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[comm] dear yuletide author:

Dear yuletide author,

It's that time of year again, and I couldn't be more excited that I am once again doing Yuletide. Each year, I have slightly more obscure fandom interests, so I have gone from scratching my head to biting my nails with anticipation. Whatever you choose to write for me, I hope you enjoy yourself. Any prompts I provide are there to help you, but if you have a story in mind that does not fall within those prompt parameters, go right ahead! My DNWs list is pretty short and concise, so I very much appreciate you bearing that in mind, but otherwise I am pretty much good with anything that you would find in or alluded to any given canon and explicit stuff if you see fit, though I would prefer no PWP.

I give my dislikes first to get the negative out of the way, then my likes, and then fandom specific stuff. Also, I am okay with crossovers if for some reason you want to do one between any of my requested fandoms or a fandom you discover I'm somehow familiar with by cyberstalking me. If you would like to include any unnominated characters in addition to any requested characters, I love diverse character sets in fics, so feel free. I'll give you shipping preferences if you want to include them, but I am equally happy with gen. I would generally prefer it if you did not use unrequested ships as a primary focus, but the inclusion of unrequested ships for plot, particularly if they are canon, does not bother me. If I request more than one character, I am perfectly okay with a limited number of requested set appearing, though I am also happy if they all show up.

Dislikes: character bashing towards anybody, noncon, explicit gore, breathplay, serious or permanent injury related to sexuality, nihilism, hopeless ending (but sad is okay), no powers AUs, loli/shota

Likes: canon-typical violence, missing scenes, UST, emotional ambiguity, found families, developing or established relationships, time travel, bedsharing, loyalty, worldbuilding, epistolary/journal/log fiction, monster-of-the-week / slice of ordinary life adventures, earned second chances, dealing with consequences, post-canon, "what if" / canon divergence AUs, earned happy endings, holidays, casefic, groundhog day trope, mysteries, healing, survival (wilderness, zombie apocalypse, etc.), last stands, trying against impossible odds, succeeding against impossible odds, heartfelt goodbyes, unexpected reunions

I am [archiveofourown.org profile] failsafe.

Fate/stay night (Visual Novel)
Matou Sakura

Sakura is a complicated character for me in that I think that she is stronger in concept than she is in execution, particularly in her own route. However, I must say that with some grain of salt because I have consumed a lot of other Type Moon materials but have not yet finished reading the VN, and in particular have not read Heaven's Feel. However, I have been spoiled for virtually everything I haven't read, so do not worry about spoilers on my account.

What I would like to read for Sakura is a story in which she gets to 'win' or succeed under different or better circumstances than in canon. This could be her full participation as a Master in her Holy Grail War, in somehow defeating her abusers, or even in some reinterpretation of her role in Heaven's Feel. Things I would not like are a glorification of her abuse, excuses for her abuse, or graphic details of her abuse. However, abuse is a major part of her narrative, so I fully expect that you have the liberty to include it in whatever capacity you otherwise see fit.

Some other specific ideas that tickle my fancy include:

- Interactions with Gilgamesh up to and including becoming his Master
- Platonic interactions with Shirou and/or Taiga
- Familial bonding and reconciliation with Rin
- Power struggle with Rin with an ultimately hopeful ending
- Interactions with Rider | Medusa
- Interaction with Illya anywhere from creepy and violent to a strange kind of bonding

Ships, if you want to include any: Sakura/physically-aged-up!Illya (sometime in the future maybe, see my note about no loli stuff, please), Sakura/Gilgamesh

Arturia Pendragon | Saber, Gilgamesh

I will be happy with a fic that includes both of them or either of them. I have both read the anime and read the LN. Something that I like about their interactions is how I think they are foils and that Gilgamesh realizes this and Artoria (spell as you see fit) does not want to realize this. I have absolutely no doubt that Gilgamesh's interest in her is problematic, to say the least, but I think that it can be read as being sincere in spite of its being problematic. I guess the best way to give you something to work with is to give you a brief analysis of both characters from my perspective, then for you to interpret them as your muse leads you.

For Artoria, I am fascinated with the fact that she tries so hard to live above her human needs, desires, impulses, such as they may be. She is very self-sacrificial in light of her position and perceived duty. In her interactions with Gilgamesh, I believe it is less his sexism (though that makes me want to punch him frequently) from her point of view as it is his insistence on viewing her as human, desirable, capable of desire, and carnal. I think that she struggles with all of these things, as anyone with her self-imposed limitations would, and that she despises Gilgamesh primarily because even his very gaze makes her confront these things. I also am interested by both their ideological clashes and the similarities they have with comparison to other rulers, such as Iskandar.

