Sep. 16th, 2015

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Dear trickortreatex author,

Trick or Treat! Thank you so much for writing something for me! And happy fall season/Halloween.

This exchange is my first that I can remember when I have not requested any live-action fandoms. This is not pertinent information but mundane trivia about me. It does tell you, however, that I'm mixing up my world a little in this particular exchange, which is exciting.

Because of the trick or treat gift nature of this exchange, I'll try to be a little more specific about my "Do Not Wants"/Dislikes than I usually am, but these guidelines are for our mutual comfort. If you choose to do a 'trick' gift, then as long as you stay somewhere within those guidelines, feel free to go nuts! I'm less picky about any type of "Do Not Wants"/Dislikes for any 'treat' fic I might receive, but in either case I want to avoid those guidelines feeling super restrictive to your creative process.

For some of the fandoms I have requested, I requested "Any" nominated characters and for others I was more specific. If you matched with me on one of the fandoms where I chose specific characters rather than "Any," please don't feel concerned about any disparity in the relative prompt lengths. I just have tried to cover my bases with all my requested characters. I list each fandom as it is listed on AO3 so you can CTRL+F if it helps you to find what you're looking for!

* * *

Dislikes (or Do Not Wants): character bashing towards anybody, graphic depictions of rape / rape as plot device, gore, torture, mutilation, breathplay, bloodplay, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad is okay)

This stock list basically covers everything I don't want in a fic. However, I am perfectly fine with dark themes that may crop up in a 'trick' fic and would be excited to read them. Concerning 'gore' I felt that I should clarify - blood and violence are fine. What I don't want is torture or mutilation. If for some reason your story needs truly horrific violence, I'd prefer the rated-PG-13/R version to the NC-17 version, if that makes sense. 'Torture' includes psychological torture, too. I'm definitely interested in your dark fic if that's what you'd like to write, but the above are some basic guidelines that I thank you for considering.

Likes: domesticity / slice of life, missing scenes, character study, action / adventure, traveling / vacations, hurt / comfort, partnership, healthy polyamory, found family, constructive confrontation, realistic use of social media where appropriate / epistolary fiction, canon typical violence, post-/pre-canon, arc-alteration / fix-fic, political machinations and intrigue, arranged or ritual marriage tropes, loss and recovery, rescue, time travel/loops, monsters and folklore

For any and all of the prompts and suggestions provided below, please take them with a grain of salt. I am perfectly happy with receiving gen or ship fic! I love character development and relationships, but if you prefer to focus on worldbuilding or action/adventure, feel free to do those things with a specific character or characters. I will list some ships or general relationships that specifically interest me for each fandom, where clarification might be applicable. I will mark things I ship with ( / ) and general relationships that interest me with ( & ). With these, feel free to write gen/friendship/general relationship fic about any that are marked with /, but please do not write romantically shippy fic about any marked with only & even though I'd love to receive fic about their relationship. Of course, if you only want to write about one character or about interaction between any of the applicable characters, then I'd be happy to see that, too.

Also, if you feel like including any other characters from a given canon that I have not requested or which are not nominated just in the course of your story, then that is fine with me too. Whatever makes what you'd like to write work!

If you would like to check out my fic or online presence to gauge who I am and what I like beyond this wall of text, please see:

failsafe @ ao3 | my tumblr

* * *

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