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A Fannish Autobiography in Parts (Part 0)

This is probably the fourth or fifth time I've tried to use Dreamwidth as a personal and fannish outlet. However, none of these efforts has ever been wildly successful. I think the main reasons for this have been bad timing, lack of real thought about anything in particular to say, and the fact that I would most feel the need to come back to a place like this when I was especially hurt and depressed by another fannish outlet. None of those factors really led to a functioning journal, and now when I go to communities to be added as a friend the only thing I have to show are my feeble attempts at self-deprecating, mopey blogging and dozens and dozens of Dear Author letters.

In an attempt to remedy several issues at once, I have decided to outline and write a fandom autobiography. In doing this, I hope to reflect on the good, bad, and silly of my fannish past and its tremendous impact on my life and personal development. It will give me a core reason to come on and make posts regularly for a while, and it will also give any new friends a mix of nostalgia and information. It's a journal, so if you friend me you're hopefully looking for personal connection and something to read.

Here are the parts I hope to divide this autobiography into, subject to change as I see the need:

I. The Wonder Years (when I achieved setience-2000/2001)
II. GeoSites, because I swear that's how you say it (2002-2004?)
III. A Contributing Member of Something (2006-2009)
IV. The Smouldering of a Dying World (2010-2011)
V. Everybody is Doing It (2011-2014)
VI. Nobody is Doing Anything and Lots of Headcanon (2015)
VII. The Dark Year (2016)
VII. This is a Real Journal Now

Stay tuned for Part I.