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Dear yuletide author,

It's that time of year again, and I couldn't be more excited that I am once again doing Yuletide. Each year, I have slightly more obscure fandom interests, so I have gone from scratching my head to biting my nails with anticipation. Whatever you choose to write for me, I hope you enjoy yourself. Any prompts I provide are there to help you, but if you have a story in mind that does not fall within those prompt parameters, go right ahead! My DNWs list is pretty short and concise, so I very much appreciate you bearing that in mind, but otherwise I am pretty much good with anything that you would find in or alluded to any given canon and explicit stuff if you see fit, though I would prefer no PWP.

I give my dislikes first to get the negative out of the way, then my likes, and then fandom specific stuff. Also, I am okay with crossovers if for some reason you want to do one between any of my requested fandoms or a fandom you discover I'm somehow familiar with by cyberstalking me. If you would like to include any unnominated characters in addition to any requested characters, I love diverse character sets in fics, so feel free. I'll give you shipping preferences if you want to include them, but I am equally happy with gen. I would generally prefer it if you did not use unrequested ships as a primary focus, but the inclusion of unrequested ships for plot, particularly if they are canon, does not bother me. If I request more than one character, I am perfectly okay with a limited number of requested set appearing, though I am also happy if they all show up.

Dislikes: character bashing towards anybody, noncon, explicit gore, breathplay, serious or permanent injury related to sexuality, nihilism, hopeless ending (but sad is okay), no powers AUs, loli/shota

Likes: canon-typical violence, missing scenes, UST, emotional ambiguity, found families, developing or established relationships, time travel, bedsharing, loyalty, worldbuilding, epistolary/journal/log fiction, monster-of-the-week / slice of ordinary life adventures, earned second chances, dealing with consequences, post-canon, "what if" / canon divergence AUs, earned happy endings, holidays, casefic, groundhog day trope, mysteries, healing, survival (wilderness, zombie apocalypse, etc.), last stands, trying against impossible odds, succeeding against impossible odds, heartfelt goodbyes, unexpected reunions

I am [archiveofourown.org profile] failsafe.

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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing something for me! I hope you are enjoying the season so far, and happy whatever-winter-holiday-you-celebrate!

I'll start with some general likes and dislikes to guide you along, then get to fandom-specifics.

Likes: monster-of-the-week / slice of ordinary life adventures, missing scenes, UST, building or established relationships, time travel, bedsharing, loyalty, worldbuilding, epistolary fiction, canon-typical violence, earned second chances, dealing with consequences, post-canon, "what if" scenarios, earned happy endings, holidays (winter or otherwise), mythology/folklore

Dislikes: character bashing towards anybody, noncon, gore, breathplay, bloodplay, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad is okay)

I'm happy with any rating and if you want to do shippy fic I'm fine with everything from chaste affection to explicit, but I'd prefer it not be PWP.

For either of the fandoms where I have requested two characters, I do not mind if only one of them appears. Since yuletide works based on and matching for recipients, I assume that if we were matched that you'd like to write both of them. However, if something works better for you that only directly includes one of them, that is A-okay with me. But I'd love to receive fic of my requested pairs together, too, obviously.

Any other characters you see fit to include, nominated or not, are welcome to appear.

This varies from fandom to fandom and exchange to exchange, but if a crossover of some form tickles your fancy, I'd be happy to receive crossovers between any of my requested fandoms. No pressure though, I just happened to notice that I thought there were enough compatible themes.

Any of my prompts are just suggestions. If you don't care for or click with any of them and have a different direction you'd like to go based on my requests, please write what you are most interested in writing for me. I'm sure I'll love it, and I want you to have fun!

My AO3 name is failsafe and you can find me on tumblr.

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Dear Yuletide Author:

Thank you for writing for me! I am very excited to see what you come up with, and happy holiday season whatever you do or don't celebrate!

Following will be, in order: general likes, important dislikes, then some suggested prompts for each fandom I requested. After the first bit, if you like you can ctrl+f to find the fandom you want to write for me if it's too long to scroll - I have trouble with being concise, but we'll see how this goes. Remember that optional details are optional, so as long as I haven't specifically asked that you not do something, if you have a better idea or something you feel more passionate about writing, go for it. I want to see what you're excited about! That way we'll both have the most fun.

