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[comm] dear trickortreatex author:

Dear trickortreatex author,

I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] failsafe on AO3!

Thank you for writing something for me, first and foremost. I write a lot of these letters, and often they feel a bit redundant. I always strive to make them a bit more concise, a bit more detailed, whatever I think will help each time. If you feel confused by anything, know that you can look at past Dear Author letters and find... much the same thing, perhaps expressed in a slightly different way.

I love Halloween and spooky things. I love things which are both creepy and cute. However, I do not necessarily need any of these fics to be centered around the holiday. Instead, I am excited to see whether or not you go with a trick or a treat! I have requested either/or and I fully encourage you to go either direction you feel inspired! I have a few firm Do-Not-Wants, but other than that I am fully in support of all trick fics you might come up with.

I will provide you with some dislikes, likes, and then on to fandom-specific prompts and thoughts!

Dislikes: character bashing towards anybody, noncon, explicit gore, breathplay, serious or permanent injury related to sexuality, nihilism, hopeless ending (but sad is okay), no powers AUs, loli/shota

I'd also like to ask for no unrequested ships as a primary focus, since there are some fandoms I've requested a lot of characters for and don't necessarily want to itemize all of my preferences out. However, I don't mind if your story includes an unrequested ship, especially if it's canon. Gen relationships of any nature or combination are perfect, though! I don't have to have a ship in any fic.

Likes: canon-typical violence, missing scenes, UST, emotional ambiguity, found families, developing or established relationships, time travel, bedsharing, loyalty, worldbuilding, epistolary/journal/log fiction, monster-of-the-week / slice of ordinary life adventures, earned second chances, dealing with consequences, post-canon, "what if" / canon divergence AUs, earned happy endings, holidays, casefic, groundhog day trope, mysteries, healing, survival (wilderness, zombie apocalypse, etc.), last stands, trying against impossible odds, succeeding against impossible odds, heartfelt goodbyes, unexpected reunions

About Art: It occurs to me that when art is an option, since I only actually request fanfiction, that I never say anything about it. I would be happy to receive art as a treat! I just know it's a ton of work and am not the most visually-oriented person. If you feel compelled to do art: my favorite color is red, I overall like warm palettes, but anything is good as long as it isn't graphically gory!

You can CTRL + F to find the fandom you're looking for if scrolling is too much!

Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms

Grail-Kun (Carnival Phantasm), Holy Grail (Fate), Matou Sakura, Emiya Shirou, Tiné Chelc, Wolf Chimera (Fate/strange fake), Gilgamesh (Fate), Arturia Pendragon | Saber, Enkidu (Fate), Tohsaka Rin, Heroic Spirit EMIYA | Archer

I have seen the Fate/Zero and UBW anime and clips of the Deenime, read a portion of the FSN VN up through part of Fate route, am spoiled to high heaven, have read the original Strange Fake LN and the Fate/Zero LN, and have seen most of Carnival Phantasm including all clips with Grail-Kun. Don't worry about spoilers! Just letting you know what I'm working with.

Rather than going character-by-character, I am going to go franchise-by-franchise and provide you some ship preferences at the end. I am comfortable with the inclusion of any characters within your story, requested or unrequested, nominated or unnominated, as long as the focal character is at least one of my requested characters! Fate is such a huge canon, and I don't want to limit you or write a book of prompts.

Fate/stay night

If you prefer F/SN, vanilla, based on either the VN or the anime, this is your section. Relevant requested characters are (in no particular order): Emiya Shirou, Tohsaka Rin, Matou Sakura, Arturia Pendragon | Saber, Heroic Spirit EMIYA | Archer, Gilgamesh, and the Holy Grail.

I am familiar with the plots of all of the routes. However, UBW feels like the most-familiar to me because the anime was my first exposure to FSN. I am happy with you drawing from one or all of the routes or carving your own path. Things that interest me about FSN in particular are how so many of the Masters in it are sort of paying for the 'sins of the father' in a way. I am also interested in the Servants I have selected both for their characters in the franchise and for their personal mythologies, which I am familiar with externally for Gilgamesh and Artoria/"Arthur".

