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[comm] dear everywoman author:

Dear everywoman author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! And I'm so sorry if you caught this letter when it was a placeholder for a few hours longer than it should have been. I started my Master's program the week that the sign-ups were closing up, and I was kind of buried. As always, this letter is to provide you with prompts and guidance, but it is not binding. If you have something else in mind that diverges from my prompts, feel free! I can't wait to see what you come up with. My AO3 name is [archiveofourown.org profile] failsafe.

I am comfortable with any rating, and Explicit is totally fine if you feel inclined, but I would prefer no PWP. Crossovers are okay with me, if there are any fandoms here which you find compatible. Now I'll give you some dislikes, likes, then some fandom-specific prompts.

Dislikes: character bashing towards anybody, noncon, explicit gore, breathplay, bloodplay*, nihilism, hopeless ending (but sad is okay), no powers AUs

*I always put that I don't like bloodplay, and I don't. However, I have a fandom that literally involves vampires and others where I'm talking about death and canon-typical violence. I don't mind blood being present in a story and maybe even a bit of sensual creep about it. I just don't want sexy-injury-sexy-times to an excessive degree.

Likes: canon-typical violence, missing scenes, UST, emotional ambiguity, found families, developing or established relationships, time travel, bedsharing, loyalty, worldbuilding, epistolary fiction, monster-of-the-week / slice of ordinary life adventures, earned second chances, dealing with consequences, post-canon, "what if" / canon divergence AUs, earned happy endings, holidays, casefic, groundhog day trope, mysteries, healing, somewhat dark fic

Since there's a bunch of them, I'm putting my character selections in alphabetical order, so the "main" characters might not be first and please don't perceive it as preference. Groups come last. Fandoms also have nothing to do with preference order, that was just directly copied from my sign-up form.

Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms

Matou Sakura, Saber | Arturia Pendragon, Tohsaka Rin

Matou Sakura

I believe that Sakura is one of the more interesting and accurate abuse victims I have ever seen... to a point. I also think that her route robs her of agency in what is happening to her. I would like to read any fic that increased Sakura's agency, either in getting out of her situation or in taking control of it. This fic can be as dark as you like, but I am a sucker for hopeful endings. Sakura's quiet stubbornness is a very interesting trait that is easily missed upon first glance. I like that she is always looking for opportunities to better her situation, and I would like to see a true reward come to her for that at some point. Because she has been abused and needs healing and agency before any of that, I'm not particularly into any Sakura ships and would prefer seeing platonic relationships for her for this exchange. If you want a unique idea, someone pointed out that Sakura and Archer never directly interact, if you would like to do something with that.

Saber | Arturia Pendragon

Arturia/Saber is an interesting mix of ideologue and fish out of water in a way that I find endearing. I love how dedicated she is to a good ideal, even when it is not realistic to be committed to it. I love how she struggles to reconcile her worldview with things that challenge it, even to the point of trying to prove others wrong to settle her own doubt. I also think the way she reacts to modern society with a practical acceptance of those things granted to her as a Saber under the circumstances mixed with her reaction to novel and confusing ideas of the modern era fascinating, and I love anything about her response to the modern world. If you want to include ships, I like any combination of Saber/Shirou/Rin or Saber/Gilgamesh, Saber/Diarmuid, or Saber/Irisviel.

Tohsaka Rin

The fact that Rin held up so well under such an incredibly unfair lot in life makes her an impressively strong person. I also like how she has some self-awareness of her position in life that makes her capable of being humble when she really needs to be, amid all of the elegance and pride, both affected and genuine. I am interested in Rin's life before her Holy Grail War, any missing moments during it (in any route), or in her life following at Clock Tower or anywhere else she might end up. I would be interested to see her rivalry and dealing with Kirei as her guardian, especially in light of the fact that she seemed to compare herself and Kirei to something out of Greek myth which has some poignancy in just how deep she considers this inevitable divide. Or, I would like to see her interacting with Sakura, especially if it were to involve her becoming more aware of Sakura's lot in life and genuinely helping her. Or, if you would like to include any ships, I like any combination of Rin/Shirou/Saber.

