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Dear Purimgifts Author,

I am not sure what an appropriate holiday greeting for Purim would be, but I wish you well during this time that a very fascinating and strong lady is remembered. I am new to this exchange and am excited to participate and hope that my list of fandoms gives you something to work with! Below I'm just going to list some vague things I had in mind that run with the theme of the exchange and my primary ships, if relevant. That said, do not feel bound by these and feel free to go wherever your creative whimsy carries you within the bounds of the challenge. For example, some of my ships I'll mention are het, but I don't even necessarily want fic regarding their relationship, and given the challenge's theme, if you deal with it I obviously want the female in question to be at the center if you do decide to go there.

Some general things I like first: character study/personal introspection; domestic life within the context of fandom universes; family bonding (even if and perhaps especially if they are families of choice); gen and romance are equally acceptable; hopeful endings even if happy ones are not necessary

Visually, I prefer warm colors, generally, but I have nothing against any particular color, so for visual offerings anything is fine.

Things I don't like: character bashing; gratuitous violence (but if the violence is justified I am fine with it); general nihilism

Young Avengers: Kate Bishop is my Queen, but there are no female characters in it that I don't like. My primary OTP is Tommy/Kate. Given that Billy is Jewish and therefore qualifies, I would also be pleased with anything about Billy Kaplan, and obviously, Billy/Teddy is also pleasing to me. If you're feeling writing about girls-only, Kate and Cassie bonding makes me feel warm and fuzzy--best friends or femslash are both good. I have read the first issue of the new series, so going in that direction with America or something is cool, too. I just don't know much about her yet.

Old Testament/Tanakh: I put this here in case someone wanted to give me something about the lovely lady this holiday is about, Esther. You can do anything you like with this category, again, though. I am not easily-offended and trust anyone who is participating in this challenge to be appropriately respectful.

Merlin: I figured this fandom was as good as any for falling under the odd category of 'persecuted by an evil vizier for what they are rather than who they are' thing for the magic users. I have not seen the final series yet, but I know most of what occurs. I am exceedingly lax about what I ship in this fandom, so go crazy in that regard. I love Morgana and Gwen, or Merlin, too, if you wanted to go just based on the 'persecuted' category. I would really like something that handled Morgana's essentially being right about things better than the writers really dared to from my understanding. But seriously, this is sort of a legacy fandom to me and I'm really easy to please.

The Hunger Games: The things I ship are Katniss/Peeta, Clove/Cato, Finnick/Annie, Katniss/Peeta/Gale. I could be persuaded about some other things but don't particularly like Katniss/Gale on its own except as friendship. I would love to have some sweet sisterly things with either Katniss and Prim or Katniss and Rue. Something about Johanna would also be acceptable but I don't really have a shipping opinion for her. Something about Katniss and Johanna's friendship after Mockinjgay would be nice. Sadness is kind of unavoidable in this fandom, so that's also fine. I prefer hopeful/happy endings but especially here they're not really expressly necessary. I just like emotionally honest character exploration.

The Avengers: I'm primarily into the films, but I've been dipping my toes into comic canon. I really like the film interpretation of Natasha Romanoff (Romanova) and I adore Pepper Potts in the MCU. With regard to the comics, Wanda Maximoff is my favorite lady among the Avengers and she is also Jewish by birth on her father's side. Seriously, anything about the Maximoff family unit pleases me. Vague shipping inclinations are Natasha/Clint, Tony/Pepper, Wanda Maximoff/Steve Rogers, but again it's not necessary that any of these things be touched upon.

MCU: See above.

X-Men: First Class: Erik character study is always fascinating, as is his relationship with Charles--the ways in which they understand one another better than anyone and the ways in which they don't. I also love Moira in the film as a female character, so if you wanted to do something about her (because it's so rare) or Raven/Mystique I would also be happy. (OTP is Charles/Erik, but I'm okay with Moira being involved in any way you want there. I'm not a big fan of Raven/Erik as a romantic pairing but I love their dynamic/relationship being explored as well as Raven's relationship to Charles as a sister.)

Have fun! I hope my lists there helped you narrow down rather than constricted you. I am easily pleased, even if you make me cry.

Happy writing/graphic-making!


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