Likes: domesticity / slice of life / everyday problems, missing scenes, character study, canon-divergent what-if AUs*, action/adventure, traveling/vacations, hurt/comfort, partnership, constructive confrontation (fighting things out to positive result), realistic use of social media where appropriate

With regard to shipping, I'm okay with it happening at any point. Unresolved tension before a relationship, something that happens during one, relationship problems being faced, sexual stuff or no sexual stuff. If you choose to do sexual stuff, I don't mind how kinky it is - so long as it's safe/sane/consensual. I am also completely happy with gen / family fic.

Also, feel free to use any and all characters from my requested fandoms in addition to my requested characters as you see fit.

* About AUs: I am not usually interested in transplant whole cast into completely unrelated set of circumstances AUs (e.g., coffee shop AU). However, that doesn't mean I'm completely closed off to them. If you really want to write that go ahead, but I prefer it when certain things about the situation remain the same. Like, for example, the characters are in school or the characters are in a different time period but those with powers still have powers. The kinds of AUs I like the most, however, are "what if" AUs that spin directly from canon. "What if Character A and Character B swapped roles?" "What if Character A hadn't been in this Place on this Day?" And fix-it fics and that kind of thing. I'm open-minded, but those are just my feelings on it.

Important dislikes: character bashing (even if problems exist between characters - which is fine - I don't enjoy character bashing of anyone), graphic depictions of rape / rape as plot device, gratuitous violence (though canon typical violence is great/just fine), bloodplay, breathplay, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad ones are okay)

Fandom-Specific Stuff

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Thank you for writing a fic for me! Below I have given my usual list of likes and dislikes that are just general guidelines. I'm really flexible about pretty much everything, though. Following the general likes/dislikes, I will provide some fandom-specific prompts, but please write what you feel most inspired to do eve if it deviates entirely from my prompts. I will be most excited to see what you are most enthusiastic to offer rather than a prescriptive filling of a prompt. Be sure you have fun!

Unless otherwise noted, any of the nominated (or un-nominated) characters in a fandom making appearances in your fic based on my requested character(s) is fine with me and certainly encouraged if it contributes to your idea!


General likes: Domesticity within the context of the universes where characters exist, character study, thoughtful alternate realities/what-if/canon-divergence AUs, UST/pre-relationship tension, action/adventure, traveling/vacation, hurt/comfort, partnerships, constructive confrontation with positive resolution (let them fight about something that needs to be addressed and then let them resolve any hurt feelings, that sort of thing), exploration of superpowers were applicable (even if they are not the character's own), tasteful erotica if you like (kinky or vanilla), cuddling, pillow talk, realistic use of social media where applicable/appropriate, banter, polyamory (and any other orientation/relationship dynamic, just I wanted to include polyamory)

Important dislikes: character bashing (even when a fic explores, for example, why Ship A is working but Ship B is not/did not, I don't want other-character from Ship B to be defamed unnecessarily), characters being thanked for being patronizing, graphic depictions of rape/irresponsible narrative handling of rape, gratuitous violence (though any kind of violence is fine if it is contextually appropriate), bloodplay, breathplay, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad ones are okay)


The Great Gatsby (2013)

Nick Carraway
Jay Gatsby

I haven't read The Great Gatsby since high school, but this movie made me really excited about the presentation of the spirit of the story in a way that managed to both be a period piece and to relate the story to audiences of the present era. Because of this, if AUs are your thing, in this fandom I am okay with a modern AU if you can find a way to engage with the essences of the character(s) that way.

Note: While I have requested both Nick and Gatsby, if you want to be post-canon compliant, it is okay if Gatsby is not presently alive in your narrative, depending on what you try to do with it.

A few prompts:

1. In the film adaptation, the interpretation that Nick fell in love with Gatsby read really strongly to me. I would absolutely love a fic that related this in some way. My happy-optimistic prompt would be a post-film AU where Gatsby somehow survived and received Nick's phone call rather than Daisy's, perhaps both further shattering Gatsby's dreamworld and being the impetus of something new. The media circus could still be present but perhaps be centered around scandal that didn't involve Gatsby's murder. Fallout with his bootlegging partners? Anything you would want to do with Gatsby having survived and Nick continuing to be a part of his life in a capacity that is either one-sided love on Nick's part or develops into something more. It can be as plotty or character study-y as you want, so don't let the density of this request be intimidating. If you want to take something from this and prefer to make the connection Nick has to Gatsby be more purely platonic as is the traditional reading of said relationship, feel free!

