Sep. 2nd, 2017

we_protect_each_other: king of knights & king of heroes (Default)
I just finished my GenEx assignment, which is due tomorrow at a really confusing time. At least they provided a countdown.

I had the day off, sort of, but went to the optional in-service with my dad and had someone taller and more practically skilled with things help me with a couple of things in my classroom.

Monday is an actual day off, too, which is great because I haven't even started my auexchange fic. I am a very fast writer when I am determined, and I was super-excited about this particular assignment from the start, but starting work ate my entire life and motivation. Luckily, this prompt is kind of allowing me to write a fic I've always wanted to write anyway?

I really need to just find a good zoning playlist and write a lot tomorrow.

My friend I've been watching Stargate with is currently afk all the time, so that's been on hold. No room to whine, though. His reason is that he's been in the edge of the path of Harvey. Last I heard, while they had been predicting his house would get floor-level flooded, it miraculously just missed getting in the house.