The 100 (TV)

Clarke Griffin, Lexa (the 100), Maya Vie, Maya Vie's mother, Raven Reyes, Group: Clarke Griffin & Raven Reyes

Clarke Griffin

Seeing Clarke's progression from a somewhat easily-startled, wide-eyed girl in the first few episodes to a ruthless, strong leader who will do anything, even when she doesn't want to, for her people is heartbreaking and awesome at once. I would love to see anything that allows Clarke to make a positive decision for her people, or to get any kind of break. If you would prefer to write darker fic, I would also enjoy further exploration of Clarke's almost mythic status as someone who brings and is associated with death. Anything that brings Clarke back to art, especially in a lighter fic but even in a darker one, would be nice. Platonic or romantic relationships are fine if you want to include any. If you would like to include ships, I like Clarke/Raven (requested as group), Clarke/Bellamy, or Clarke/Lexa.


Another ruthless, young leader with a heart that had to learn to do this for everyone around her's sake, I am very curious about what Lexa was like before. I would like to read anything about her life with her girlfriend/lover before she lost her or her time just before becoming Commander. If you would like to write missing scenes of her interaction with Clarke, or her self reflection after she came into contact with the Sky People in any way, that would also be interesting. If you want to write a canon-divergent AU that changes her fate at a different cost, I would also be interested to see what you come up with. If you would like to include ships, I would like to read more about Lexa/Costia, or Lexa/Clarke.

Maya Vie

In The 100, being an idealist or someone who fights purely out of compassion or a sense of what is right tends to get you hurt. I know that this is true. But I love that Maya did just that, and I would love to read anything about her development as a young person with the conviction to try to help the 44 against her misgivings. If you would like to do a fluffier, more idealistic resolution to the Mount Weather situation, I would also be very interested in reading that. If she had survived, I would have liked to have seen what might happen if she had become a leader among her people, too. If you would like to include her relationship with Jasper, I'm happy to read that too.

Maya Vie's mother

Maya's mother's backstory surprised me and really felt like it fell right into place for producing the kind of person Maya is. I would like to read your take on Maya's mother's life before she met her fate, either just before or long before. Her relationship with her father, obviously, could be a part of that. This is really open-ended, but I would like to see some glimpse of her trying to protest the use of the Grounders' blood and the Grounders as weapons.

Raven Reyes

I love Raven's self confidence, issues with that self confidence and its fragility, and how much she is willing to stand up to meet a challenge. Seeing her fight to keep going with her injury's affecting her mobility, too, was also something that it was really nice to see in a character. I appreciate that her disability did not completely change her but that it was given weight and a real impact on her life, to see her being affected but not defined by it. I feel like Raven doesn't get many breaks, so I would really like to see Raven getting a break in life, some respite from the struggle. Or, I would like to see her being a badass in a dire moment that really affirms her self confidence in a positive and real way. I would like platonic or romantic relationships for anything you care to write. If you want to include ships, I like Raven/Clarke (which I requested as a group) or Raven/Finn (in the past or a canon divergent AU), or if you wanted I could even do Raven/Bellamy.

Group: Raven Reyes & Clarke Griffin

Please reference my sections for each of them individually. As a group, you can acknowledge their past relationships with others or do something canon divergent if you like. I am interested in the way that, as Lindsey Morgan has said, sometimes Clarke is the only person Raven can talk to about what she has been through, even when she has reasons she cannot stand her. I would like to see that develop more and become something stronger and more openly caring. Platonic or romantic is good!

Kara no Kyoukai | The Garden of Sinners

I have just watched the first six KnK films and am working on the rest, just to note. I will be finished well before the stories are turned in and revealed, though! I was just excited about them now that I've started and there's so little fic to read. My favorite film of those I have seen is The Hollow Shrine, but please draw from any you see fit. Please don't write extensive cannibalism references, even if this or other gruesome violence is alluded to.

