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[comm] dear not-primetime author:

Dear NPT Author,

First of all, thank you for writing something for me! I can't wait to see what you come up with. This letter is to provide you with guidelines about things I might like to see. It isn't binding, and if you have another story your heart is set on telling, please feel free to use that idea instead. I am [archiveofourown.org profile] failsafe on AO3.

I am comfortable with any rating, and Explicit is totally fine if you feel inclined, but I would prefer no PWP. Crossovers are okay with me, if there are any fandoms here which you find compatible. Now I'll give you some dislikes, likes, then some fandom-specific prompts.

Dislikes: character bashing towards anybody, noncon, explicit gore, breathplay, bloodplay*, nihilism, hopeless ending (but sad is okay), no powers AUs

*I always put that I don't like bloodplay, and I don't. However, I have a fandom that literally involves vampires and others where I'm talking about death and canon-typical violence. I don't mind blood being present in a story and maybe even a bit of sensual creep about it. I just don't want sexy-injury-sexy-times to an excessive degree.

Likes: canon-typical violence, missing scenes, UST, emotional ambiguity, found families, developing or established relationships, time travel, bedsharing, loyalty, worldbuilding, epistolary fiction, monster-of-the-week / slice of ordinary life adventures, earned second chances, dealing with consequences, post-canon, "what if" / canon divergence AUs, earned happy endings, holidays, casefic, groundhog day trope, mysteries, healing, somewhat dark fic

Fandom Specifics:

Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms

Arturia Pendragon | Saber

For your records, I was very close to choosing 'Any' for this fandom. The reason I did not was that there were a handful on the list that I wasn't terribly familiar with. I am interested in any and all the characters in this universe, though. I chose Artoria as my single-request character because I am very interested in her personality and her interactions with other characters. I would honestly like to see her interact with anyone on the nominated list, or anyone who has not been nominated that tickles your fancy. I admire her strength and determination as much as I admire her determination to stick to a goal that is ultimately an impossible, foolish dream. I also just really like how she responds to people with a mixture of confusing silence, battlefield sarcasm, and precious social confusion.

Shipping: I am equally happy with gen fic, but in the event that you want to ship Saber with someone, I am interested in the following from among the nominated characters: Saber/Shirou/Rin, Saber/Shirou, Saber/Rin.* Any combination of these. I love them working together as a team, so if you choose a twosome between them, I just want them all to be happy and care about each other. Saber/Gilgamesh. I love them as foils to each other. I realize that it's complicated, largely unhealthy, and messy, and if you write it you don't have to sidestep or gloss over that. Saber/Archer.* I love how they both understand one another's flaws but have trouble accepting them in themselves. I am also really interested in Archer's memories of Saber (and even Rin, should you want to incorporate them) from his lifetime, and how that affects his interactions with them during the present Grail War that is not his own to fight in as a Master. Saber/Irisviel. I love the sort of inversion of Saber being a knight in love with her lord's lady, if you go this route. It's a mess, and I'm a sucker for those kinds of messes. I am also interested in Saber/Guinevere, the complications at play, and if there was a genuine love on either side involved that was more complicated than mere platonic fondness.

*If you want to do background ships and main ships or whatever, I'm cool with that too. A lot of people seem to do Saber/Shirou and Rin/Archer or something along those lines, and I'm down with that.

If you are interested in writing action fic or philosophical struggle fic, I would also be interested in fic concerning interactions between Saber and either Medea or Medusa. I am interested in the layering of background relationships, so if there are other dynamics that interest you (e.g., Medusa and Sakura, or something like that) which you would like to have at play opposite what is happening for Saber, that would be really interesting.

I am happy with anything from Carnival Phantasm-esque silliness and character interaction to full-plot fic. I would read fic about Saber in her past during her life, some missing moment during a Grail War, or at any point in the future beyond them. Whatever you would like to do with Saber, I would love to see what you write.

Chuck (TV)

Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, John Casey

I am most-familiar with the first two seasons of Chuck, and I have been told that there is a tonal slide following that that I'm a little iffy about whether or not I want to accept. I'll be honest with you - I have not seen past the end of S2. But I am working on it, and I don't mind spoilers if you feel impressed upon to include them.

