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Dear rarewomen author,

Thank you so much for writing something for me! I hope that you find the following information about my likes and dislikes helpful, and I will also try to include some vague prompts to help you get started if you'd like. However, please do not consider these hard and fast prompts--let yourself be creatively free and do not feel pressured by them! I am pretty easy to please, so as long as you stay away from things I list that I absolutely hate (that I can't imagine many people would want to write anyway) we're good. Follow your muses.

- - -

General likes: slice of life/contextualized domesticity within the context of the characters' universe and life circumstances, action/adventure, traveling/vacation, hurt/comfort, partnerships (that lack patronizing), constructive confrontation with positive resolution (let them fight about something that needs to be addressed and then let them resolve any hurt feelings, that sort of thing), canon-divergent AUs/fix-it fics/what-if's, well-plotted more-complete AUs (where they are the same people in very different circumstances who have responded as such; like time-setting shifts or different superpowers or whatever the case may be), exploration of superpowers were applicable (even if they are not the character's own), tasteful erotica if you like (kinky or vanilla), cuddling, pillow talk, realistic use of social media where applicable/appropriate, banter, polyamory (and any other orientation/relationship dynamic, just I wanted to include polyamory)

Important dislikes: character bashing (even when a fic explores, for example, why Ship A is working but Ship B is not/did not, I don't want other-character from Ship B to be defamed unnecessarily), characters being thanked for being patronizing, graphic depictions of rape/irresponsible narrative handling of rape, gratuitous violence (though any kind of violence is fine if it is contextually appropriate), bloodplay, breathplay, scat/vomit, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad ones are okay)

- - -

Marvel (Comics)

I have read all of the currently running Hawkeye issues to date, and I have read a lot of Young Avengers, including the first series and Children's Crusade and Young Avengers Presents in full. I am working on the rest. Kate Bishop is one of my favorite characters ever, and I absolutely adore Cassie and am heartbroken and need her to be okay. I would be content with fic about either of these characters, however.

If you do one about Kate and Cassie, I don't mind if it is femslash or platonic. I just want them to be happy and I would be completely content with some aspect of their being best friends (canon divergent or not) being explored. I find femslash between them adorable, but I don't hardcore ship it, so I mean it when I say I am completely cool with or without it.

If you choose to do het with either of them (also totally fine/actually my usual game!) I ship Cassie/Jonas, and these ships for Kate:

  • Kate Bishop/Tommy Shepherd
  • Kate Bishop/Clint Barton (also platonic is cool there too, but do ship it)
  • Kate Bishop/Tommy Shepherd/Eli Bradley (polyamory)
  • Kate Bishop/Tommy Shepherd/Clint Barton (polyamory)

    If you choose to do Kate/Clint, I actually do kind of enjoy the age-difference kink there since I do see them as pretty power-balanced in their relationship. It would be especially interesting to see exploration of "the younger woman" enjoying that since if it is done, it is typically done from the perspective of "the older man" enjoying it.

- - -

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ships for these characters I ship:

  • Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers
  • Peggy Carter/Howard Stark*
  • Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
  • Pepper Potts/Tony Stark/Steve Rogers**
  • Sif/Loki***
  • Sif/Loki/Thor****
  • Sif/Jane Foster/Thor*****

Alright, so I feel like a lot of these bear explanation for what I have in mind with them, so follow the little asterisk indicators if you like. However, gen about any of these characters and literally anyone else is fine, too. I'll actually give you a little bit to go on for each of the listed ships, but the ones with asterisks are the ones I had something slightly more specific in mind than what you might get from a cold read (though you are absolutely not bound to these thoughts).


For Peggy/Steve, I would like either an AU exploring what might have happened if a) somehow the end of the film had gone very differently, b) they had discovered and awakened Steve much earlier, or c) Steve actually went through with getting up the nerve to contact her a la the deleted scenes from The Avengers film.

However, something involving how Peggy moves on with her life and continues to be awesome having loved and lost without any specific focus on the ship or Steve at all or with it, I would love to just have fic about Peggy being awesome.

