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Not Great News

My first day at work went pretty well. However, I have another thing that is of pretty huge concern for me. If you pray, I'd appreciate my dad being thought of in those prayers. He got a letter, short and succinct, from a local small city whose civic pest control he has provided for more than 20 years saying that they would no longer require his services. My dad ended up in that profession through basically getting caught up in helping his father early in his life and then never being able to venture beyond it. My grandfather died before I was born, but my dad closed and restarted to business. This city has been happy with his services these many years, but they have stopped this account, probably because they've found someone to low-ball the bid. My dad does good, respectable work, and he does it all on his own.

I genuinely don't know what I can do. I am already, just out of personal conviction and conscience, committed to doing what I can financially for my parents (helping pay for some extra housekeeping and stuff for my mom because I am not a fantastic domestic person and my mom is disabled, for example) but I just don't really see a way through for my dad. It's not just the money, it's also his self-worth that worries me. I just want him to be able to respect himself and to make a living, and lately he seems to struggle to do either.

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