If you choose to focus on Sakura, I would prefer her relationships be more about helping her as an individual escape from a cycle of abuse rather than being of a romantic focus. However, if you would like to include her unhealthy relationships in a trick fic, then I am happy with that. I would just like her to have some hope or chance of winning in the end of any fics concerning her. One very specific thing I would like to see, and if it were a little creepy-shippy I wouldn't mind, would be Gilgamesh and Sakura forming an alliance (against Shinji? against the world?).

If you choose to focus on Shirou and/or Rin, I am interested in their dynamic, whether it is interpreted romantically or platonically, partly because of how unlikely it is given how different their backgrounds are. I love reading them working together, and particularly given how perfectly attuned Archer is to Rin later on, I love how it seems like even though they have a lot of external clashing, they have something that is very common in the core of their being. I love the idea that Rin is self-serving enough to help draw Shirou out of a self-destructive path, and also how one of the things that Saber and Shirou share in common is that tendency toward excessive self-sacrifice and destruction. The interplay between the three of them is precious to me. If you would like to write about Rin and Shirou coping with Saber's absence, I would love that, or if you want to go with a sweeter treat, I would love to read anything about the Sunny Day end-type scenario where the three of them can stay together.

If you choose to write about Gilgamesh, I am interested in anything remotely redeeming or which makes him confront something about the better aspects of his nature as a "hero." However, this doesn't mean I need him to be sanitized or a woobie. I just am very interested in how he serves as an antagonist but is not necessarily evil from a certain point of view given that he has heroic intentions at times. The final conversation between Gilgamesh and Kirei in HF comes to mind. I am also interested in his fascination with Saber, as I tend to view it as more sincere and complex than simple lust and creepiness. I would also, as mentioned, like to read anything about him forming an alliance with Sakura or anyone else you can think of which might be interesting.

For Archer... just let him be Archer? I am so fascinated with his back story and how he knows so much more of this than he is letting on. I think it is so interesting that he is being drawn back into events which he has, from some perspective, already experienced. Whether or not you believe he might have a little trouble recalling or if he is just completely lying about his amnesia, I would love to read his perspective on these familiar but so-distant events. I would love a happier fix-it for him if you want to give me a treat. I would also love to read about anything with his experiences as a Counter Guardian or anything which might be an aberration from that. I love his dynamic with Rin, and I would like to read any quiet missing moments they might have together, too.

I picked the Holy Grail as a character specifically so you can go nuts and do whatever you want if you want to go that route.


If you want to write with Fate/Zero as your point of reference, this is your section. Relevant requested characters are (in no particular order): Arturia Pendragon | Saber, Gilgamesh, and the Holy Grail.

I love Fate/Zero and am happy for you to include any characters. However, I cannot lie and say that I do not love Fate/Zero specifically because of the light it casts on Gilgamesh's obsession with Saber and with where she is coming from as an individual in FSN. I would be happy to read about these things separately or with relation to each other. I ship them, but I do not believe that this is going to be a lighthearted, easy journey into a healthy relationship. I also don't want Saber to be coerced into noncon. However, I would love to read about a creepy, mutual relationship of some kind developing in any kind of canon divergence. I tend to read Saber's visceral dislike of him as being a bit of a reaction to him seeing her as so much of a person while she tries to be so above that, regardless of anything else that is wrapped up in it. I also tend to see some of his actions in Fate/Zero as being more ambiguously heroic than his sort of mad, ten-year-self-service persona in FSN.

On the lighter side, I like things about Servants interacting with the modern world or anything that the Throne of Heroes didn't just hand to them. I would also read anything which sort of let the Fate/Zero characters have a more Carnival Phantasm-flavored break. (Look at this and tell me they don't deserve it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc5v5arh5-0)

I picked the Holy Grail as a character specifically so you can go nuts and do whatever you want if you want to go that route.

