lives. Or I would like to have fic about them during the brief peace after Katniss's first Games. I would like to read about Primrose's wisdom beyond her years helping stabilize Katniss through the torrent of stress that was and is in Katniss's life at any point in it.

If you want to do fix-fic where Prim lives somehow and has to deal with the fallout alongside her sister, I would be interested to see how you could balance the cost and weight of everything. If Prim wanted to help those people as medical personnel but wasn't able to but she and Katniss were able to be there for each other, I think that could be something that might still be credible.

If you want to go a really sad route, I would also read anything that is about Katniss having a real in some way connection with Prim after she's gone.

Katniss Everdeen & Gale Hawthorne (Collins)

I would like to read any fic you would like to write me about their friendship at any point in their lives. We are given a glimpse at how they met in the books, and we know a very skimmed version of how they came to be such good friends and trusted allies in survival. I would like a fic that perhaps gave a more specific glimpse of that intermediate stage of their relationship where Katniss was still especially unsure about trusting him.

It would also be really satisfying to me to read a fic where they meet again at some point int he future when Katniss is more stable and more content in her life back in Twelve. I would imagine that they might meet again at some point, and I would like to think that eventually Katniss could find a way to forgive him enough to be on cordial terms with him. I think that Prim would want them to heal. However, I also don't think it's necessarily wrong that Gale bears a real weight for how he indirectly contributed to Prim's death, and I would like something that didn't necessarily put rose-colored glasses on that fact. I would like to read a fic about a tiny ember of a friendship surviving an unsurvivable fire because Prim would want it to.

Gale Hawthorne & Primrose Everdeen (Collins)

It breaks my heart a little to even request this, given how things turned out. However, everyone involved admits that Gale did try to protect Katniss and her family. He cared about Prim, too, like his own family.

I would like to see any glimpse of their relationship that you might see fit to give me. Does he try to do anything to break the tension for Prim while her sister is in the arena? I thought that one of the nicest touches the movies gave us that the books weren't able to show was the way Gale refused to watch for a while and went away from everyone else. I also heard that there was once a deleted scene where Gale was trying to show Prim a little bit about how to hunt. I would like anything that kind of touched on this attitude that Gale might have about being there partly by keeping Prim's mind away from the horrors her sister was facing.

I would also like to know about Prim's perspective on Gale as a friend or a big brother or however she might think of him. Maybe a quiet moment of her helping him with a much more minor injury than lash-injuries that he dealt with in Catching Fire might be a nice place to show her skills and how she shows she cares about people.

Jurassic World (2015)

I have seen all of the other movies at least once, so if you want to reference any previous continuity for some reason, feel free!

- - -

Claire Dearing/Owen Grady

Their relationship is charming and endearing, perhaps more charming and endearing than they are as people on their own. They and their relationship have both grown on me slowly since the first time I saw the movie. I saw it again and liked them even better. I think that one of the best things about their relationship is that even though Claire was particularly resistant to this idea, they make each other better people. They challenge each other in good ways, which is excellent for their survival and their personalities.

I would be happy to receive fic about a missing scene of them while they were looking for the boys. Or I would be happy to receive post-canon fic about them facing the wilds of the civilized world together. If you wanted to do something that involved them facing a new kind of "are you kidding me" threat together, serious or humorous, would also please me.

Owen Grady & The Raptor Squad

I am a sucker for positive human/animal and human/nature relationships presented in a broader context, and for movies this past year this relationship absolutely takes the cake. I think that the fact that the Jurassic movies really play up the raptors' intelligence makes this even better. Reptilian brains aren't exactly known for their ability to process emotions, however it's my understanding that the raptors are much more intelligent, capable, and even sentient than that. (It's also my understanding that they're birds more than reptiles, but that's enough parsing.)

I really get the sense that the raptors did kind of respect and "care" about Owen to the best of their ability. I'd like to see what creative thing you might choose to do with interpreting that because I think it's sort of tricky territory because they are still shown to be changeable, wild, in no way domesticated animals.

