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[comm] dear crossovering author:

Dear Crossovering Author,

Thank you for writing something for me! As I have noted on the sign-up form, my character tag requests are just characters that I think about a lot independently. For each of the fandoms I have requested, there aren't any primary characters that I would dislike receiving a fic about, so if you don't feel the character tags, feel free to disregard and follow your heart.

I am comfortable with fics of any rating but prefer no porn-without-plot. I do not want underage sexuality but flirting and kissing teen stuff is fine. Writing fics when younger characters are a bit older is also fine. I'll continue with a few other likes and dislikes, then I will go to fandom specifics. Please feel free to deviate from the prompts if you are inspired to go in another direction.

Dislikes: character bashing towards anybody, noncon, explicit gore, breathplay, serious or permanent injury related to sexuality, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad is okay)

Likes: canon-typical violence, missing scenes, UST, emotional ambiguity, found families, developing or established relationships, time travel, pre-canon, post-canon, bedsharing, loyalty, worldbuilding, epistolary/journal/log fiction, monster-of-the-week / slice of ordinary life adventures, earned second chances, dealing with consequences, "what if" / canon divergent AUs, earned happy endings, holidays, casefic, groundhog day trope, mysteries, healing, survival (wilderness, zombie apocalypse, etc.), last stands, trying against impossible odds, succeeding against impossible odds, heartfelt goodbyes, unexpected reunions, foils

Fandoms Request #1: The 100 & The Hunger Games
Crossover or Fusion

Optional Characters Requested: Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark (Gen is fine, but if you want to ship, I like Bellamy/Clarke and Katniss/Peeta.)


In The Hunger Games, Panem, what is left of North America, came to be as it was as a result of a series of slowly mounting consequences of conflicts and natural disasters. It is pretty vague on the subject. In The 100, we have more of an explanation of what happened to the world. If the two existed in the same universe, I would love to see the cause and effect sort of blended together. It could be that The Hunger Games cast are the Grounders when the Delinquents come to the ground. It could also be that Skaikru, as is their way, come down with very limited intel and the War that ends in Mockingjay is only just now ceasing when they show up, thus opening up the next chapter of Katniss and the others' lives. I would love anything that fused the political situations that are at stake in both series, giving and taking as you see fit from each canon, to create a story where the two could interact. I just can't help but see the similarities and differences, and I would love to have your take on that. The other Grounds can still be around, too! Alternatively, you could also lean more toward the side of The 100's canon and have The Hunger Games cast exist within Grounder populations as we see in the series, rather than Panem's central government and its systems existing. If you use Clarke, Bellamy, Katniss, and Peeta, I would be really interested to see narrative comparison and contrast between them as leaders in some way.


The 100 ---> The Hunger Games

  • Bellamy and Clarke are tributes, either from different districts or the same district. Maybe Bellamy volunteered to protect Octavia? Will they ally with each other?
  • Post-Games themselves, they are Victors from different years and cannot reconcile themselves to just keep watching while doing nothing.
  • During the Games, Clarke believes that Bellamy is brutal and ruthless without realizing his reasons until she comes to understand them.
  • During the Games, Clarke has to do something that gets blood on her hands in a way she never expected it to.
  • Any other characters are Tributes in the Games. All of the main cast are Tributes in the Games. Some of the cast are Capitol Citizens?

The Hunger Games ---> The 100

  • Katniss and Peeta live in the Ark in different social circles. Both get arrested at similar times, prior to the Delinquents being sent to Earth. What were their crimes?
  • Katniss is one of the Delinquents sent to Earth and, perhaps, doesn't trust the others. Is Prim with her? Does she strike out on her own? Did her father teach her Earth Skills the others don't know?
  • Are some of the Tributes from the first movie/book still alive and fellow Delinquents? I would love for some of them to live and be more active characters, if you feel like it, regardless of your focal characters.
  • Peeta, as a privileged person on the Ark prior to his arrest, might not know how to survive on the ground. How does he make do? Is he charismatic and influential or does he get himself into trouble?
  • Maybe Finnick of Johanna are young adults on the Ark with some but very little influence when the Delinquents are sent to the ground.