Fate/Strange Fake

If you want to write with Fate/Strange Fake as your point of reference, this is your section. Relevant requested characters are (in no particular order): Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Tiné Chelc, and the Wolf Chimera.

I have only read the original LN and the first couple of chapters of the continuation up through Enkidu and Gilgamesh's first battle and reunion. If you want to include references to subsequent canon, I'm fine with that, but I haven't familiarized myself past that point.

I am so touched by the way this LN treats Gilgamesh and Enkidu's relationship and reunion. I think that it is quite suitable to the spirit of this exchange how differently they view one another as partners, equals, and opponents. They know that one of them will, at best, kill the other before this is over, but it does not diminish the affection they have for each other. After all, they became friends through trying to fight to the death. Whether you interpret this as romantic or platonic, I would love to read it either way.

I also love Enkidu's initial bonding with his Master, the Wolf Chimera, and I am so wonderfully fascinated with the Chimera in general. I would love for this character to just live and be happy and have a fuller life than ever anticipated. I am also fascinated with how such a different creature can perceive the world, and its passage is so lovely. Bonding with Enkidu or Tiné in particular would be precious as a treat. Please don't kill the dog wolf even if you do a trick.

Also, please don't kill the little girl. Tiné is so interesting to me and my treat-loving heart would like nothing better than for Gilgamesh and Enkidu to escape somehow and parent her with the Chimera as their loving and well-respected... pet/friend/whatever? However, if you would like the darker side of things, I would love to learn more about her background and how she relates to having such a raw relationship to the magical energy present in the Earth. I would love to read anything from her perspective or with her as the protagonist. I would also be interested in reading about her interacting with the little girl who is Pestilence's Master.

I would also love to read anything about Enkidu's inevitable and terrible confrontation with disease itself, given his mythological narrative.

Carnival Phantasm

If you want to go totally lighthearted or dark with consequences that can reset, this is the section for you! Any relevant characters can be included and the very specific one who's relevant here is Grail-Kun.

Seriously anything. I have listed ships I am interested in below for any of these prompts. I have listed more-serious versions of prompts for all my other requested characters above. You are free to include Fate/Zero people, as mentioned.

One thing that has always occurred to me is how much it seems like Gilgamesh took Grail-Kun's advice a little too seriously even in his canon narrative. Just throwing that out there...

Ships that interest me if you want to include: Emiya Shirou/Tohsaka Rin/Artoria|Saber, Artoria|Saber/Gilgamesh, Tohsaka Rin/Heroic Spirit EMIYA|Archer, Gilgamesh/Enkidu

Carmilla (Web Series)

Danny Lawrence, Wilson Kirsch, Carmilla Karnstein, Laura Hollis

I will be keeping fairly up-to-date with Carmilla news about S3 as it develops!

I am interested in all of the characters and all of the wonderful and curious negative space in the narrative we have. However, I have chosen the four characters who capture my heart and attention the most, most of the time. Particularly, I am interested in what Carmilla's past experiences might have been if you would like to fill any of those in. I am also interested in any experiences Danny or Kirsch might have had in the year preceding canon that we did not necessarily see in Season 0. Particularly, I am curious as to what drew Danny or Kirsch into their respective organizations and if either of them got some weird vibes or had some really affirming experiences that we never had an indication of.

I love Kirsch and his sweet, tries-so-hard nature. I also kind of enjoy that he is a token straight guy in a world where that phrase is so rarely uttered. I believe that he is such a genuine person, and I am absolutely horrified at his most recent fate. However, I am also fascinated! ... I know that S3 might throw anything you come up with out the window, but I would love to read about him surviving Danny's bite and perhaps becoming her blood doll. Does she remember him clearly? Does she feel guilty? What is their relationship like after that?

