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[comm] dear auexchange author:

Dear AUExchange author,

Thank you for writing something for me! I have not done any duplicate-fandom nominations because I believe that in cases where I chose multiple characters/relationships, most of the AU tags would work with a focus on any of the characters/relationships. Please go with your gut and write the one that fits the best for you. If there is more than one relationship or character tag you like, feel free to include both but make the focus central to one in such a way that the narrative is manageable for you. Basically, feel free to interpret my prompts as you wish and to be creative. Anything I say in this letter, except for DNWs/Dislikes, is just a suggestion.

Dislikes: character bashing towards anybody, noncon, explicit gore, breathplay, serious or permanent injury related to sexuality, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad is okay)

Likes: canon-typical violence, missing scenes, UST, emotional ambiguity, found families, developing or established relationships, time travel, pre-canon, post-canon, bedsharing, loyalty, worldbuilding, epistolary/journal/log fiction, monster-of-the-week / slice of ordinary life adventures, earned second chances, dealing with consequences, "what if" / canon divergent AUs, earned happy endings, holidays, casefic, groundhog day trope, mysteries, healing, survival (wilderness, zombie apocalypse, etc.), last stands, trying against impossible odds, succeeding against impossible odds, heartfelt goodbyes, unexpected reunions, foils

Since the AU tags themselves are prompts, I will leave those to speak for themselves and also include a few clarifying notes or thoughts where needed. Please feel free to focus on one character or relationship tag or to combine them (as long as they don't contradict relationships, etc.).

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Characters/Relationships Requested:

  • Relationship: Aang/Katara/Zuko

  • Relationship: Zuko & Iroh

  • Relationship: Zuko & Katara & Azula & Ty Lee & Mai

  • Zuko

AUs Requested

  • AU: Aang is discovered too late but the Gaang+Zuko mount a rebellion

  • AU: Katara is captured by the Fire Nation at the end of Book 2

  • AU: the Gaang captures Zuko

I have requested an OT3 between Aang, Katara, and Zuko as my only romantic relationship. If you would like to write about that, great! However, I would like to say that if you would like to include them in a gen relationship, that is okay, too. I love gen relationships between all of the Gaang, and I like the Fire Plastics, too.

I love the time setting and the use of bending. I would prefer if the setting remained the same, even if timing or other details are a bit different. If you choose to include sexual content, please make sure that the characters are of age of consent. These kids need time to grow up, and I don't want to read underage sexuality. However, if they are old enough, I am okay with any rating for this fandom! Please let me know some of what happened in the interim, if you go that way.

I like canon Katara/Aang, but I don't like the fact that it seemed so necessary to resolve it in less than a year when they were so young. I appreciate the strong indication that it was going to work out, but I would like a slower burn. It would also make it easier to work one's way into an OT3. It is okay if the OT3 starts out as a twosome, too, then builds into including three. But please, please, please remember I am 100% okay with a mutually gen relationship too.

I love Azula and Ty Lee and Mai and how they are friends but that Azula's power over her friends is really unhealthy. I would like to see that, if you choose that AU, and how Katara and Zuko react to that. If you do this fic, you could also include something where Aang and Sokka come to get Katara at some point, but that is also 1000% optional.

Arranged Marriage Trope is totally welcome in this fandom, too, if you wanted.

Iroh is my favorite parental figure, probably, in anything. Anything Zuko does in any of the AUs, I would love to know how he is involved and how he responds. If, for example, Zuko gets captured by the Gaang at some point, how does Iroh respond? Does he feel the need to try to rescue him? Does he change his mind later? Anything like that.

Zuko doesn't have to be the focal character of any of these, but I picked his single character tag in case you wanted him to be!

I am just throwing things out there, though! My tags are descriptive enough so please ignore these things if you already have something you want to write.

DC Cinematic Universe

Characters/Relationship Requested:

  • Relationship: Diana/Steve Trevor

AUs Requested

  • AU: Captain Kirk from Star Trek is Steve reincarnated

  • AU: Steve survives plane explosion from abilities unknown to him before then

  • AU: Soulmates reincarnate and find each other

  • AU: Barry Allen saves Steve from explosion through time travel

  • AU: Steve Trevor survives the events of the WW movie

If you do the Star Trek AU, please be advised that I've only seen the first Star Trek movie with Chris Pine in it. I liked it, though, so if you wanted to write that it might motivate me to watch the others. I love Steve Trevor so much, and that is a shortcut to seeing Diana in space.

If Steve has abilities, is reincarnated, or anything that involves him being anything but a mundane, ordinary human, you could take these ideas and run with them: Steve is a reincarnation of an Ancient Greek hero; Steve is some kind of creature from white, European mythology.