Fandoms Request #2: Chronicles of Narnia & Torchwood
Crossover or Fusion

Optional Characters Requested: Susan Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, Jack Harkness (Gen is fine, but if you want to ship, I could go for Susan/Jack or any Golden-Age-based Pevencest. I'm a bit partial to Lucy/Edmund light/dark stuff but Peter/Susan is somewhat popular as an explanation for their difficulty in readjustment, too. If you aren't comfortable with writing incest of any kind, please don't feel like I expect you to! I'm just saying I don't mind it at all in this fandom, particularly when it's sort of bittersweet.)


Essentially, I have always wondered if the "Problem of Susan" could be interestingly worked out by her coming into contact with Jack and the Torchwood of the late 40s/early 50s. I would love to see what happens for her if she, as the sole survivor after the train wreck, found some kind of solace in finding out how strange and messed up the world can be while also being able to do something about it. Jack's immortality might also be something that would be very bittersweet for her, after losing her family. I also just wonder if Susan's past experiences would somehow influence Jack, too. Plus I'm just interested in various eras of Torchwood. Please note that I don't like nihilism, so I prefer when Torchwood-related things have a silver-lining. If you wanted to go there, maybe a bittersweet ending where Susan dies and does get to be reunited with her family "on the other side," leaving immortal Jack behind would be appropriate but it's your story not mine!

If you want the other Pevensies around, I would also definitely be interested if they pinged Torchwood's radar somehow with their re-entry after returning from the Wardrobe the first time. Maybe it takes them a little time to be located to give them a chance to re-mature a bit, but I have always been sort of haunted by the fact that the Pevensies knew what it was like to be adults but were suddenly children again. After the initial enchantment and excitement wore off, I can imagine that this would be a major problem and adjustment. Do they try to get Torchwood to help them dimension hop again? Do thy choose to stay and get caught up in something within Torchwood?


Chronicles of Narnia ---> Torchwood

  • The Pevensies (some or all) have a run-in with something extraterrestrial rather than extradimensional when an effort is made to evacuate them.
  • Edmund experiences some kind of possession from which his siblings must save him.
  • Lucy is enchanted with an alien or earthbound monster who has some kind of ability to enthrall her.
  • Peter is a soldier at some point after the War has ended, bored but straight-laced, when he comes into contact with the Torchwood organization.
  • Susan is a risk-taker in her young adult life and finds herself in need of the help of a mysterious government organization.

Torchwood ---> Narnia

  • In his search for the Doctor, Jack finds himself in another dimension.
  • Toshiko and Owen are trapped in another dimension rather than dead at the end of S2 where they finally have time.

Sorry I have fewer ideas for that one, but if you're inspired go for it!

Fandoms Request #3: Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms & Mahou Shouji Madoka Magica | Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Crossover or Fusion

Optional Characters Requested: Sakura Kyouko, Miki Sayaka, Tohsaka Rin, Emiya Shirou, Arturia Pendragon | Saber, Gilgamesh (Gen is fine, but if you want to ship, I like Kyouko/Sayaka, Rin/Shirou/Saber, Rin/Shirou, and Saber/Gilgamesh.)


I have seen a lot of fanart which casts the Madoka cast as Servants, sort of pigeon-holing them into Servant classes on the basis of the weapons granted to them when they become magical girls. I also always noticed that the weapons had some kind of correlation to both the girl's personality and her wish, in some way, right down to Homura's default equipment being purely defensive. Given that, I would love to read a fic where the girls do, either in Madoka's remade world or the original one, die and burn out but get brought back as mysterious Servants. Reunions, awkward or sweet or bittersweet, would also be interesting. I would like to see them have a relationship with their Fate-universe Master, too. Do they ever explain what happened to them? Does it come up somehow?