I would like to know if Owen keeps up with the surviving Raptor somehow, even though he can't get too close. Or if he can't ever face the island again, does he at least think about the Raptors?

If you want to do a sort of silly, unrealistic Owen-Tarzan, Claire-Jane staying on the island with the Raptors in realistically unsustainable peace and harmony just for fun, I would like that.

Star Wars Series (Movies)

I feel like this is a special moment in time for me to ask for this fandom. I was really into Star Wars a long time ago, in a high school far far away. But I just saw The Force Awakens, and I'm really excited for any potential author who writes for me to have this brand new fresh bit of slate to write on. I have seen all six of the previous movies. I don't actually hate the prequels, in case this is relevant for some reason. I actually used to prefer them, though I don't know of late except that I really liked The Force Awakens.

- - -

Finn/Rey or Finn & Rey (Star Wars)

I would be happy to read about them in genfic or shipfic. I just really love their quick bond through trial-by-fire, which is one of my favorite relationship tropes. I like how Rey really doesn't seem to trust him even once she starts kind of trusting him. I love that their roller coaster of stress and adventure and emotion really makes me believe that they are in deep enough to plead with one another to come to safety and not to go.

They both have families that they could not know from an early age, and I love the fact that I think that regardless of how it comes together that they have a family in each other now. They have someone who cares about where they are and what they're doing out in the great big galaxy. I would like a quiet moment of talking about something mundane or something important. Or I would like for them to go on a difficult detour sort of adventure together.

I am also interested in whether or not Finn might have the Force. It's obvious and canon that Rey does, but I have questions and thoughts if the Force is "awakening." Even if he doesn't have the Force, does he understand the Force? It's an idea for something they could talk about if you have any thoughts.

Poe Dameron & Finn & Rey

Given that I take that this is the new trio of protagonists for the new trilogy, I would love to have anything about the three of them interacting. If you're interested in my specific thoughts about Rey and Finn with regard to each other, you can see above.

Beyond that, I would like to know more about your particular canon/fanon further interpretation of Poe. I love that even though we really didn't learn very much about him that he was the kind of person who wouldn't call someone by a serial number even if he wasn't so sure about what was going on. I really liked the fact that he trusted the fact that Finn "needed a pilot" and then pretty immediately took the opportunity. I realize that this was also for his own benefit, but i just generally like his air of respect toward Finn.

I don't really know what to say about Poe and Rey, but I would love to see what you think about how their personalities might do with each other. Anything about the three of them becoming friends or, if not friends all around the circle just yet, found family.

Leia Organa/Han Solo

Could I have fix-fic, please? Following The Force Awakens, I really need it. I wanted them to be able to reconcile, and given the outcome in the movie I just cannot get over how tragic their whole story has become.

Whether it's fix-fic or whether you got back to a time before their son was born or before their son was choosing the Dark Side, I just want to see them happy and together. It seems so narratively jarring that they had the ending they did in Return of the Jedi and now this??? It's poignant and beautiful-sad, but I also find it so gut-wrenching that I'd love to read a way around it.

If you prefer to stay within the bounds of canon, I would also be happy with a fic about them not too long after Return of the Jedi before things went wrong.

Rey & Han Solo

I loved their dynamic, and my heart broke with Rey when she lost her new "father" and mentor. I realize that on some level it's just part of this film echoing the formula of the previous Star Wars movies, but this time it hits even harder because Han was someone we knew beforehand extensively.

Again, I am a sucker for fix-fic, but I also accept how things are. Either way would be good for me.

I would love to have a missing scene between them, though, even if you don't somehow save Han. Or use some kind of Force-thing to have Rey eventually (sooner or later) communicate with Han anyway. I want to know what he thinks of the new Millennium Falcon pilot and for them to at least get to say goodbye. I think that might be really cool, given how much of a Force-doubter Han always was when he was young.

- - -

If, for some reason, you read this entire letter I want to congratulate and thank you. Again, person-who-writes-for-me, you're great and I thank you!

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