For Gilgamesh, I fully recognize him as repugnant in some ways, as a "failed ubermensch" in others. However, I believe that if you look at his particular interactions and interests, particularly the way they are articulated in the LN, Gilgamesh is bored and unfulfilled as a participant in the Fourth War. He is a philosopher and something of an amateur psychologist, if irresponsible in both of these areas. I am fascinated about how he wants to understand the minds and emotions of others and does not seem to have quite so clear a notion of ownership over them as he does of things, even while he may tend to try to manipulate them. I think he is a flawed character, but I think he is an interesting one. I love the original Gilgamesh narrative, particularly when aligned with this interpretation of his character. I would like anything where he experiences both some character development and some comeuppance and humbling.

Some other specific ideas that tickle my fancy include:

- Fate Arthurania - Artoria interacting with others in her own time period or memories of that
- Fate Gilgamesh narrative - Gilgamesh, Enkidu, his mother, Ishtar, and everything that goes with his journey
- Accidental date under some circumstances
- A verbal fight that escalates into something more, interpreted as you will
- Bonding through a trial by fire that is perceived as such by both of them

Ships, if any: Artoria/Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh/Enkidu, Artoria/whichever-Arthruian-character-you-want, Artoria/Diarmuid

Kara no Kyoukai | The Garden of Sinners
Any. Ryougi Shiki, Kokutou Mikiya, Aozaki Touko, Kokutou Azaka

I would like fic about any of the nominated characters or any set of the nominated characters. If you would like to opt to do worldbuilding, I do not mind, but if you are going to have a focal character I would appreciate if it was at least one of the nominated characters. I have seen all of the movies and read a number of translations of the original texts.

For Shiki, I am fascinated by the duality of her personality that originally exists and how she copes without that duality. I am interested by the relationship that existed between Shiki and SHIKI. I am interested by how she seems to be overstimulated or frustrated by many common, day-to-day occurrences while finding the absolutely astounding rather passe. I am interested in the strange aspects of her mundane life and the plodding familiarity of the extraordinary things she deals with.

For Mikiya, I am interested in how he is supposed to be so "normal" that it seems to curve back around into a reckless determination to see the good in people that average people might consider insane. I am taken with his insistence that Shiki is innocent, whether or not he can actually objectively believe it for a long time. His desire to simply have faith is utterly charming and kind of terrifying. I am interested in the mix of his being very astute and rather naive about those around him, including his sister, the nature of Touko's past, and Shiki's full capacity for violence.

For Touko, I am very interested in the fact that she is something of the 'Villain of Another Story' while playing a protagonist's role in this one. I think that it is interesting that she seems passively invested in the other three remaining on the side of the angels while the full implications of her involvement in other matters would indicate that perhaps she crossed that line a long time ago. She reminds me of one of those stereotypes of a cop who went dirty who now wants to make things right and just, if not by the book, but perhaps a little more complicated than that. I am interested by how she is sort of mother-figure and sort of peer to the other characters and in her perception of how ordinary life is something worth protecting.

For Azaka, I am interested in how strangely... inconsequential her Taboo origin and incestuous fascination with her brother are. In a way, it seems like that in addition to having forgotten how it began or why, she has forgotten how it is exactly relevant to any sort of plan for her future. I would be most-interested in reading about Azaka doing something to develop a life of her own, whatever that might entail, good or bad, in a way that might help her to have an identity beyond unrequited, complicated love.

Some other specific ideas that tickle my fancy include:

- Stories involving sexuality (but not noncon) for any requested ships; I don't know why, I'm just particularly interested for this fandom but don't demand M or E ratings at all! Gen is good too.
- Psychological horror stories where everyone is at least probably okay in the end
- Shiki and Azaka bonding awkwardly
- Touko and Mikiya's relationship prior to Shiki's waking up
- Missing scenes of Shiki/SHIKI and Mikiya's early connection and friendship
- Future!fixfic that has happy family interaction with Shiki, Mana, and Mikiya, even if it's a little creepy, just less creepy than Nasu kind of made it

Ships, if you want to include any: Shiki/Mikiya, Mikiya/Touko, Azaka/someone outside the group

Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby

I recently reread the book, and I also have seen the recent film version several times. I am happy with a fic that would draw from either.

