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[comm] dear rarewomen author:

Thank you for writing something for me! My likes and dislikes are sort of a form letter at this point, available on past letters for other exchanges, but I will include them here.

Likes: Domesticity/slice of life/dealing with everyday issues and problems, character study, thoughtful alternate realities/what-if/canon-divergence AUs, UST/pre-relationship tension, action/adventure, traveling/vacation, hurt/comfort, partnerships, constructive confrontation with positive resolution (let them fight about something that needs to be addressed and then let them resolve any hurt feelings, that sort of thing), tasteful erotica if you like (kinky or vanilla), cuddling, pillow talk, realistic use of social media where applicable/appropriate, banter

Important dislikes: character bashing (even when a fic explores, for example, why Ship A is working but Ship B is not/did not, I don't want other-character from Ship B to be defamed unnecessarily), graphic depictions of rape/irresponsible narrative handling of rape, gratuitous violence (though any kind of violence is fine if it is contextually appropriate), bloodplay, breathplay, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad ones are okay)

- - -

Specific prompts for characters/fandoms follow. Please take any prompts as simple guidelines. Write what inspires you. If you offered the character I'm going to trust you have something you probably want to write for them. If that doesn't quite mesh with precisely what you think I'm asking for, then please go after what you feel most comfortable writing.

Doctor Who

Lucy Saxon: I was extremely unsatisfied by her character's conclusion. It just felt like a sort of hand-wave, better-hurry-up-and-tie-off-this-loose-end thing more than anything that needed to happen at all. Basically, my perception of Lucy was that she was meant to be the Master's version of a companion. He was essentially showing the Doctor sort of "what he'd broken," by only giving him (the Master) the opportunity to show her the end of everything. As you can see up in my dislikes, I absolutely cannot stand things that feel nihilistic. Basically, I just want something to give Lucy an opportunity to see something beautiful and something meaningful.

With Lucy in particular, I don't mind the inclusion of some themes of abuse or an unhealthy relationship. I personally think that her relationship with the Master involved some mutual caring about one another, but then it's also clear that the Master eventually began to abuse her. If you want to deal with this in some way--either its aftermath or some kind of healing from it or even write during her relationship with the Master with the caveat that something gets better for her, I don't mind!

Or, it could be an alternative version of something that happens to her after she shoots him.

Just... something better than canon conclusion, please?

Chantho: ... Well, apparently I have a theme, oops. I just want something where Chantho perhaps survives? Either to be involved in the finale events of S3 in some way (since again I think she represents a sort of analog to companions in that the Master has some aspects of his personality that negatively reflect the Doctor's). Or maybe she just is somehow not-dead and finds some kind of silver lining at the end of the universe. Basically, she was just so happy and adorable and I want to see her given some kind of chance.

Also, if you like world-building, her species is given a few defining traits but not too many, so expanding upon that would be nice!

Jenny Flint: I think there might be some explanation sort of floating around about how Jenny became this awesome martial artist superhero who can pick locks at such a young age. But I guess just seeing that sort of interpreted by someone would be really fun! I also would love to see a human point of view on being in a relationship with someone like Vastra who is so different in terms of being a different species that doesn't just boil down to a kinky sex joke. There is the fact that Vastra also has a big age gap with her, and just seeing how Jenny feels being a Victorian young woman who is seemingly so ill-suited to her time but finds a niche anyway.

Being a detective with her wife? (I could even get into a sappy, plotless marriage story about Vastra and Jenny. Cultural customs they both wanted to include? Where? How? When did they get married? Or did they just decide they already were?) Dealing with Strax being an irritant? Somehow being towed along into the future with the Doctor and friend? Anything!

I also just have this thing about how we so rarely get to see noncomtemporaneous people travel with the Doctor. Almost all the companions who actually get to stay are from the 21st century, so. Jenny.

Life On Mars

Note: I haven't finished Ashes to Ashes but I'm aware of what the ending of that implies about this series. I personally don't tend to factor that into my headcanon, but if you want to for the sake of a story, I don't mind!

Annie Cartwright: Because Sam is the focal character of the story and the audience sees through his eyes, I am often left to wonder how Annie feels about befriending/falling in love with someone who seems so fundamentally out of water and askew to the entire world that you know. It doesn't have to focus on Sam/Annie as a shippy thing, though I certainly wouldn't mind if it did. But just... how does it affect her life? How does she feel about it?

Pre-canon or post-canon are good, too! Something about Annie being in school or something about what she decides to do after canon would be nice, also. (I do like Sam/Annie so I'd prefer not to have them "breaking up" or something, but it definitely doesn't have to focus solely on her relationship with Sam. Like I said, up to the author! I just want Annie's distinct point of view on something she deems important in her life.)

Skins (UK)

Katie Fitch: There are a lot of possibilities for Katie and I feel like that of all of them we know the least about where her life was going at the end of her generation's run. I have seen Skins:Fire and it is up to author's discretion as to whether or not to include that in consideration, regardless of when you set your fic.

I would love to have some further exploration of who Katie becomes as a young adult. If you're in the mood to write femslash, I also wouldn't mind a story about her aversion to Emily's orientation perhaps being some insecurity about her own?

May or may not be related to the above, but I also really liked the development of Katie and Effy's relationship towards the end of S4 and was sad that it didn't come up in Fire. It felt more logical to me that Katie and Effy would've ended up best friends (or something). Then they also would have suffered loss, I think, when they found out what happened to Freddy?

You absolutely don't have to include Effy, though. Just Katie setting out into her own life once they all disperse later and having some kind of experience of adulthood and figuring out what to do about it. Bonding with her sister. Missing her sister. Anything! I just really loved Katie--she grew up so much.


Cher Horowitz: I love this movie more now that I'm an adult than I ever did as a teenager. I think that Cher is really fun as a character because she is shown to speak with common slang of her generation and with the verbal fry/dialect that might pigeon-hole her as vapid. But then, it's shown that even though she speaks this way, she does have an intuitive grasp of what is going on in the world and with people around her, especially once she is inspired to apply herself. I would love to see how this developed with time in her life--if it ever caused her further problems and how she might overcome them.

(I also think that Cher/Josh is really cute and so any content that included that would be much appreciated. Also, the taboo that she ended up with her step-brother coming up would be interesting since the movie really didn't address that?)

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