Also, Peggy/Steve fic from within the movie/missing scenes is also welcomed.


Alright, so I am aware that Howard Stark is a very problematic character, especially in the comics and to some lesser more-neglectful-less-abusive degree in the MCU. However, when I was first getting into the MCU, before I knew anything about the comics or had paid very attentive detail to the information we were given about Tony's parents in the Iron Man films, I had this strange little thought in my head that wouldn't go away. It still hasn't gone away, even though it has been thoroughly jossed and had been, honestly, before I even had it. Maybe it would be interesting to someone, though?

What if, after they lost Steve, Peggy and Howard found comfort in one another and developed a relationship? Whether or not this relationship led to Peggy happening to be Tony's mother, rather than Maria, or if it were explored how it was that Peggy opted not to become the future mother of Howard's children and to do something else with her life would be an interesting idea to explore, either way it went.


I would just like to see a fic about Pepper having a semi-balanced relationship with even still-learning Tony. Pepper should be able to branch out and have Tony not be her entire life even if he is, by her choice, her full-time job. I guess all I would suggest for a prompt here is that while I ship it, I would like to see some exploration of balance and how it is achieved.


I could see a whole bunch of variations on this theme, ranging from mutually-involved polyamory to Pepper/Tony + Steve (platonic). While I am a bit of a fan in the comics, I just don't particularly get on board with just-Tony/Steve in the MCU, but for some reason this doesn't make this go away for me. I like explorations of sustained, committed polyamory, but I also like people's romantic entanglements not existing in a vacuum. Even completely non-romantic, I'd like to see how Pepper relates to Steve (with or without Tony being anywhere on the radar) because I feel that she might be really compassionate to his circumstance being new to the 21st century and new to dealing with Tony's antics.

Also, with Pepper in general, it would be nice to see her having a healthy friendship with a female character. I don't really femslash-ship her with anyone, but I wouldn't be entirely opposed if something was sort of pre-femslash if you'd like to introduce my palette to new things.


In the Thor film, Sif was billed on the posters as the Goddess of War, and I guess I am just interested in an internal-mythology level on how that influenced her relationship with Loki's God of Mischief schtick. Their interaction in the Thor film interested me, and the fact that Sif was the one to address Frigga about the loss of Loki at the end makes me want some kind of elaboration on what their relationship at any point prior to the film was like--platonic, antagonist, romantic, etc.


Just to note, I don't mind the pseudo-incestuous connotation of Loki/Thor at all, in case you're wondering. As mentioned above, I would just like some elaboration on this relationship dynamic. As mentioned above, I like explorations of polyamory or the potential for it, but in this case unless it was AU I think it's fairly clear that this did not or could not work. Love triangle or mutual friendship between them, I would just like to see how it is that Sif deals with any feelings (of any kind) she has regarding their shared history either during the film or post/prior.

If you don't want to write any of the male characters as they are involved with Sif so directly, once again I would also enjoy fic about how it is that she came to be respected as a female in a society that apparently might have precluded her from her position for having been. A goddess of war in her capacity is just a really tantalizing and fascinating idea to me.


I did not request Jane specifically because I thought this prompt might be more interesting from Sif's POV. I am in no way an expert on their comics manifestations but there was something I read on a wiki once about how at one point Sif maybe saved Jane's life with some element of her essence, or something along those lines? I could refresh my memory and elaborate, but I think that is sufficient enough for an idea to prompt what I meant here. Some Sif/Jane bonding/friendship/femslash/mutual-support/anything would be interesting, and I'd like it if it happens from Sif's POV. Also, Thor and Sif's apparent mutual protectiveness of one another interests me on this level.

- - -

Push (2009)

Ship: Cassie Holmes/Nick Gant

I would like anything about Cassie, really. I ship her with Nick. I always sort of fancied that Kira actually was more what was presented to her by the other Pusher, actually, and I sort of felt that Nick was headed for trouble in that regard. I would enjoy anything about Cassie coming more into her own and being better able to express herself as the woman she already is in many respects on the inside.

Thank you for your patience with the length of this letter!



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