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Since this DW is full of Dear Author letters and not a lot else but my tumblr is a six year old time capsule of everything I have found mildly interesting and void-screaming, I think it is worth noting that if you want to know me before I have accumulated much here, you might glance there. This is by no means saying you have to, but it's just an offer. As I write this post, I am reaching a point of delirium where I can't write a Good or even Coherent Post right now, but what I am gonna do is create a list of tumblr tags that I think provide a window into my personality.

My sense of humor, my ambitions, my aesthetic, my sense that pushing buttons on the internet will one day make me feel alive.

tumblr tags of questionable interest:

If you are looking for fandom stuff, literally just append the full fandom name to a /tagged/ link on there.