Jul. 14th, 2017

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I joined the FFA... sort of.

I spent my first hour on fail_fandomanon. I actually sort of figured out how it works, etc.

I have really enjoyed these past few days of dreamwidth actually being active in some ways and not just shouting into a void.

I got a job today! My first teaching job. It's not official quite yet, and it's 45 minutes drive. It could be better, but it could be so much worse. I feel like if I can stick this out for a year or two, I can save some money, pay down some debt, help my parents, and figure out where or if I want to move to a more metro area. It's in a beautiful rural area, and I live in a small city (50k). I would like to go somewhere with more opportunity and more nerdy social outlets, but int he meantime, I love the landscape here. I don't want to feel financially or socially pressured to move just for the sake of moving. I am blessed to get along with my parents and I don't especially want to leave them or our dogs when I don't have an interesting or especially safe or comfy place to land.

I'm considering whether or not to institute some kind of minor locking of my entries, but also I am l-a-z-y and don't want to have to change gears every time I make a post.

This is a line just so that every line-break in this post doesn't start with "I."
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Since this DW is full of Dear Author letters and not a lot else but my tumblr is a six year old time capsule of everything I have found mildly interesting and void-screaming, I think it is worth noting that if you want to know me before I have accumulated much here, you might glance there. This is by no means saying you have to, but it's just an offer. As I write this post, I am reaching a point of delirium where I can't write a Good or even Coherent Post right now, but what I am gonna do is create a list of tumblr tags that I think provide a window into my personality.

My sense of humor, my ambitions, my aesthetic, my sense that pushing buttons on the internet will one day make me feel alive.

tumblr tags of questionable interest:

If you are looking for fandom stuff, literally just append the full fandom name to a /tagged/ link on there.