I am also interested in anything you would like to fill in about Laura's background. We know so little about her before-Carmilla. I would also like to read anything about Laura and Carmilla having quiet relationship development that didn't necessarily involve how much they want to make out and et cetera. Because of the short nature of the episodes and some space between S1 and S2 we did not see, I feel that we could benefit from some more information about their bond and relationship.

I would also love to read about Danny's adjustment to... her current state of being. It's so awful and interesting that this sunny, Amazon of a young woman is now the complete opposite of anything she set out to be. But at least she's still with us! Which makes me happy and terrified.

Friendships between any of the characters are a plus for me!

Ships that interest me if you want to include: Carmilla/Laura, Danny/Kirsch (bisexual Danny makes me happy and Kirsch never gets a break)


Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde

I love this movie so much. I own it, and I haven't purchased a movie in a long time other than this one. ... And of course as soon as I buy it, it is going to be on Netflix. This means that if you matched on something else but really aren't feeling my prompts, you can go watch it on Netflix! Or, just do that for yourself anyway because it's a lovely hour and a half of your life.

One specific request for this fandom: I have very conflicting feelings about shipping anthropomorphic animal characters. However, I'm going to admit that I kind of do. However, I am not really interested in receiving anything above a PG-ish rating in regard to sexuality. I don't want any explicit sexual content in a Zootopia fic, please and thanks.

I have heard some stuff about the Original Plan for the collars and the predator/prey politics in Zootopia. That sounds like a great basis for a trick fici f you wanted to do something about that. Otherwise, other ideas for tricks might be a sort of noir, creepy casefic for Judy and Nick once they are partners on the force. Whether you go with the trick or treat option, I would love to read anything about their loyalty to one another and it being tested. I would love to see a time when everyone believes that the other is in the wrong but that one of them stands by without wavering. They have been through a lot, and I think that could be very interesting. If you want a fluffy (ha) fic, maybe write about Nick going to meet Judy's folks and seeing her hometown. Big city fox in Bunnyborough sounds fun.

Ship... if you want to include: Judy/Nick. I am so confused. See above note about rating, though.

The Librarians


The Librarians is one of my favorite shows, and I am always so happy when it comes back into my life. It's so heartwarming and funny, and I love how it blends science, magic, character development, seriousness, and silliness. I love all of the characters, nominated and unnominated. I have asked for "Any" for this fandom, and I would love any kind of team fic or individual fic you would like to write.

I am also interested in the Alternate Librarian versions of Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Jake, just because I think that it is such an interesting idea and because I think it is interesting how each version is somehow tied to the particular characteristics of each of them. (Of course, Ezekiel would get a crapsack world that was like the zombie movies he talks about so frequently, etc.) I also think it is interesting how Cassandra's potential for creepiness shows through even though she is still generally a good person in her alternate world. Jake's world has a feel of a much more brazen sort of Indiana Jones thing, but it also has a post-apocalyptic feel which interests me a lot. I would like a story which happened with any of them in their separate worlds, or any fic about all three Alternate Librarians somehow continuing to exist after the crisis with the Loom of Fate but finding that they can or must work together. Ezekiel was very lucky in that his world was fixed, so he could help either Alt!Jake or Alt!Cassandra.

For Eve, I would like to read anything about her that sort of bridges the gap between adjusting to her new path in life and the one she left behind. I think it is interesting that she continues to use her status and title as a way to gain leverage in certain situations even though she has primarily given her life to being the Guardian. I would also like to read about her individual or group interaction with any of the LiTs, Jenkins, or Flynn. More about her personal life or background of any kind would also be interesting. As above, you can write about anything that Alternate Eve did before she died in any of the alternate timelines. Santa's Midnight Run is a favorite episode with her as a focal character.