Ryougi Shiki, Aozaki Touko

Aozaki Touko

I was surprised to see the Clock Tower was a concept in this film series as well, which is disconnected from the continuity in which Fate takes place from my understanding. When we learned in Paradox Spiral that Touko had attended there, my curiosity was definitely piqued. It's my understanding that this does have some canon elaboration in Mahoyo, but I am unfamiliar with it except in name. If you would like to write anything about Touko during her transitional period between the two, with or without references to Mahoyo, I would be interested to see that. Perceiving her as a "bad guy who has decided not to do bad things" was really all I had to go on until Paradox Spiral, and now I don't have much more, but the concept really interests me. Her interaction with any of the characters is interesting to me, but I don't particularly ship her with anyone.

Ryougi Shiki

Seeing Shiki put herself back together after the loss of SHIKI has been one of the more moving things that I have seen lately. One thing that stands out to me is how subtle the development of Shiki's connection to the physical world around her is. It is shown a lot more than it is told, from her refusal to experience many sensory things (including ice cream) in the beginning of Murder Speculation, Part 1 to her gentle kicking on her bed, playful speech, and obvious emotive response in Paradox Spiral to her interaction with and curiosity about the dog and fish in Oblivion Recording. I love seeing Shiki in action, even as a person who usually looks away a lot more during violent scenes, so anything that is canon-typical would also be interesting to me. Moments of Shiki's life where she gets to feel genuine things or respond to the world in some way that doesn't force her to only deal in death would be nice to see, though. I really like the idea of Shiki/Mikiya and would like to see them interact with each other more or act on their feelings in some more obvious way (this doesn't mean write sex, but if you want to write sex you can write sex).

Doctor Who

Ashildr | Lady Me, Clara Oswin Oswald, Martha Jones, Group: Ashildr | Lady Me & Clara Oswin Oswald

Ashildr | Lady Me

The practical way in which Ashildr processes being an infinite person with a finite memory is a very interesting thing for Doctor Who to tackle and I'm glad they did. It is nevertheless heartbreaking. I would love to see glimpses of her life that we didn't get to see, which she only got to write about. I also wonder what she might write after her travels with Clara if you are interested in writing something in the format of what Ashildr might write. I would also like more typical narrative about Ashildr in coming to the end of the universe, or meeting other characters during her very, very long life. Meeting Jack or meeting any of the other companions that you like that she did not meet or have mentioned on-screen would be very interesting to me. I would like to see how she developed as a leader and into the Mayor. If you would like to ship Clara/Ashildr (Me), I would not mind, but their relationship being platonic is fine with me, too.

Clara Oswin Oswald

As a character, Clara really resonates with and confounds me at once. I am in education, so her career and disposition as a teacher clicks with me on a personal level. However, her tendency to lie and be confident in whatever she is doing whether she needs to or not, as a way of coping with being afraid, is both interesting and really frustrating. I love how she is for all her strengths and her weaknesses. I really liked Lady Me's remark "She died for who she was." I would also love to see any moment that she lived, whether in the course of her ordinary life, her travels with the Doctor, or as an echo of herself. It never sat well with me that the Echoes arc was resolved without even the mention of it being something that is still in her mind, and I would like if that cropped up somehow. If you would like to include ships, I like Clara/Danny or Clara/Lady Me.

Martha Jones

I really wish that we had gotten to see more of Martha! I love how she changes so much and is such a dynamic character throughout her time on the show. I enjoy seeing how she maintains elements of being a doctor and a healer while finding that her life pulls her more and more in the direction of being a fighter and a soldier. I think that it is tragic in a way that parallel's the Doctor's character arc as it was being revealed at the time, but as much as it is a narrative parallel, it is a character arc that Martha makes her own. Apart from the terrible "Tinker Bell" special effect at the end of it, the S3 finale is one of my favorite Doctor Who stories, and I love the way Martha has survived in it. I would also have liked to have seen a better resolution to Torchwood that wasn't so hopeless, and as of Journey's End, I think one was planned which included Martha and Mickey. If you would like to try your hand at that, it would be interesting. Otherwise, anything about Martha's future life and work would be nice. I was not the biggest fan of pairing Martha and Mickey at the very last moment, but I could be sold on a sweet story about them if you have one in your heart. As for other ships, if you want to include any, I like Martha/Jack. I would also like to see any story about Martha interacting with any of the other female companions.

