Jul. 20th, 2016

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Dear genex author,

This is my first time participating in a definitely-gen exchange. I am really excited about it, but this is somewhat new ground for me, even if a lot of my ship-fics could be read as gen with the right goggles. I am [archiveofourown.org profile] failsafe on AO3. This letter is some prompting guidelines but is not binding. I am excited to see whatever you come up with and this letter is to help rather than bind you!

I retool my dislikes and likes from pretty much the same pool for every exchange. I'm trying to make it a little more enlightening for gen specifically this go-around. You can reference any of my other dear author letters for the typical list and anything else you'd like to know about me that I don't share here.

Dislikes: character bashing towards anybody, explicit gore, nihilism, hopeless endings (but sad is okay), no powers AUs

Likes: missing scenes, platonic affection, found families, loyalty, worldbuilding, epistolary fiction, monster-of-the-week / slice of life adventures, earned second chances, dealing with consequences, post-canon, bonding experiences, funny-awkward situations, "what if" / canon divergence AUs, earned happy endings, holidays, casefic, groundhog day trope, healing, canon-typical themes

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