For Ezekiel, I am interested in how he is so young and already so established in a life full of trouble. It seems that a lot of it is his own making, but it also seems that maybe some of it was put upon him by life. I would like to read about his background, anything that made him who he is. I would also like to read about what happens if his past catches up with him and someone else has to help him out of a tricky situation with people from whom he stole or otherwise somehow disadvantaged. I love that we know that he is canonically the worst he can ever be! That is such a sweet, oddly uplifting idea for our young criminal. Point of Salvation is one of my favorite episodes for him.

For Cassandra, I love how even though she is so sweet, bubbly, and childlike, she is actually probably the spookiest and most dangerous of our characters in potentiality, perhaps even more than evil!Flynn. In The Apple of Discord, her tendency toward negative traits and evil was less to do with feeling put upon (even though she has every right to feel that way with her tumor) and more to do with a kind of capricious, limitless desire to do something because she can. That's pretty terrifying. However, we know that her better nature is kind and raw and vulnerable, and I love her complexity so much. Just like Ezekiel is the worst he can ever be, she seems to be so earnest with trying to be the best she can be with the lot given to her, even though sometimes she is weak. I love her symbolic association with death and how she even equated herself with the Angel of Death. My favorite episode for her is The Heart of Darkness, but I love her in general.

For Jake, I think that he is interesting and a little flawed. However, I think that he is the most straightforward hero among our LiTs. Something I think that he could benefit from is a continued education in how choices are not necessarily binary. He has sold himself short and hidden from so much in his life because he believed that most of his choices, unless made in the dark, were very either/or. In spite of being the most heroic in a sense, he has a bit of a martyr complex and has let his gifts and background make him a little dishonest. I think that one of the reasons Cassandra's early betrayal messed with him so much was because he is himself dishonest in a very different way, even though he is morally superior about it. I would love anything about Jake traversing the gray area of his life. I have seen Leverage, so obligatory if you want to do a funny crossover permission is granted. To be honest, while I enjoy Jake's focal episodes, some of my favorite episodes with him are The Heart of Darkness, The Loom of Fate, and others where he is in an active support role, really getting to show his heart over his brawn in certain moments.

Ships if you want to include any: Cassandra/Ezekiel, Cassandra/Jake/Ezekiel, Alt!Jake/Eve, Eve/Flynn, Alt!Anyone/Anyone (I'm curious)

Kara no Kyoukai | The Garden of Sinners


This fandom has so few fics, I would love to read about any of the characters! KnK is one of the 'darkest' things I like, so I think it is well-suited to the trick side of this exchange. However, I have a sentimental heart and would also love any treats that give these characters a nice day and break from the unrelenting creepy things that their lives consist of. I would love a casefic, serious or silly. I would love 'team' bonding. I would also like anything that was a 'fix' fic in terms of sort of reconciling Mana having a few creepy little girl issues with just letting their damn family be happy in the end. Sometimes I side-eye Nasu, and some of Mana's writing is one of those times. However, I think she is one of the best protagonists' child designs I've ever seen, so I would love to see this a little bit mollified if explored. If you do not go so far as to get to Mana, I would also like any missing scenes or cases during the primary canon period with a focus on any of the characters.

For Touko, I would like to know more about her past and the time between her misadventures with her sister, Clock Tower, and becoming someone who wanted to protect everyday life in spite of being a bit of a villain. I love her ambiguity and how she is sorta evil but is also sort of in support of her little team-family not being.

For Azaka, I would like to see her find some fulfillment in her life beyond her infatuation with Mikiya that could probably never go anywhere. Otherwise, you could have him finally understand and deal with how they move forward from here. I don't want to see her miserable and unhappy, but I also think that Azaka could actually benefit from being finding herself knocked down and getting back up.

For Shiki, I would love to read pretty much anything about her psyche. How does she deal with being 'alone' now? What is something that is softer about her that fascinates her quietly? She seems to have so many sensory issues, not liking extremes of much of anything even though her very existence is quite extreme to most of us. She is such an interesting character, and I would love to read about how she deals with her family, from afar, anything about her interaction and relationship with Mikiya, Touko, Azaka, or in the future her daughter.