Any other DC characters are free to show up! I'm more familiar with the Arrowverse for Barry, so if you wanted to do a sort of Earth-fusion thing in that way, feel free, but don't feel obligated to. I've seen DC Cinematic Universe Barry in the trailers, at least. I also like the Batfam. Again, no pressure, just freedom!

I just fell in love with Diana/Steve. I love the fact that it isn't full gender role reversal given the time period but that it is a reversal of presumptive authority. Steve and the other men come to rely on Diana and her amazing abilities, even going so far as to lament having to do something "on their own" without her. I love that this film didn't shy away from traditional gender roles and the prejudices that go with them but allowed Diana to buck against them with her own ideals, culture, and personality, rather than just making it a sort of sweeping, hammy indictment of everyone.

I'd love it if they could get married or have a sort of agreement similar to marriage. I'd love to see them get to be intimate, but I would like something of a plot, so it's up to you!

If you do Soulmates and Reincarnation, I basically love any of those Soulmate AU things but maybe something with words or language would be cool since Diana can speak many languages.

Mass Effect Trilogy

Characters/Relationships Requested:

  • Relationship: Normandy Crew

  • Relationship: Male Shepard/Kaidan Alenko

  • Relationship: Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect Trilogy)

  • Relationship: Jeff "Joker" Moreau/EDI

  • Female Shepard

  • Kaidan Alenko

  • Jeff "Joker" Moreau

  • Garrus Vakarian

AUs Requested:

  • AU: Reapers Don't Exist

  • AU: ME2 is About Finding an Alternative Way to Defeat the Reapers

  • AU: Just-Zombies/Husks AU but still In Space

  • AU: Everybody Lives

  • AU: Cerberus is Competent

  • AU: Female Shepard and Male Shepard are Siblings

  • AU: Buffy the Vampire Slayer-style Fusion

A ton of relationships listed above! Remember, pick a reasonable number for yourself and the ones you like the most.

For Reapers Don't Exist or Just-Zombies/Husks AU, or the Everybody Lives one, I would just like to see the Normandy Crew come together anyway. I would still like some conflicts and some stakes, but I would just like them to be smaller scale and more interpersonal to allow for more focus on the characters' and their individual relationships and morality rather than what must be done for the entire galaxy. I like survival fiction, serious and silly. One-blanket shipping trope is a classic I love.

ME2 has received a lot of plot criticism from some people I know for being sort of a weird detour rather than something that could have made the ME3 ending more palatable to more people. If you want to go a really world-build-y, plotty AU route, I'd be interested to see what you come up with! As with that, if you go for the Cerberus is Competent AU, instead of or in addition to, I would just like to see Cerberus as a viable, darker moral gray option if we're going to go with Shepard working with them. They just go from weird, pointless experience, too all their guys getting killed in this sort of meandering way and I would just like to see if you could create some cohesion and make it more of a choice.

Female and Male Shepard are Siblings AU could go with any of these! Or, if you choose to just have one Shepard around, I am okay with any Shepard, default or custom, and any background and psychological profile. I prefer Paragon or Paragade Shepards, but some Renegade stuff is fine.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer-style fusion honestly came from the fact that Seth Green's voice always made me think of his character, Oz, from BtVS. It occurred to me that this might go with my zombies/husks suggestion or give you a modern AU. Or it could be that the line of slayers has continued all the way up into human space colonization. Female Shepard could be the Slayer. I would also be open to any of the other female characters being the Slayer and Shepard being her muscle. Just, please make sure the Slayer is female, but the focal point of this story could be through Joker's eyes (meta joke), or anyone else's. Any character and relationship requested could fold into this. I seriously don't mind. Again, I love survival tropes, so just them getting through the day, slaying vampires or slaying zombies, would be great. If you do a modern AU with this, please, please let me have Garrus is still totally a turian and living on Earth somehow, if he's in it. Tell me how that works.

And, so far, I haven't said anything about Kaidan so here's a blurb about him. If you do anything with him, I just love that he is a biotic with faulty equipment. I love that he's a very competent soldier but has also chosen to hone his skills as a medic. I like the idea of mShep/Kaidan because I like the idea of a closeted bisexual soldier finally not being able to be silent about his feelings for a commanding officer when they both might die. Do with that what you will.

FemShep/Garrus is great because they start as brothers in arms, regardless of Shepard's gender, but then can go along this interesting path of almost accidentally stumbling into love from being friends with benefits that is really nice.

Joker/EDI is just great because I think it's amazing that Joker would so much rather deal with his ship than normal people problems.

Any rating is good! You can include sexuality if you like for any pairing I've requested.