What draws me to this trio the most is how they all have such different backgrounds but form a team that it is hard to imagine breaking apart. I know that John wasn't there later in the series, and that's one of the reasons I have dragged my feet on really knowing if I want to move forward with it. John is an irritation in a way, one of my least favorite kinds of people, but the fact that it is shown that he still (deep, deep down) has a heart toward these two less controversially-lovable people makes him really endearing, too. The tensions that exist in this little group are part of what draw me to it, not anything that I shy away from. I love it when they fight and argue, have huge ideological differences, do things behind one another's backs, only to find that in the end they need each other. I love that all of these characters are allowed to be very wrong and to learn from it. There's some magic in the way that they grow and change with each other in a way that feels natural and gradual and great. I guess the theme that entices me most that comes to mind is a kind of recovery from betrayal, something that wounds their dynamic that they won't let do anything but make it grow back stronger.

I talked a bit about what I like about John. As for Sarah, I love how sketchy her background is. I did not expect it at first, but as they layer in more information about her past, the more it makes sense. I loved the episode with her father and how it felt a bit like a vacation in Leverage-land. I would love something like that. (I really like Leverage too, and it's nominated though I didn't request it, so if you want to go way out a limb you could do that. Very left field suggestion, not a demand at all!) Anything about something from Sarah's past coming up at them, whether it be with Bryce or with something from her family's confidence game history, I'd love that.

And, of course, Chuck is wonderful both for everything he is and everything he isn't. Of the mainstream portrayal of "nerds," he is one of my favorites. Most of their references are scattered enough that he does not seem like a caricature. His room is decorated the way it is because that is a facet of who he is but it is not all that he is. I love and relate to the fact that while he is stuck in a working class job that he is smart and willing to be responsible. Life throwing us a few punches to keep us from landing exciting careers is a very realistic pit-fall for this day and age, and I really empathize with Chuck. I also love seeing him gradually become more acclimated and competent on this wild ride he's found himself on. I love that he wants to be the voice of reason, to be the peaceful solution, but it'd also be fun to see him really angry.

I am interested in whatever plotty thing you might have in mind. I love the show's particular tone when it comes to the action, and if you want to make it a little darker and grittier or a little more fluffy, feel free. I would also love a slice of life fic about some down-time in which someone gets into some mundane trouble. You really have a lot of freedom to work with this, but I am trying to give you something to go on in terms of what I love about the spirit of this show. I love the representation of the working class friends Chuck has, his family, and the way his double-life has to balance with this new world he has found himself a part of. Any of the characters can come along for the ride in any capacity, and I'll be thrilled.

Shipping: I am good with Chuck/Sarah/John shipping, if you are interested in writing a full poly relationship. If you aren't feeling that so much, I am also happy with just Chuck/Sarah with John as their friend and protector. There's something noble in that, too. I am also alright if you don't want to ship them and want it to be a gen fic in which any romantic tension is ambiguous or absent that is solely about their love for each other on a platonic, personal level. If you'd like to do any combination of a twosome where two of them are separated from the third and trying to deal with that and do something about it while becoming closer to each other too, that appeals to me.

The Librarians

Cassandra Cillian, Ezekiel Jones

This was another of those cases where I was a finger-twitch away from choosing 'Any' but in the end chose these two just to narrow my prompts a little. While you might say that these two are my 'favorites,' I honestly feel terrible for picking favorites at all in this show. I love the entire main cast so much, and I would love to see any amount of any of them involved in this story that you like. If you want to do a solo story about either Ezekiel or Cassandra, that is alright too. You have complete freedom to include one of them, both of them, or everyone.

I love both ancient and Arthurian mythologies. I am not an expert in many, but I am a dabbler in a lot of them. I absolutely love both And the Loom of Fate and And the Horns of Dilemma because of how evocative of myth they were. I also adore And the Heart of Darkness for its more urban legend, ghost-story feel and how it was the one episode that has ever really haunted me. And finally, And the Point of Salvation is an episode that I will never get out of my head. I looked forward to it all through Season 2 when we saw a glimpse of it in the premiere trailer, and I loved it. I adore this entire series, but I have gone over this just to give you a little idea of my favorite themes, since something that is great about this show is how varied it can be.

The fact that our trio of LiTs have gone through character shifts that kind of explore their most deeply personal core traits and values (as in And the Apple of Discord or in the parallel world glimpses) and I think it is one of the things that makes this show so worthy of attention, even while it can indulge in almost childish silliness at times.

For Ezekiel, I am so charmed by the idea that this world-class thief, this young man who has had a significant run-in with Flynn in the past, is already the worst he will ever be. In contrast, we have Jake who has spent his life creating neat compartments and putting things in black and white, a more straightforward hero who is perhaps learning how to deal in the gray. Ezekiel has lived a life that has only held to his own code, and while he seeks to avoid violence, he is playing any game for himself from the beginning of his story. I think, though, that as the series progresses we see him begin to care more and more about the greater good, about doing what's right, and about taking his position as a Librarian seriously. I would love to read about him coming to terms with a more heroic impulse and what it means for him, struggling with the fact that every part of him wants to run away, but one part of him doesn't.