For Mikiya, I would love to read something about him just interacting with life in his too-normal-to-the-point-of-strange way. I love how he dotes on Shiki, but I would also like to read about his daily interactions with Touko, Azaka, or in the future his daughter. Just please no father/daughter incest vibes, whatever Elektra complex Freudian nonsense Mana is dealing with. I would like to read about him coping after Movie 7 and how he deals with the kind of trauma he went through. Hurt/comfort from that, if he allows himself to be rattled, would be nice. Touko kind of bailed on them at an inopportune moment, so a reunion fic could also be both fluffy and difficult to navigate.

Ships if you want to include them: Shiki/Mikiya, weird Touko/Mikiya

Doctor Who (2005)

Missy (Doctor Who), Clara Oswin Oswald (Doctor Who), Danny Pink (Doctor Who), Ashildr | Lady Me (Doctor Who), Twelfth Doctor (Doctor Who), Rose Tyler (Doctor Who), Mickey Smith (Doctor Who), Jake Simmonds (Doctor Who)

Doctor Who is one of my go-to favorite shows and has been since it saved my life, right around 2006/2007. I have 'favorites' but they are passing and change over time. I love all of the companions, all of the Doctors I have seen, in different capacities. Therefore, I would really emphasize that I don't like character bashing and don't really like to feel that I am pitting the value of one set of characters against another. I have picked a couple of 'sets' in my mind of characters, but if you see a different way to bring these characters together, then feel free.

Set the First: Missy, Clara, Danny, Ashildr/Me, Twelve

Basically, I would like to read about any or all of these characters with relation to each other. The strange, resonant darkness that comes when S8 and S9 are considered together is striking, spooky, and beautiful.

I love Clara's whole journey as a companion, and would welcome drawing anything that happened to her when she was traveling with Eleven or with the spookiness of there being so many echoes of her who died over and over and over. Does that still affect her? I would like to know what she gets up to in her strange state between life and death and I wonder if that parallel, the fact that this was always going to happen because of who she is, is something you would like to talk about. It breaks my heart that her 'normal' life is so short, and I would have liked to see her have more of it. I love her adventures as a teacher and would love to read more about those, if lighter fic is in your mind. I would like to see her bonding more with students, Danny, and perhaps seeing a glimpse at an echo of her life that went a bit better. I would also like to read any fic which placed Clara and Me as fond foils to each other. I think this could parallel, in a sense, the Doctor and Missy/the Master -- the girl who cannot die and the girl who is already a heartbeat from being dead.

I feel a bit shortchanged by Danny's character arc. I think he is so interesting as a premise, flawed but wonderful, and I feel like I did not get what was billed to us. He was originally listed as a new companion, but we never really got to see him become a fully participatory character in a certain way. I enjoy the fact that he is someone who would rather keep his feet on the ground, that he is not just repeating the character arcs of Mickey or Rory, but I feel that he deserved more. I would love any fix fic for him, especially if it was a sort of spooky but ultimately happy reunion fic. Or, Clara and Danny could reconvene in an afterlife not controlled by Missy when she finally returns to Gallifrey.

For Ashildr/Me, I would love to read any greater account of her experiences throughout history. I would particularly wonder about the things which made her so hardened and tired of caring that she became what she was when we saw her the second time. I also love that she seems to have this ultimately redemptive quality but is a bit prone to something that feels like villainy. I think that there is an interesting parallel to be had between her and the Master/Missy, both in terms of the Doctor's influence and in the way they started out as someone very different than who they became in the end. I would love to read about her interaction with anyone nominated or unnominated, including Jack Harkness as is mentioned in the show.

