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Sorry for the delay but the letter is here now! (School/general real life exhaustion, many apologies.)

General likes: Domesticity within the context of the universes where characters exist, character study, thoughtful alternate realities/what-if/canon-divergence AUs, UST/pre-relationship tension, action/adventure, traveling/vacation, hurt/comfort, partnerships (that lack patronizing), constructive confrontation with positive resolution (let them fight about something that needs to be addressed and then let them resolve any hurt feelings, that sort of thing), exploration of superpowers were applicable (even if they are not the character's own), tasteful erotica if you like (kinky or vanilla), cuddling, pillow talk, realistic use of social media where applicable/appropriate, banter, polyamory (and any other orientation/relationship dynamic, just I wanted to include polyamory)

Important dislikes: character bashing (even when a fic explores, for example, why Ship A is working but Ship B is not/did not, I don't want other-character from Ship B to be defamed unnecessarily), characters being thanked for being patronizing, graphic depictions of rape/irresponsible narrative handling of rape, gratuitous violence (though any kind of violence is fine if it is contextually appropriate), bloodplay, breathplay, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad ones are okay)

The above is my copy/pasted usual list of likes/dislikes. This is my first time doing a femslash-specific challenge that I recall, so here we go. I am okay with all stages of relationship (if it's established I'd like to understand the rationale/process that got them there at least enough not to feel lost unless it's stated that it's an AU where it was always like that for some reason) and all ratings!

Pretty Little Liars

Note: At the time of writing this Dear Author letter, I am early in S3 in my watching of PLL. However, you may assume that I have seen at least through the end of S3 by the time of fic posting as I imagine I will be caught up on Netflix by then. PLL is a new fandom for me.

Spencer Hastings/Aria Montgomery

I'd heard people talking about this pairing before and didn't really see it (perhaps due to my investment in canon ships for them), but then the 'Team Sparia' line happened and it just clicked into place for me that I could definitely get behind it, too. Spencer's protectiveness over Aria because she's 'tiny,' is adorable and while I initially viewed it from a platonic lens, I've been thinking lately about how that with the relationship discourse in the show that Spencer's being aware of Aria's physicality in that way before anyone else really mentions it much is actually one of the more attentive physical details that I can recall. That's just some babbling about their general relationship dynamic that I see, if you'd like to draw a prompt from that. I'm less certain about how Aria feels about Spencer but I really love their teamwork go-get-'em Scooby Doo sort of attitude.

As far as actual prompts go, I'd kind of like something where they had a Scooby-Doo-spooky-esque background where maybe they're doing the "one blanket" scenario which leads to bonding of a romantic sort, perhaps after sort of realizing that in their present circumstance all they have is each other to count on? Could be future fic or AU fic or whatever. However, if you don't like this prompt do not feel bad about not using it.

Another suggestion is something to do with Spencer's perfectionism with regard to school functions or academics and Aria's good-but-more-chill attitude to it--maybe something domestic that makes Spencer be relaxed and happy as a result of Aria being there?

Emily Fields/Spencer Hastings

At the beginning of the show, I noticed that even though all four of the girls seem to have close ties, it seemed that a lot of the time Aria and Hanna had a closer tie and that Spencer and Emily had a closer tie. As I've continued watching, I've noticed that's gotten mixed up a bit, but I wonder if their closeness could in some alternative version of events been something else. I kind of wonder if Spencer might be startled at any point in her life if things took a turn in this direction, as opposed to Ali's very deliberate manipulation of Emily's feelings. In a much more ideal world, I imagine that Spencer might have been the 'leader' of the girls if they had still somehow managed to meet without Ali's orchestration, so that might be a thread to pursue--an AU where Spencer was Emily's first crush and maybe a happy ending there?

Also I wouldn't be opposed to some college-aged fic with them maybe both dealing with loss and Emily helping usually-outwardly-stronger Spencer through it.

If you take either PLL prompt, remember to take with an extra grain of salt since I'm new to the fandom and just getting the characters firmly established in my mind! Do what feels right while avoiding my strong dislikes. Write what you most want to write.



Emily Fitch/Effy Stonem

Basically I just keep thinking about possible alternative courses of action after Effy realized Emily's struggle so fast after meeting her. Her line about Emily putting up with being Katie's doormat just really hit home with me and I really wished we had gotten to see more of Emily interacting with Effy. I just wonder what might have happened if circumstances had put them closer together and Effy had chosen to take a more proactive role there.

Something post-Skins: Fire (post-prison or during prison or AU or whatever) would also be okay with me if you want to include Emily and Naomi as a past relationship. However, if you want Naomily to be a past-relationship, it can also have been under different circumstances.

I also just really adore Emily and I hate it when she hurts.

Whatever you want to do!

Emily Fitch/Katie Fitch

Not gonna lie, just a little bit of a somewhat-guilty pleasure. I don't exactly want porn-without-plot and a fic about these two wouldn't have to have graphic sexual content at all if you didn't want it to. However, my thought was something along the lines of if maybe part of Katie's sense of possession and being disturbed by Emily's coming out had to do with them having an intimate sort of relationship that Katie didn't want to mentally confront from that angle, if that makes sense. "Experimentation" meaning something more, or something along those lines.