I can't help but get the sense, more and more every time I am exposed to this narrative, that the most genuine love in the entire story is Nick's love for Gatsby. I almost think that his attention to what unfolds between Gatsby and Daisy and indeed his support of it is something like wanting his beloved to be happy while being unable to reach across a certain wall of taboo and uncertainty.

I would like any number of fics you might write that diverge from the original canon at any point. Any kind of "What if" canon divergent AU would be pleasing to me.

Some other specific ideas that tickle my fancy include:

- Nick and Gatsby meeting under different circumstances
- Gatsby's survival, particularly if Nick saves him
- A story where Gatsby survives where Nick and Gatsby get away from the rotten crowd only to have an adventure fleeing Gatsby's mob connections and checkered path to prosperity

Ships, if you want to include any: Nick/Gatsby

What's Your Number?
Ally Darling, Colin Shea

In short form: fix this stupid movie for me. There was a time when I was more ambitious with video editing endeavors and gifset making on tumblr and a time when I was quite active in the MCU fandom. This led me to watching a lot of Chris Evans movies, as Steve Rogers/Captain America is my favorite male Marvel superhero. I watched this movie having heard that it was kind of funny but incredibly frustrating from a feminist point of view. I don't really fully remember the circumstances that led me to watching it, but I can say that this assessment was true. However, I also found myself frustrated by how charming I found several parts of the movie. I am not the biggest celebrity follower in the world, and I tend to have a very in-universe view on fandom. However, I have a considerable amount of affection for Anna Faris, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt (whom I didn't realize was in the movie until refreshing my memory on Wikipedia) as far as celebrities go. They all just seem like fairly genuine and charming people, and in my opinion they're all attractive people. So, in the interest of picking something quite obscure among even my own interests this Yuletide, I have asked for Ally and Colin and this movie.

My issue with this movie is, pretty much, the end of it. Everything else I can kind of almost see as a commentary on strange social pressures that we put on ourselves, on the way hookup culture can sort of emotionally backfire even if you're doing safe-sane-consensual if you're an emotionally sensitive person, and so on. It just PISSES ME OFF that at the end they almost emancipate Ally from this stupid paradigm by giving her happiness and self acceptance only to add the fact that she hadn't slept with #20 as a punchline. It just seems to so undermine the overall feeling of what the movie almost was driving at.

I'm not sure what engaging way you might find to work with these characters, but if you'd like to...

Some other specific ideas that tickle my fancy include:

- Canon divergent AU from the end that is more than just a change of a line or two that involves more self acceptance for both the characters; domestic happiness and drama
- A missing scene of their UST and bonding
- Fusion with some other movie or show they have an association with (Jurassic World/Park AU! superhero AU! etc.)

Ship, which I assume you want to include: Ally/Colin

Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde

One very specific Do Not Want for this fandom is that I do not want anything that merits an M or E rating on AO3's rating system. Specifically, I do not want furry porn, however complicated my feelings on shipping in this silly, wonderful, confounding movie are. That said, I do ship our protagonists in a weird way where I want to see nothing more than the PG aspects of a romantic relationship (because I'm just not into animals and it's freaking me out) even if there is a further implication of higher-rated stuff. However, I would be equally happy with a gen fic about them!

I love this movie more than makes any sense to me. It is precious, and I absolutely love every line, every voice performance, and how cute the characters manage to be given our age of constant CGI animation. (I'm salty; I miss traditionally drawn cartoons.) I love how this movie is an allegory in all the best ways, and I love how angry it makes bigots when they realize this movie has a moral that might actually make their kids decent people.

I would like to read any post-canon fic or any canon divergent fic you'd like to write.

Some other specific ideas that tickle my fancy include:

- I've heard there's a deleted scene where Judy takes Nick home basically to meet the parents; I'd love to see that
- Working a case complete with intrigue and adventure and danger
- A story that tests their faith in one another where they ultimately prevail
- Half-silly, half-serious fusion fic where it is discovered that Zootopia is a centuries later sequel to the CBS series Zoo where the humans lost in the end; the aftermath - are there survivors out there? What is that carnivores eat in Zootopia...? Human emancipation? Chaos? ... Dark humor fic.

Ship, if you want to include it: PG!Judy/Nick