For Missy, I absolutely love this iteration of her character. I am so glad we finally got to see this gender-swap thing happen in canon. I am also fascinated with how right the show seems to have allowed her to be in S9, in a certain sense, without even being there in the conclusion. Missy horrifies me, as she should, but I also think that the way she is truly acknowledging how much the Doctor means to her in a way is beautiful. I am also interested in how she sort of sees Clara as "hers" too. Hurt/comfort after Clara's exit from the Doctor's life would interest me. I would also like to read about anything she gets up to on her own.

For Twelve, I would like to read anything you have in store for him. I would like to read about his interactions with any of the other listed characters. I would also like to read about how he learns to cope after losing Clara so thoroughly. I feel that the forgetting her thing was a bit of a cop-out but also a bit of a vindication for Donna. You could write about Twelve meeting Donna? Feel free.

Set the Second: Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Jake Simmonds

Basically, I have just always wanted to read fic about Pete's World Torchwood. I would like to know more about what happened with Mickey and Jake after Rose and the Doctor left Mickey behind. I cried like a baby for the longest time every time I saw that scene because it felt so sad, poignant, but right as a coming-of-age moment for Mickey. I also always felt that Rose and Mickey's developing friendship out of what had been a young-love sort of relationship was also very nice to see and is a rarity in TV shows. I think that Rose learning that she had to let him go, couldn't have her cake and eat it too, and really seeing what he was capable of was quite wonderful. I also like how they have a bond that isn't eroded through romantic failure.

Jake's relationship with Ricky always played like a startling joke in a certain sense, but I am also fascinated by it. I would like to see it treated with respect. If you want to write about that, before the Doctor and crew showed up and ruined it, feel free. I would also like to read about him bonding with Mickey and how different or how unexpectedly, at times, similar it is. He seems like such a bright and inquisitive character, and any expansion on him would be nice.

Mickey is such a great character. I love it when it feels like someone was supposed to be a throwaway character, a joke, someone left behind, but simply refuses to be. I think that he always had his character journey in him, and I would love to read about his life in Pete's World. I would love to know if he had a relationship (platonic, or hey, otherwise) with him that changed a lot for him. I would like to know what happened there that made him choose to stay in Journey's End. I would like to know what might have happened if he had gone back to Jake in Journey's End instead. Or, I would like to know what might have happened for Mickey and Martha in the Torchwood final season which did not occur which gave way to Children of Earth which I refuse to watch to this day.

Anything with Rose, Jake, and Mickey just having a work-a-day life at Pete's World Torchwood would please me.

Ships if you want to include them: Clara/Danny, Clara/Ashildr|Me, Doctor/Missy, Jake/Mickey, Rose/Ten

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara (A:TLA), Zuko (A:TLA), Azula (A:TLA), Ty Lee (A:TLA), Aang (A:TLA), Sokka (A:TLA), Suki (A:TLA), Toph Beifong (A:TLA)

I love ATLA in its entirety. I haven't really read the comics, but you can use them as reference or diverge from them. I love how young the characters are as such politically important and active people in their world. However, I would also like to read about what happens or might happen with them as they age into adulthood.

I love the Gaang and the way it operates together. I also like Azula's opposing-team dynamic with herself and her girls. I would like to read about either of these groups and their interactions together. This is a blanket gen request.

I also like certain little sub-sections from these groups, though you are free to construct groupings that are totally different among my requested characters!

Group 1: Katara, Zuko, and Aang

Any combination of the three of them. I ship them as an ot3, but I also like any kind of platonic or pre-romantic relationship. I love how Aang loves them both so much in the end but cannot see past his own pacifism in terms of how he views their ultimate intentions. I think that Katara is beautifully terrifying in the way she is actually quite dangerous and raw in a way that Zuko supports and sees in their lifechanging roadtrip together. I also think it is interesting how Katara and Zuko might be seen as of similar social status but Katara's culture is so different that it doesn't seem to be quite as big a deal that she is the chief's daughter. One darker idea I have always had was what if Katara had been captured at the end of Book Two and Zuko had his journey back into being a better person through Katara being held as a sort of prisoner of political value. And if you wanted, meanwhile Aang could be trying to get her back. Likewise, anything about either Katara or Aang supporting Zuko, especially in his new role as the Firelord, would be very nice.