However, I am also very intrigued by non-generation/authority-line-crossing incest relationships working as actual relationships if someone wants to do that. I just see it as not-really-a-problem where there is no authority issue as long as everyone is being responsible?

It being unhealthy is interesting, too, though.

Katie Fitch/Effy Stonem

I would like to know what, if anything, happened between them after the end of S4. I felt that their development throughout S4 with regard to learning to get along with each other and, I think, really valuing one another. Katie's strong interest in making sure that Effy was okay in spite of their previous enmity when she saw her mental breakdown happening and Effy's earlier attempts to make peace and find out if Katie was okay made me feel like there was some really nice equalizing happening between them. I am a sucker for people who might be on the same 'side' (in fandoms were 'sides' are a thing) who are antagonistic on a 'team' coming to understand each other, and while that dynamic is not directly applicable to a more domestic drama like Skins, I sort of see the same principle still applying.

If you want to work with canon, maybe them actually dealing with what happened to Freddy (especially since Effy was just beginning to get better) might be in order. I was disappointed on a narrative level that Skins: Fire didn't even touch on the fact that she'd had a friend/loved one not only die before but that he'd been murdered. Either an effort to move on on their part after all is said and done about that or even some type of ill-thought-out investigation (depending on what you hold to have happened to the murderer guy when Cook was finished) might give a backdrop whereby the two girls could get more involved in the process of becoming closer the way I saw them doing. That's just an idea for some type of plotty thing.

But I also would be interested in something springing directly from the conversation Katie and Effy have about love--whether from canon or an AU where that happened in a different context. Katie's unease with her sister's sexual orientation may or may not factor into your story. That being handled tastefully in her developing an intimate relationship with Effy, no matter what the circumstances are, would be really great. Them calling each other out on bullshit but ultimately having constructive rather than destructive conflict with each other would make me starry-eyed.


Young Justice

Barbara Gordon/Cassie Sandsmark

I'm mostly just curious to see what someone would do with this, but if you are jonesing to write it, don't let my general lack of specific prompt make you think I don't want it. I basically just enjoyed their dynamic and Barbara's protectiveness of Cassie that seemed to be that of a secondary mentor to her. There were times when I found Barbara's dynamic with others a bit gratingly patronizing (even though I love her along with everyone else--it's just criticism rather than hateful criticism obviously) but with Cassie she was so patient and kind in a way that didn't carry through for me as much with others in the show. I like age-gap discussion and just wonder if maybe this type of relationship might actually add to the healthiness of it for someone like Barbara to be in a relationship given her attention to protecting and guiding her loved ones, for better or for worse.

And I'd just like to have a more careful, detailed look at Cassie! Anything you want to do here idea-wise is fine with me!

Artemis Crock/Zatanna Zatara

Episode tag from 'Secrets,' AU, post-Endgame, during the gap years, anything! Those provide some shorthand for the ideas I might have about them, but I just want them to be happy. Zatanna's powers are really cool and didn't get enough screentime in my opinion, so if you wanted to do a plotty fic (or erotic, if that floats your boat) that involved them, that'd be cool. Hurt/comfort if it's post-canon-Endgame would be A-okay with me, too. An extension of what happened that Halloween night when they were really young?

Also, I have no idea if anyone would be interested in this, but if you wanted to do a sort of thematic or actual crossover between this and Pretty Little Liars, I wouldn't object. No heart being set on this at all and I don't have a particular investment in it but it occurred to me that with the tone of Secrets that it might be interesting to introduce elements of both into each other if you were feeling that sort of thing.


Les Misérables

Cosette Fauchelevent/Éponine Thénardier

An AU from their childhoods, an AU of their adult lives, or anything else you can think of that would show how their being sort of foils to one another's existences and fates could translate into an actual relationship dynamic between the two. I'm not sure how to define this better but basically just bring the philosophical contrast down into an actual relationship, however you choose?


The Hunger Games


The idea of any kind of real intimacy existing between the Careers either before the Games, during them, or in an AU where the structure works differently fascinates me. The contrast between deadliness to one another and being allies always really viscerally disturbed me, so an exploration of that fascinates me. Also, the fact that Districts 1 and 2 were so contrasted to one another in spite of being the most significant Career Districts is also fascinating. Glimmer being posh, sexualized, and something of a Hunger Games doll by design as contrasted with Clove being a (in the movie) beautiful sort of Spartan girl is really interesting to me.

One AU idea I have very often played with based on the mythological relationships between sex and death is to have the horror of The Hunger Games be transferred into a sexual exploitation rather than murder-based enterprise. Just throwing that out there in case it would provide more space for you to work if you choose to do this without the literal death of your characters looming ahead. However, this is entirely just an aside.

Violence, even of an extreme nature, is obviously permissible with this category, but please try to keep your gore descriptions down to a reasonable restraint if they are necessary.

Katniss Everdeen/Foxface

Something from Foxface's perspective would be interesting for this but is absolutely not demanded. Something tragic and never quite realized would be acceptable, too. A thwarted alliance, an alternative ending, Foxface's ultimate victory but grief over Katniss, some other circumstance where they both survive but at a cost, anything like that. It could also be set during the time period of one of the other books, if you wish.

Anything you want to do is fine and it can also be from Katniss's POV if you prefer.

Thank you so much for writing for me! Remember above all to have fun and to write something you really feel good about writing without worrying about being too attentive to me.


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