2. A further character study about Nick after Gatsby's death would also be good if you prefer staying canon compliant!

3. If you have a strong Gatsby muse and would like to write about him post-film and would like to explore reversal, then maybe Nick didn't go to work that day and chose a different path and in some way sacrificed himself for Gatsby. How would Gatsby react to that emotionally or otherwise?

4. The above-mentioned modern!AU idea is also fine with me. I would prefer it, if you choose this, if you find a way to engage similar themes even if in a different setting--just enough to keep the spirit of the characters recognizable, but I trust you!

If Daisy or any other characters want to make an appearance in your story then that's fine with me!


Young Avengers

Tommy Shepherd
Eli Bradley
Kate Bishop

Please note that I was very tempted to choose 'Any' but decided to make it a little more clear by requesting specific characters that I have a vested interest in the inner-workings of. However, while I would most prefer fics that center on any or all of the characters I chose, any of the characters who are in the series, especially those nominated but any of the others who might make appearance, are welcome, too!

Shipping preferences:
  • [OT3] Tommy/Kate/Eli
  • Tommy/Eli
  • Tommy/Kate
  • Billy/Teddy

However, if your shipping preferences go another direction that's fine with me. I am so somewhat interested in Tommy/David and Kate/Eli. Kate/Eli with the caveat that Tommy isn't emotionally left out in the cold/alone because in my opinion he really needs one or both of them (or David, or someone). Despite this babbling about Tommy's emotional welfare, please don't feel obligated to write about him. I am equally interested in the others.

Some prompts:

1. Some genfic set during the Volume 1 era would be great! (Cassie being alive, etc.) Genfic set during the Volume 2 era which either expands upon or moves beyond the pancakes would also be very nice. Kate having Tommy and/or Eli back around is optional or Tommy and/or Eli being the focal point of some gen fic at some point is great, too.

2. From the way Tommy referred to Eli's grandmother (Mrs. B) in #6 of the new run, it leads me to believe that perhaps Tommy and Eli have had some continued contact after Eli's leaving (and apparently returning) to New York. What were the circumstances of that and how does their dynamic stand now? What if they had been hanging around together more closely such that it affected a change on the outcome or circumstances of #6? (Any or all of these questions and shippy or gen is fine!)

3. Teddy and Tommy platonic/brother-in-law-like interaction! (Billy or others can come too if appropriate.) If this dealt with Teddy and Billy taking a break it would be interesting, but at any other point in canon (or in some alternate timeline of your choosing) is good, too.

4. I was really kind of alarmed by the fact that Kate didn't have any visible emotional response to finding out about Tommy's disappearance. Whether you ship them or not, they were friends and Kate actively cared about him even if she had ultimately chosen not to actually follow any sort of fancy regarding him. The Young Avengers were like a family. Some kind of elaboration upon this--an opportunity for her to react or some character study about why she doesn't or something along those lines would be quite satisfying to me.

5. Something about Eli in his capacity as a library worker at any point during canon. Eli finding out about someone or something masquerading around in his costume? Finding out about Tommy being missing? Deciding to do something about it the way only Eli can. Reasons Eli chooses not to do anything, again. Just anything about Eli, please.

Long list of prompts but if you have an entirely different idea (even one that focuses slightly less on these specific characters but which heavily involves them) then go for it!


Lilo & Stitch:

Stitch (Experiment 626)

I am actually startled that there is anyone in the world besides me who has considered the idea of Lilo & Stitch fic as a possibility and I'm excited! My favorite Disney movie ever, and I'd love to have some extra-canon stuff beyond the cartoon which didn't really ever touch upon what I would have liked for it to.

Please note: Stitch is one of the few characters I have ever preferred to not know anything about his sexual preferences. I tend to view him as an asexual creature as he is the only one of his species according to the movie. If he's not asexual I don't mind, I just do not want any Stitch porn, please and thank you.