Group 2: Sokka, Suki, and Toph

I love the dynamic between the three of them, especially when we see all of them together. I love that Toph has a fledgling little crush on him and how she kisses Suki by mistake. I also like how Suki's being part of the Kyoshi Warriors kind of reminds me of a sort of Artemisian role, even though there is no requirement of chastity obviously. I once read a theory that one of Toph's daughters was Sokka's, and while I still really need to actually finish Legend of Korra, it always struck me that perhaps Sokka and Suki have a sort of open relationship and that eventually Sokka and Toph's relationship took on an either friends with benefits nature or a different, complicated nuance. I would also like to read about silly, entirely chaste adventures that involve the three of them during peacetime.

Group 3: Azula and Ty Lee

I view this relationship as very unhealthy and unbalanced, but I also find it fascinating. I think that Ty Lee would have been happier if Azula had never come to find her, and yet Azula did come to find her. I sort of see that because of Azula's mental health issues, she does not necessarily know how creepy and abusive she is to her friends. Likewise, I do not know if Ty Lee really knows how to assert herself strongly enough to balance out real self-protection with the fact that she obviously does care about Azula in some capacity. I know that Azula had a mental breakdown in the end, and I would like to see them grow back together in a healthier form if you want to do that. Otherwise, creepy possessiveness and whatever following Book Two would be a dark thing I would love to read.

Ships if you want to include them: Aang/Katara/Zuko, Aang/Katara, Katara/Zuko (with no Aang bashing), Suki/Sokka, Sokka/Toph (later on), Azula/Ty Lee


GLaDOS, Chell (Portal), Wheatley (Portal), Adventure Core, Fact Core, Space Core

This should say 'Any' character but there was a weird wandered tag that prevented that.

Note: I have read and seen characterizations of Wheatley and the other Cores as new androids, anthropomorphic, or straight up used-to-be-human. I love all of these interpretations, but I also don't insist on them. Feel free to do whatever you want to do in that regard! I have also read Blue Sky by waffleguppies and it is one of my favorite fics ever. You may use that as a foundation, or you can use only canon.

Portal is one of my favorite, subtle stories ever. With its overt dark humor, I think many people miss just how interesting it is that Chell is well-characterized through what she chooses not to say, canonically, while never saying a word. You are free to interpret her silence however you want, but I have always found it interesting that an early draft of the Portal 2 ending had her finally breaking her silence to resolve the stalemate, indicating that the creators do believe she can speak. Silence as protest is such an interesting thing, and I just have such a tremendous amount of affection for Chell. I believe that she is totally a character, and not just an avatar.

Wheatley and the other Cores are hilarious. I would like to read about them interacting, or Wheatley trying to interact with them, in any capacity. I also think that it is so interesting that Wheatley is a bit silly and not entirely bright but he is so complete and whole compared to what the other Cores seem to experience. That could either be heartwarming or horrifying, depending on how it is interpreted. I would also like to know what the other Cores get up to when they are just hanging out -- and stuck, horrifyingly. Are they friends of a sort? What might they do with more opportunity to experience some freedom like Wheatley has found for himself.

GLaDOS's development from Dark Humor Bot in the first Portal to having such a full and tragic backstory in Portal 2 is so interesting to me. I think the tension between her having become villainous because of an eternal state of existence thrust upon her that she did not want is an interesting commentary on autonomy. I also like the idea that she ultimately had a bit of a change of heart in the end, but it could also be that letting Chell go was entirely a matter of being pragmatic.

Since Valve will never do it, what do you think a Portal 3 would be like?

Ship if you want to include: Chell/Wheatley, especially a la Blue Sky but pretty much in general

Thank you so much once again!