Group: Ashildr | Lady Me & Clara Oswin Oswald

Please see my individual entries for each of them. To elaborate, I would like to see platonic or romantic interaction between them. It could be their adventures together following Clara's last episode, or some moment between them that takes place at another place and time.

Carmilla (Web Series)

Carmilla Karnstein, Danny Lawrence

Carmilla Karnstein

I feel sorry for Carmilla for just how much time she has had little choice but to develop and consider her philosophy on life. I would like to see moments which developed or challenged her worldview from before we met her in this series. Or, I would like to see missing scenes of her relationship with Laura between S1 and S2. I would like to see her interacting with any of the other characters as well, learning to tolerate them or having observations about them. If you wanted to write an adventure with Maddie, that would also be interesting. I like Carmilla/Laura, if you want to include it.

Danny Lawrence

The fact that Danny is so bright an full of a very different kind of power from Carmilla's fascinates me. Of course, she is only human, but she is so vividly full of living-life, if contrasted to how Carmilla exudes something about life, too. The philosophy of the Summer Society interests me, how it exists in this place that is so full of creepy, often dark things. I would like to read anything involving Danny's personal philosophy about why she joined, why she stayed, and why she ultimately chose to give it up in favor of what was right. I would also like to see vamp!Danny adjusting to what she has become and how she deals with that, to see how she might maintain something of who she wanted to be, or how she would cope with the loss of it. If you would like to include Danny/Kirsch (I like to think of Danny as bisexual) then that would be interesting to me. It doesn't even have to be reciprocated on her part. I just find their dynamic as friends as developed throughout the show really endearing and interesting.

Merlin (TV)

Gwen, Morgana, Nimueh


Merlin's take on Gwen is one of the most unique I have ever seen in any Arthurian story, and while it threw me for a loop to see her initially as a maidservant, I have become very fond of it. I love Gwen's progression as a character, though I think the way the show tried to undermine Gwen's relationship to and with Lancelot there at the very end to a trivial part of a villain-plot to be a disservice to her. I am interested in all the ways her life could have gone, given the early start we had. Gwen's early crush on and connection with Merlin was something I had never seen before, and I find their quick friendship and alliance precious to this day. I also think that the show does a good job of showing that while she is a servant that being a maidservant to the king's ward is quite an honor. I love how Gwen has a mind full of compassion for everyone and a heart for her people in this iteration of her story, and I would love to see missing scenes or any reinterpretation of more traditional Arthurian scenes to incorporate this characterization of her. Reincarnation narratives are also good for me, if you like. If you want to include ships, I like any combination of Gwen/Arthur/Merlin (with her included please, obviously), Gwen/Lancelot (if you want to do background Arthur/Merlin here, that's okay - I just don't want her there as slash-cheerleader on her own because this fandom had more than enough of that), or Gwen/Morgana (ditto to last parenthetical).


Morgana had so much power and potential in this iteration of her character. I love how she awakened to her powers but that even before she realized what exactly was happening to her that she saw what Uther was doing and despised it. In a way, her continued reaction to Uther's cruelty and intolerance seems to be the only sane reaction from anyone, even when they try to cast it in a villainous light. I felt that could have been handled better, and if you would like to do a fix-fic that realigns things so that the other characters will see and listen to what she is saying about Uther, that would be very vindicating to me. Otherwise, I would like to see a more nuanced portrayal of the things that might have happened after she discovered her powers. If you would like to include ships, I like Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Morgana, or Gwen/Morgana, or a poly grouping of these.


I always felt that Nimueh's removal from the narrative at the end of S1 was a sad waste to a lot of unanswered questions and threads that might have otherwise gone somewhere. I am very interested in scenes from Nimueh's past with Uther and Gaius from before Uther's reaction to her spell which she says she warned him against. I tend to imagine that she was a welcomed court sorceress prior to Ygraine's death. Alternatively, I would like to see a story where she survives and continues to be a player in the Merlin narrative following S1. Shipping Nimueh with Uther or anyone from her past might be interesting but is not necessary - only if you'd like!