I shipped David/Nani passionately the summer this came out so any shippy content with them is totally acceptable.

A couple of prompts:

1. Anything about Stitch adapting to Earth in his early stay, perhaps involving their visit to the continental US (to see Graceland and possibly some other things?). I love fish out of water stories, and even though Stitch is vastly intelligent, seeing him have to learn from experience with things is absolutely heartwarming and I am going to end this sentence before I keyboard smash emotionally.

2. With the above caveat about not wanting Stitch porn, given that he is technically the only member of his species and has those malleable legs and antennae and such, I have in the past considered whether or not Stitch really is a gendered or sexed creature. I and the film refer to him as a 'he' but is that just because he's blue and we associate blue with masculinity? Basically this comes down to "why would aliens use our gender binary?" which is a good question. If you want to do something kind of philosophical or self-searching about Stitch dealing with this kind of issue when faced with a highly gendered society and coming to understand the concept as he continues to live here, I think it could be really neat.

3. Stitch bonding with any of his family members (of course including Lilo)! I would be especially interested in his bonding with David since Stitch had the misconception that David was blaming him for everything falling apart at one point. Also David really bit off a lot more than he had bargained for with entering a relationship with a girl who not only has her little sister but several aliens in her family now. Basically just how the two of them deal with each other would be good. Or Stitch bonding in a positive way with his creator and feeling better about his existence in general in a more concrete way that holds up when he's being still at night and such. Or anything with any of his ohana.


Skins (UK)

Effy Stonem
Tony Stonem

Anything post-Skins Fire is acceptable because I have seen it. However, if you prefer to only deal with the relevant actual-series of Skins for these characters then that's fine, too.

1. If post-Skins Fire, I would like to know where Tony was during all of this and if he finds out about what has happened in his sister's life. If he finds out while it is going on, does he show up to support her? How so? If he doesn't, does he see her after she has served time for her financial crimes?

2. How does Effy cope with what has happened to her post-Fire? I would like to know more about what is actually possibly behind that enigmatic smile.

3. Effy and Emily seeing each other again either after Skins Fire or in an AU where that didn't happen and just seeing each other as young adults. Could be shippy if you want but also just Emily no longer being a doormat and she and Effy doing something (I don't mind what) would be nice.

4. It's no big secret but perhaps a bit sensitive, so please do not feel obligated to do anything with it. However if you have a muse for it, I would love a Tony/Effy shippy fic. I would like for it to have a bit of a plot at least rather than just porn if you want to do it, but I just always thought their bond was a bit interesting and odd. While I am perfectly happy with an innocent and normal sibling relationship between them, given both their backgrounds I kind of wonder if it couldn't be interpreted as something altogether more complicated. What that might be, however, I leave up to you. (Please no non-con, as I might refer you back to my dislikes list.

5. What did Effy do when she found out the truth about what had happened to Freddie? (Can involve anyone or just Effy herself.)


Wreck It Ralph

Vanellope von Schweetz
Wreck It Ralph

Please give me gen, friendly/family fic between Ralph and Vanellope. Shipping them is a bit much for me. However if you want to let Felix and Calhoun be present and shippy then that's fine if it pleases you.

1. Given that I assume videogame characters don't age without avatar redesign or it being a part of their game, what happens as Vanellope continues to mature in terms of her experience? If she's trapped being a child avatar forever but interacts with characters outside her game (after having not been able to for a long time), I wonder how this might affect her.

2. What if there was a game redesign later on and Vanellope and her fellow Sugar Rush characters were given more teenage avatars to appeal to a new demographic? How would she adapt to this? Would Ralph react to suddenly having an adorably exasperating teenager to deal with rather than an adorably exasperating little girl? If this happened might Vanellope have kind of mixed up memories while retaining the core of her character? If you want to go that route, Ralph helping her through that would be really sweet!

3. What happens if Ralph decides to make a more adult decision in his life now that he has found some success? What if he falls in love with someone, etc.? Some kind of life-stage change for Ralph and his trying to explain that to Vanellope or dealing with her response to it might be something really fun character-wise.

4. Just Vanellope and Ralph hanging out and doing something in another videogame or in the videogame-based domestic environments would be sweet. For example, what if Vanellope ends up in Tappers? Is she allowed there?