For Cassandra, I am very entranced with how she is both the brightest and the darkest in terms of power and potential. I am so fascinated by her connection to Death, so much so that she identifies herself with the Angel of Death at one point. I am also very intrigued by how she toes the line between science and magic. And, according to And the Apple of Discord, we know that she is possibly the most potentially dangerous, potentially murderous one of them all. And who could blame her for having dark places in her mind? She has been looking at a death sentence since she was fifteen. But nevertheless, she has a kind, easily-moved heart in most cases, and that contrast is just beautiful, like a rose with thorns. I would love to read about her relationship to death, her relationship to magic, her relationship to science, and her relationship to the deep darkness that dwells within her. In the end, I would prefer if she returned to the light, but I would even be happy with a fic where she played a primarily villainous role, only to be drawn back.

Shipping: I am happy with Cassandra/Ezekiel or OT3 with Cassandra/Ezekiel/Jake. Whichever you feel like writing, and I have mentioned a bit about Jake up there. Feel free to elaborate upon him more if you go that route. Like I said, I love everyone. I also like Eve/Flynn, if you want that to be present somewhere.

I really love Jenkins. I don't really have anyone to ship him with, but I love Jenkins, so his interaction with any of them would be great.

Carmilla (Web Series)

Danny Lawrence, Wilson Kirsch

So, I'm not going to lie and say I don't feel like a little bit of a sell-out for requesting the most-heterosexual dynamic that could even be slightly read into Carmilla. However, there is something kind of hilarious about the token M/F dynamic among a host of other things going on. However, I will say right now that you do not have to ship them. It can definitely be just Wilson's affection for Danny being much different than hers is for him. He was okay with that, and she was glad that he was okay with that in the series. However, I am entirely here for bisexual Danny Lawrence if you want to write that. If you just want to go with only same-sex-interested, lesbian Danny, though, that is okay too. In either case, I just find their relationship development from "Bring it on, Pop Collar," to where they were toward the end of Season 2 really endearing. Then... the end of Season 2 happened.

While we are in a state of not knowing for certain what Kirsch's fate is, I can't help but wonder. I wonder about the backgrounds of all these characters, but I feel like we know a lot more about Kirsch than some of the others. He is a simple guy who has good, earnest intentions, who has the worst luck of anyone. He was such a normal, incredibly typical boy in his position before he became involved in this, and I think that it is very endearing to watch how he struggles to adapt to this in a way that the others don't seem to have to. He has also kept his hands cleaner than anyone else, and in a way that I don't think is either commendable or culpable. He is simply there, trying to do what's best, trying to survive, but being willing to do whatever he must to protect these girls he cares about, whether Danny loves him like that or not. His fate of getting bitten by Danny is tragic not just because of the irony but because I think that there was this moment of baffled, confused hope on his part, only to be met with death - or the closest to death he has ever been, even with being taken in Season 1.

Danny's character arc is also beautifully tragic. When i think about her being a member of the Summer Society, now all I can think about is her relationship to the sun. She is such a daytime, bright character in contrast with our dark, night-like Carmilla. She is this Amazonian, Artemisian character, day or night, strong and full of a very human life. She isn't subtle, she isn't sneaky, and she is very vulnerable in a way that the ladies of the night cannot afford to be. Then she is killed for all of that bravery, for being 'their Joan of Arc,' and becomes the very kind of creature she so contrasted. It's beautiful and horrible and sad. And then, with her first kiss and taste of death, she has brought Kirsch down with her in one way or another.

I would love to have a fic where Kirsch survives the bite. I would love to have a fic of what Danny does to reckon with it, once her mind clears enough for the thirst to not cloud her judgment. I want to see what she sees in him now an what she sees in herself. Will she try to starve herself after all? Will she beg him to offer up his blood in measured amounts so she doesn't have to hurt anyone else? Or will she be cold and hard to reach, so different from the person she was? And how would Kirsch respond to any of that?

If you don't feel like going that route, I would appreciate any little moment of their friendship and comfort with each other that we see develop between the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2. They were both still there on campus, both still involved with their organizations, but they have an obvious reasonable amount of respect for one another. I would also like to see that developed.

Shipping: I decided to be up front with this one, but I can take or leave Danny/Kirsch as a romantic ship. I am interested in their relationship, and I'll be very happy either way.

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