If you want to focus a little more on the Fate universe's side of things, I would love anything to do with the Clock Tower and Mage's Association finding out about what Kyuubey and his race are doing. How do they respond to that? I can sort of imagine that they wouldn't like something that mimicked magic that turns out to be a sort of science that is not only science (thus eroding magical mysteries or something) but which is extraterrestrial. Perhaps Rin and Shirou are older then and can come back to Japan to meet some of the girls on their home turf during their canon. Or, perhaps, one of their own is becoming a magical girl (Sakura or Illya come to mind for crossover material that have reasons that they'd make a Contract if it were offered to them).


Fate ---> Madoka

  • I've never seen Prillya but I would be interested to see any of the girls from Fate becoming magical girls. What do they wish for?
  • In this fusion, are there magical boys?
  • Who becomes a savior for the magical girls (and optional boys) in the absence of Madoka?
  • Who makes the most complicated, monkey's paw wish (a la Homura) among the Fate characters?
  • Time loops! I love time loops, so if you have an idea for one give it to me, please.

Madoka ---> Fate

  • The girls are not 'witches' but magi! They have a very slightly higher chance of survival, but at what other cost? Who are their Servants?
  • Which of them are actually magi and which of them get caught up anyway?
  • Some of the girls could be magi while other girls are Servants.
  • Which one of them meets their former self (a la Archer) in a magical time-loop? Is it Homura or someone else?
  • Is Kyuubey still around? A dark familiar, perhaps.

Fandoms Request #4: Steins;Gate & Robotics;Notes & Mahou Shouji Madoka Magica | Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Crossover or Fusion

Optional Characters Requested: Okabe Rintarou, Makise Kurisu, Sakura Kyouko, Akemi Homura, Yashio Kaito, Senomiya Akiho (Gen is fine, but if you want to ship, I like Okabe/Kurisu, Kyouko/Homura, Homura/Madoka, Kyouko/Sayaka and Kai/Aki. Please do NOT ship Steins;Gate characters with Madoka characters, specifically.)


If we matched on this, I presume that you know Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes take place in the same universe, even the same world-line (i.e., R;N takes place in the "Steins Gate worldline"), but just making sure you know that. If you are interested in just writing a story where the two casts of those series interact more, I would definitely be happy with that! I love the tiny, tiny references in Robotics;Notes to Steins;Gate and only wish there were more. I love the mix of slice of life and plot that these two series have, and I can always go for more.

If you are going to do a crossover between Steins;Gate and/or Robotics;Notes and Madoka, then I would like to see what happens if the Madoka situation and magical girls become something of a third crisis for the casts of either of the Science Adventure casts. I would like to know how they respond to finding out that there is this awful, extraterrestrially imposed way of siphoning off the life energy of young girls in particular. Maybe one of their own becomes a magical girl and this is how they get involved, or a descendent of theirs is being tempted by Kyuubey and has a reason to make a wish and they choose to try and fight fate and fix it. Basically, I'd love to have a mix of the scifi and fantasy elements together with a bit more of the scifi for this crossover.

If you wanted to go for a bit of silliness OR social commentary, I would like magical boys or Homura and Okabe compare/contrast. I have thought about these crossovers a lot, and there's fanart if you look for it, so I would love to know your take on it because I know what mine is but would love more ideas!


Steins;Gate/Robotics;Notes ---> Madoka

  • I am interested by the fact that there is a focus on the relationships boys have to girls in this in a way that is descended from a VN but not super skeevy. Maybe it would be interesting if the time loop or horrible machinery involved had to do with becoming magical girls rather than murder or any other alternative. Basically, it'd be interesting to see the male and female casts with different kinds of suffering and struggles related to the same problem.

That is my general idea for that one, sorry it's not multiple ones but it's a short paragraph I hope helps!

Madoka ---> Steins;Gate

  • Homura trapped in Okabe's situation with Madoka and one of the other girls being at stake. What happens? Does she eventually decided to just let the other girl go or does this situation garner a different reaction?
  • Kyouko is something of a wild-card, from Homura's apparent opinion of her, in canon. In a fusion, maybe she is sometimes on the side of the Organization and other times is on the side of our main characters.
  • One thing I love about Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes are how they blend plot with slice of life, so I'd love to have that for the Madoka girls, too.

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